Facts about the History of Native Americans

Native Americans are the peoples who inhabited the territory of the modern US and other countries of North and South America until the 20th century. Sometimes the modern inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska are also mistakenly called the Native Americans. Representatives of various Indian nationalities live in America today, but number of their population, unfortunately, has significantly decreased.

Interesting Information about Indian Tribes

The Most Famous Native Americans

Ishi is the last known wild Indian. He lived in isolation from modern society. His Yahi (tribe) died out during the gold rush period in the late 1800s due to hunger and skirmishes with gold miners. Without food and other means of subsistence, after the death of his family, Ishi went to the city of Oreville, having lived his whole life in the desert. He was studied by many scientists and died in 1916.

The biggest tree in the world, sequoia is named after the leader of the Cherokee people who created the alphabet and writing for these people.

Culture and Features of Life of American Indians

Christopher Columbus was sure that he arrived in the East Indies, that is why he called the people who lived there Indians, this name was fixed for Native Americans and is still used nowadays.

Back in the 1600s, five feuding tribes merged and formed the Iroquois Confederation. The council of the confederation included men, but there were women in the role of the elders and they solved the most important issues.

Benjamin Franklin considered that the confederation model was very effective because of constant competition between intransigent tribes. Every tribe wanted to be the best in everything; everyone worked hard, applying maximum efforts.

The eagle, which is depicted on the coat of arms of the United States, is, in fact, one of the symbols of the Iroquois tribe.

Indians even in ancient times learned how to use a comb and a toothbrush. The comb was made of porcupine needles, and the toothbrush was cut of a wooden stick. Pregnant women from the Iroquois tribes did not eat turtles, as they believed that their children would be too slow and clumsy like this animal is.

Many of the world's most famous American cities were the villages inhabited by Native American tribes in ancient time, for example, Kansas City, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Many descendants of the ancient Indians preserved the tradition of making and installing wooden totems in the yard of their houses. These are figures, which are the symbol of the family.

Participation of Native Americans in the World Wars

About eight thousand Native Americans took part in the First World War, although officially they were not recognized as citizens of the United States. Thanks to the participation of the Indians in the fighting, the process of appropriating citizenship accelerated, it happened in 1924. In the Second World War, they also participated, but this time as its official citizens. Native American’s language Navajo is one of the most difficult languages in the world. It became the unique code for the transmission of military communications. Moreover, it was used not only between Indians during the Second World War, after the Vietnam War, it became the only cipher usually used in hostilities.