How to Write a 500 Word Essay

What do you know about writing an essay?

It has been said by sages that wit has its soul in brevity. When you are writing an essay of any type, you should be concise and consistent, and usually a word count of 500 is sufficient. Although you should convey your thoughts in as comprehensive a way as possible, it is important to keep your custom essays short. For this reason, most experienced writers get to grips first with a five hundred word essay.          

Here, we will try and explain what an essay is all about and, based on experience, we will try and explain how you should write unique essays of 500 words. Take care reading this and feel free to seek assistance online if you need further information or want to buy a paper.


Some basic truths about writing an essay

In its most basic form, an essay is a written piece where the writer tries to convey their thoughts and express a specific viewpoint. Essay assignments are frequently allocated to students with a view to establishing how good their writing skills are and how well they can express their thoughts.     

The general structure to apply when writing an essay

Most essays follow a similar structure, which is:

  • An introductory paragraph;
  • A few body paragraphs;
  • A conclusion paragraph.

The introductory paragraph is normally a lead-in to the overall paper and sets out the main points: 

  • Why is your work significant?
  • What was your reason for choosing the particular subject you are writing about?
  • What points are you going to make, disagree with, or prove with evidence?
  • If you have any expectations or opinions, what are they?

The body paragraphs should be used to unveil all your information or plot. Bit by bit, you should reveal what your paper is about.   

The conclusion to your paper should summarize its purpose and the main points you have written about. 

How to be concise when writing an essay

When you have been given a 500 word essay assignment to complete, you may wonder how to go about the task. At first glance it may seem easy enough, but when you begin you may realize it is more difficult than you first thought. Then you might wonder, ‘can anyone help essay writers like me?’ While it is a good idea, you shouldn’t rush into getting someone else to write your essay. Certainly, there are many places online where you can find an essay to buy very quickly, but you should remain calm and not rush your decision.      

Some tips to ensure your writing is concise:

  • Try to focus and get an overall picture of your essay topic before beginning to write;
  • Establish a writing plan and make a note of some keywords/phrases;
  • Try and draft a few phrases that reflect what you are thinking;
  • Write a rough draft of your essay;
  • Read it, or proofread it, a few times and try and imagine some parts in a different light;
  • Consider what you can leave out or add and what is unnecessary (usually there are a few sentences that can be rewritten in a better manner).
  • Do bear in mind that writing a 500 word essay can be something of a nightmare if you are required to adhere strictly to the exact word count. If you are one word over, what should you do?   

Very frequently, the 500 word requirement is a rough one. You are unlikely to be penalized if you go over the 500 words by a little bit. However, you should speak to your tutor if you are worried or contact a professional creative writing essays service where you can buy any papers you need for a price that is, hopefully, affordably cheap.    

We trust the tips provided above have given you enough clarification on how a 500 word essay should be written. You are welcome to contact our writing service to buy any essays you need if you still have problems.