How to Write a Thank You Letter for Scholarship

Everybody wants to be successful and to achieve the set goals. Having gained the results and being extremely happy, it is also important to have the needed follow-up and show your appreciation of what has happened. Learn how to write a thank you letter for scholarship by using our helpful hints arranged on the basis of Four Fundamental Stages of Writing:

  • Prewriting stage – it precedes actual writing and implies preparation
  • Drafting – it implies presenting the opinions and giving explanations with the use of details and examples
  • Revising – it is the improvement in logical flow of ideas, content presentation, and structuring
  • Proofreading – it is the stage of making the paper free of mechanical mistakes and typos

Scholarship Thank You Letter: Writing Purpose

All writing projects are done for a certain purpose. It is important to realize why you do your writing as it will determine the direction and style of what you will do. If it goes about a scholarship thank you letter, you have to show your gratitude to the committee for choosing you as a successful recipient of certain award as there have been a lot of other worthy candidates and they made their choice in your favor.

Audience for the Letter

It is essential to keep in mind the intended audience as any essay is based on making the right impression. Who belongs to a scholarship committee? In most cases, it is made up by university administrators, graduate students, and faculty members. Thinking about how to write a thank you letter for scholarship, remember about the people included in the committee. Conduct an investigation that will help you gain an insight into the style of writing they will like.

Have a look at the list of questions to investigate the audience and then adjust the tone of your writing.

  • What is known about the education, age, gender and background of the targeted audience?
  • What do they expect from the essay?
  • What details can be interesting to them?
  • What is their level of awareness about the prompts of the essay?
  • What should be explained to the audience?

Application Prompts

The prompts always imply excellent task performance and the main action will be demonstrated through the use of a verb: discuss, make comparison, explain, and so on. This will be your guide that will direct you in your writing. Guess how to write a thank you letter for scholarship on the basis of the prompts available.

Typical Verbs:

  • Explain: present the reasons why, make everything clear, discuss how to do something.
  • Describe: tell a story, provide a description, draw a picture.
  • Discuss: present different angles of the same problem, consider different perspectives, evaluate different points of view.
  • Justify: provide evidence, give facts.

Have a look at an excellent scholarship thank you letter sample you can use in your writing.

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Thank You Letter for Scholarship Sample 

Dear Scholarship Donor,

My name is _______ and I am grateful to be a recipient of a full-time scholarship to further my studies. My gratitude goes to all the professors who have ensured that I benefit from this important program. The students have also been a blessing to me due to their unrelenting support to me as an international student. Your generous funding is helping me realize a lifelong dream of successfully completing my studies.

I am very happy for I made the right decision to come to this university because I have experienced its exceptional faculty, students, instructors and ambience. I am an international student from ______ and graduated with Radio, TV and Cinema Production. It is amazing how I have been very comfortable throughout my studies without any form of resistance or discrimination. When I applied for this program, I realized that its cost was too high for me to meet. This left me with a lot of worries but thank God you came to my rescue with a full time scholarship. I am so happy that all my academic expenses are fully paid for and I do not take this for granted as many students have wished for it but in vain.

The scholarship is a source of new hope and strength to me and I promise to work extra hard in my new university for appreciation.  I have a profound desire not only to do my best in school but also in life. I will do my best to act in a way that is worthy your sacrifice for the care and support you have offered.  It is within my plans that as means of giving back to the society, I will set up a scholarship foundation to help students from economically disadvantaged families accomplish their educational dreams. Thanks once more for your great support.

Sincerely __________