The Personal Statement Essay – Your Future is at Stake!

Personal essay writing is difficult because the applicant for either admissions or a scholarship award must strike exactly the right balance between presenting him/herself in the best possible light and not engaging in too much self-adulation. On the one hand, you want the decision-making committee to think you are wonderful; on the other hand, you do not want to go too far in promoting yourself, lest they think you are simply too ego-centric and not a candidate who would be able to work within a larger academic community. The second critical feature of your personal statement essay is a creative and compelling manner in which to introduce oneself. You want committee members to remember you more than others, so “how” you say something becomes just as important as “what” you say.


Mistakes students make in personal essay writing

  1. Being too clinical and too “intellectual” in your writing. The committee already has information related to your former coursework, your grades, and your test scores. They do not want to hear more about them in your essay;
  2. Straying from the personal essay topics you have been given. Each essay you write will have a prompt. Sometimes, students are so determined to get certain information about themselves included in the essay that they do not remain on topic;
  3. Writing a piece that is too “dry.” Being creative and using a bit of humor is important, and committees appreciate a “fresh” approach;
  4. Getting essay help from the wrong people. Many students, concerned about their ability to create a memorable personal essay, seek out online writing services from which to purchase essay writing. They make the mistake of thinking they will buy custom essay writing at a cheap price from a stranger that does not even bother to collaborate with them.

If you decide to seek online help, your choice should only be, for you will receive personalized writing that is a result of communication and collaboration with your assigned writer. Our personal essay writers form an exceptional department of English composition experts – experts that have produced personal essays for admissions and scholarships from more than a decade. Their essays are creative, compelling, and will leave a lasting impression on the decision-makers.

What You Receive from

When any students place an order for a custom essay paper, the will always receive a single professional writer with whom they will work. In the case of a personal essay, your writer will ask many questions, probing for the most salient of your experiences, events, and relationships with impactful mentors in order to develop an understanding of who you are, your goals, and your personal values. From this information, your writer will be able to:

  1. Provide an impression of you that will be lasting and exciting;
  2. Add the creative “spark” that sets your essay apart from the mundane, common writing of most other applicants;
  3. Engage the readers in compelling;
  4. Promote your strengths and talents without “bragging.”

Our process is quite direct. You place an order for an admissions or scholarship essay. Dependent upon the nature of the institution or the award, we will find the perfect writer to complete your piece. That writer will then contact you in order to obtain the information necessary to respond to the specific prompt(s) you have been given. S/he may provide several drafts to you, take additional suggestions from you, and ultimately craft an engaging and creative essay. 

We Can Provide Editing Too!

Many students ask if we can take their essays and improve them. Of course, we can do that! If you send us the personal essay you have already composed, we can provide a superb writer to enhance, polish, and add the “pizzazz” you need. Your writer will always consult with you on any changes to be made, and you have the right of approval or rejection. One of the parts you really want to be engaging is your introduction, and a lot of focus will be placed on that part of the essay. Only when you are totally satisfied will our work for you cease!