Thought-Provoking Topics for an Excellent Islam Essay: Bright Ideas for You

Islam belongs to the most influential religions of the world, and that turns it into a subject for thorough study and exploration. Writing an Islam essay is a popular academic assignment in different courses and we can offer a wide range of topics that cover the history and peculiar features of this religion. 


Islam: Analysis of the Religion

Studying religions is a constituent part of the courses of world history, history of particular countries, and history of religion. No doubt, you will also have to spend some time, analyzing the history and present state of Islam as one of the key global religions. A glorious history and background of Islam as well as its overall practice and devotion to it by millions of people worldwide excite the interest of researchers and students.

Offering an option of an Islam essay to the students, the professors expect them to make profound analysis and thorough study of this religion. This kind of activity will imply taking serious academic efforts, taking an intellectual approach to studies, and being careful about academic writing. Crafting responses to the questions asked by the instructors, the students have to engage into the topics of social studies, stating solid arguments, providing particular evidence, and offering trustworthy back-up to the key claims. The following list of topics is given for the instructors and students to draw inspiration and consolidate understanding of the main principles and background of Islam.

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Excellent Topics for an Islam Essay

  1. Effects of 9/11 on the common views on Islam
  2. Typical approach to understanding Islam in terms of cultural studies
  3. Key global perspectives on Islam
  4. Belief systems of Christianity and Islam 
  5. “The Beginning of Islam’: analysis of the movie
  6. Islam and Christianity as the most influential religions around the world
  7. Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam: similarities and differences 
  8. Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam: similarities and differences 
  9. Indigenous believers, Islam, and Christianity, 
  10. Islam: key controversies
  11. Islam in the Middle East
  12. Islam and Christianity: major differences 
  13. Islam and Christianity: ethical teachings and main principles
  14. Popular and High Islam: similarities and differences
  15. The Five Pillars of Islam: thorough study 
  16. Reasons for Islamophobia 
  17. Islam: can it be defined as a religion of peace?
  18. Islam: can it be defined as a religion of evil?
  19. Islam: can it be defined as a religion of good?
  20. A Muslim woman in the framework of Islam
  21. Religious traditions of Islam 
  22. The rise of Islam 
  23. Violence in the traditions of Islam 
  24. Islam as the second major religion
  25. Islamic World: its laws and restrictions 
  26. Impact of Islam on the world
  27. Democracy in the principles of Islam 
  28. Modern Politics in the framework of Islam
  29. Gender equality and Islam in Turkey
  30. The holy places for believers of Islam
  31. Islam in the times of the Middle Ages
  32. The life of Muslim communities
  33. Opposition between the Christian and Islamic worlds
  34. The Islamic religion: laws and main standards
  35. The Muslim people and their attitude to Islam 
  36. Islam in the post-classical era
  37. Relation of monotheistic religious tradition and Islam 
  1. The Middle East traditions: Taliban 
  2. Islam: is it a religion of terrorism or peace
  3. Islam: way of life of believers 
  4. Islam: qualities of a genuine leader 
  5. Islamic Empire
  6. Islam Religion in the Middle East
  7. Monotheistic religions and place of Islam
  8. Rich culture of Islam in the Middle East
  9. Sufism and Islamic law 
  10. The history of Islam: role of Muhammad 
  11. Is understanding of Islam distorted in the modern world? 
  12. Are women oppressed in Islam?
  13. Rise of Islam: historic facts
  14. Typical questions on Islam and faith 
  15. Tension between Islam and western countries 
  16. Bernard Lewis “The Crisis of Islam:” analysis 
  17. Doctrines of Islam and Christianity 
  18. Five Pillars of Islam 
  19. Status of women in Islam
  20. Politics and Islam
  21. How are the borders formed in Islam?
  22. The governmental policies and Islamic laws 
  23. Lawrence Rosen “The Justice of Islam” 
  24. Islam: Major issues 
  25. Islam: religious aspects and practice 
  26. Religious services in Catholicism and Islam 
  27. The Bengal frontier in terms of Islam 
  28. Christianity and Islam: is there anything common between them? 
  29. Women in Islam: how does the modern world view them? 
  30. Islam branches: Shiites and Sunni 
  31. Teachings of Islam 
  32. Islam: the truthful view 
  33. Veil in Islam: is it mandatory? 
  34. Muslim integration in the world of Islam 
  35. Misconceptions and misinterpretation of Islam
  36. Religion of Islam: understanding of the main principles
  37. Islam: female conversions in the western world

There is a wide range of Islam essay topics and it is always possible to choose the one that will appeal to the interests of the students. Enjoy writing!

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