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An essay of the persuasive variety requires a writer to provide supporting evidence to encourage or convince someone to follow or not a particular course of action or train of thought. The primary purpose is to persuade by developing sound arguments and supporting them with evidence.      

If, for example, you are writing a custom paper on abortion, you should set the scene for discussion and spark a debate amongst your readers to arouse their inner thoughts. To do this successfully, you need to study your subject matter in-depth; you need to know all the pros and cons. It is here you may need professional essay writing help, possibly from an online source.


The use of rhetorical questions when writing persuasive essays

As technology advances at a rapid rate in our modern world, and man does everything in his power to master the force of nature to bring forth synthetic beings, there are a number of questions over the human race and its existence. In this world, the debate about abortion often raises its head.

It is fair to say that virtually everyone has an opinion on abortion. There are some who agree with it and think it a normal state brought about by social and technology advancement, while others disapprove in the belief it goes against nature, is selfish and unlawful. Who has the correct opinion? What is the truth? Perhaps everyone is wrong. Perhaps every opinion is right. Or, maybe no one fully understands what the question is all about.       

However, a rhetorical question has no answer and there is none required.   

And, despite all this, you are asked to write a persuasive speech or essay on the abortion question. But, to write a good persuasive speech or essay, you first need to ensure there are no gaps in your understanding of the issue. We will do our best to give you advice on writing persuasive essays and apologize if we overlook any aspect. Please take a look at our persuasive writing essays website if you need additional information.     

How well do you understand the question before writing persuasive essays?

Sticking to the earlier example, abortion is a means of preventing a pregnancy reaching full term by removing the fetus early on. Don’t feel confused by the word ‘preventing’. It is not a preventative method of the type used before conception. The act of aborting a fetus means eliminating it.        

So what do you write about?

Some persuasive essay topics, such as abortion, are very broad-ranging. As such, this is an assignment you may find confusing to write about and you may wonder if there is someone to help you write it. Don’t worry and don’t attempt to write everything all in one go. Narrow the subject down.

The following is a step-by-step list that you could follow when writing a persuasive essay of this type:

  • Examine all the information you can find on the subject;
  • Examine different views on the subject;
  • Make a decision about the stance you are going to take;
  • Find evidence to support your views;
  • Draw key conclusions and see if there are additional arguments you can come up with.

At different stages of the writing process you may encounter obstacles. If this happens, see if you can buy a paper or get help from an online source at a price you can afford. 

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