Hundred of Superb Reflective Essay Questions and Topics

How Do You Write a Reflective Essay? 

As you grow up and become older, you encounter numerous situations that teach a good lesson. These situations result in new, useful experiences. You can never understate the significance of such events. Such events can also inform the choice of the best reflective essay topics, when your teacher expects you to reflect on the most remarkable and memorable experiences in your life. What is a reflective essay? You can answer this question, if you look back to what has happened to you during your life. If you are looking to write a perfect reflective essay, do not hesitate to look at the topics below and choose the easiest ones.


Easy Topics

If you are not experienced at writing reflective essays or do not know how to design reflective essay prompts, look at the easy topics below and make your choice. You will not have any difficulty crafting a good reflective essay with the easy questions presented in our list. 

  1. What was the most significant lesson you have learned in your life? What was the experience that taught that lesson?
  2. Why do you think that certain events in your life are more significant than others?
  3. What was the most surprising incident in your life?
  4. What lessons do you learn, when you engage in some voluntary activity?
  5. Can you remember any event or decision that changed the course of your life?
  6. Can you see any analogies between what you read and how you live?
  7. Can you remember any event that forced you into making notes about your life? What kind of event was that?
  8. Was there any event in your life that turned it upside down? Why did it happen?
  9. How do you use the knowledge you have gained in college or university to improve your life?
  10. Is there any event you can remember that makes you think about your future prospects?
  11. Can you remember an event that raised questions about your future?
  12. Can you remember any event that changed your perceptions of social life, religion, or any other phenomenon?
  13. Do you think that your life experiences can improve the lives of other people? How?
  14. Can you compare any events from your life? How do you think they are similar?
  15. Was there any event in your life that was different from the way you had imagined it would be?
  16. What was the most emotional occurrence in your life? Why was it so emotional?
  17. What are the things you would like to change or do differently?
  18. Can you remember an event that, in your opinion, made you worse? 


There are so many events that can make perfect reflective essay topics. You can choose any event and turn it into reflective essay ideas. Look into your past and see what events inspire you to write a perfect reflective essay. You do not need to focus on anniversaries, student encounters, or birthdays. Choose anything that has become a turning point in your growth as a personality. Recover the wildest memories and rethink them in light of your rich experiences. 

  1. Reflect upon the most ordinary actions you perform every day. Think about waking up in the morning, cleaning your teeth, dressing yourself, going to work, etc.
  2. Remember when the last time you remodeled your home.
  3. What was the most memorable public event you attended?
  4. Can you remember any special visit to a zoo?
  5. What was the most special celebration of Christmas in your life?
  6. Was there any seriously bad weather event you witnessed in your life?
  7. Did you ever move to live in a new city?
  8. How did you feel when you got married?
  9. Can you remember your worst nightmare?
  10. What was the most special trip in your life?
  11. Can you remember how you cared for someone sick?
  12. What did you feel when you received your first salary?
  13. Was there any instance when you received an unexpected gift?
  14. Did you ever do anything unusual, when there was no electricity in your house?
  15. Did you ever play any unusual game?
  16. What did you feel when you voted for the first time in your life?
  17. Have you ever struggled to defend somebody else's rights?
  18. Describe your experiences, as you are getting ready for some unusual event.
  19. Describe your ideal birthday party.
  20. Remember the most memorable day when you took a vacation at work.
  21. Was there anything special about attending a church?
  22. Can you remember any instance when you made a surprise for anyone?
  23. Did you ever lose anything valuable?
  24. Did you ever lose yourself, literally or figuratively?
  25. Did you ever have any party in your neighborhood?
  26. Were you ever hospitalized?
  27. Can you remember any instance that made you feel proud of yourself?
  28. Did you ever eat something that made you feel sick? What was that?
  29. What did you feel during your very first day at work? 

General Topics and Questions

  1. How can you describe a flower?
  2. How do you swim in the ocean?
  3. How do you hike?
  4. Do you have any experience climbing a mountain?
  5. Do you hunt?
  6. What is it like to visit a zoo?
  7. How does it feel to walk on the beach?
  8. What do you like about walking in the forest?
  9. Can you smell the coming earthquake?
  10. Do you walk in the rain?
  11. Do you feel ugly, when you see a spider?
  12. How does it feel to walk through a meadow?
  13. Have you ever been in an expedition?
  14. Describe how you spend your free time with a pet.
  15. Have you seen a tornado?
  16. Have you walked through a desert?
  17. Can you feel the sand on your feet?
  18. What do you feel about sun setting?
  19. Do you gather wild berries?
  20. Do you enjoy a beach stroll?
  21. Watch birds engaging in a marriage dance.
  22. Visit a historic site and feel its spirit.
  23. Look down from a skyscraper.
  24. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air.
  25. Think of how you meet a wild animal.
  26. Take a look from the bridge.
  27. Take your backpack and go to the mountains.
  28. Feel the wind across your face, when skiing.
  29. Lift your head and see how birds are flying. 

What our clients have to say:


It is usual for a place to stir the emotions. Here are some reflective essay topics about places, which will be helpful. 

  1. A good place you vacationed in.
  2. Your favorite store.
  3. Your favorite coffee shop.
  4. The town you were born in.
  5. Your favorite ice skating rink.
  6. A trip to a theme park.
  7. The school you went.
  8. Your favorite online place e.g. a webpage or blog.
  9. The place you work.
  10. A bookstore you like browsing in.
  11. Your childhood bedroom.
  12. Your friend’s house, a neighbor’s house, or your grandmother’s house.
  13. Your workspace.
  14. Your favorite restaurant.
  15. A memorable playground. 

Relationship Topics 

Choose any reflective essay topic from this list. All these topics are about relationships. 

  1. The moment you understood you were in love.
  2. The moment you had to support your friend.
  3. The moment another person said how she/he was proud of you.
  4. The moment you saw your future wife.
  5. The moment your child was born.
  6. The trip you organized for your beloved.
  7. The argument that made you furious.
  8. The moment you felt fear.
  9. The moment you had to apologize.
  10. The moment you felt you were punished for nothing.
  11. The moment you wish you had something unusual.
  12. The moment you felt a sense of disappointment.
  13. The moment you had a conflict with your boss.
  14. The moment you felt embarrassed.
  15. The moment you were laughing at your own self.
  16. The moment you and your friends were talking about the past.
  17. The moment you went out without parents.
  18. The moment you were lost and found by your parents.
  19. The moment you enjoyed a company of your friends.
  20. The moment you learned somebody else's secret.
  21. The moment you spoke to a large audience.
  22. The moment you were described as a liar.
  23. The moment you realized that your beloved was seriously ill. 

Now Look at These Recommendations and Follow Them

  1. Review the topics on this list and choose those, which make you feel emotional.
  2. Start your paper with a detailed description of your experiences. Make sure you create a vivid picture of the event described.
  3. Develop a strong thesis statement.
  4. Refer to questions above to structure your reflective paper.
  5. Develop a comprehensive conclusion to summarize your emotional experiences.
  6. If you have difficulties writing a reflective essay, ask professional writers online for help. 

Helpful Reflective Essay Prompts

Stick to the reflective essay prompts presented below to learn to create a superior reflective paper:

  • When witting your paper, strive to describe some actions but not people. Your conclusion should highlight the consequences of those actions.
  • Avoid producing your text from the first person. Still, remember to provide arguments to support your viewpoint and ideas.
  • Do not use slang words when producing your piece of writing. Keep in mind that a reflective paper is a serious academic work and has to be written respectively. Even if you include some humorous elements in your essay, ensure readers will understand them.
  • Use transitions to make the text smooth. Enter such phrases as “for instance,” “another viewpoint states that,” “it follows that,” and others.
  • Make certain your text is engaging and concise. The number of words which reflective papers usually consist of ranges from 300 to 700. Make sure professor’s instructions are followed.

Constructive Reflective Essay Prompts on Formatting

Consider the following points when producing your reflective paper:

  • Prepare a draft. It will help you build your piece of writing in the right manner. Once your draft is ready, you will see whether all points, which you intended to highlight in your work, are described appropriately. In case some details are missing, you will be able to fix or rewrite the draft.
  • Stick to the format. Meeting formatting requirements is essential. You may need to write your paper in APA, Chicago, MLA, or any other format. Ask your professor to state exactly what format has to be applied.
  • Arrange references properly. You should not think that the work on your paper is completed once all main sections are written. The sources which you have used when producing your paper also demand your attention. Depending on the format, you will need to arrange the sources in a specific mode.

It is necessary to state that reflective papers may be assigned to students majoring in various subjects. When creating such an academic work, students have to accumulate all their knowledge and apply all their skills, to clearly represent their reflections on what they have studied. For example, internship students will need to create a reflective paper focused on their internship. As well as other scholarly projects, reflective papers have to be arranged in a particular format. The papers in History, Literature, Law, Psychology, etc. have to be organized in APA. Below, there is the list of key demands that have to be met when creating papers in APA:

  • 1inch margins on all sides
  • Double spacing
  • Printed on common paper, i.e. 8.5x11 inches
  • Font: 12pt Times New Roman

Where to Get Expert Assistance with Reflective Papers?

While some students are passionate about writing, other hate undertaking such an activity. The point is that not everyone is natural for writing. If you are supposed to produce a reflective paper but do not know what to begin it with, contact us. Our qualified specialists have considerable experience in writing and can produce top-notch papers within any period of time.