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1. What is dark net?

Dark net (also known as the deep web) is a network of websites that can be accessed only through the anonymizing software. Tor is most commonly used software to browse the Dark net. In Dark net, the information is encrypted and retracts through different servers around the globe. Transmitting information involves gradual encryption at particular points in order to give just enough information with the highest security possible. Because of the use of multilayer encryption, data exchange on Dark net is called onion routing (Gordon, 2013).

2. What kinds of websites can be found on the Darknet?

There are lots of good sites and information available such as political advocacy, whistle blowing, blogs, forums, etc. However, Dark net is more commonly known for various bad websites, which contain child porn, drug selling, human trafficking and prostitution, and even contract killers market place. Malicious users benefit from the same personality protection as the good sites (Kalomni, 2012).

3. What do not authorities shut down these web sites?

Many attempts have been made to shut down Dark net web sites; for example, one of the most popular black markets is Silk Road. However, the website of these services keep coming back online. Researchers suggest that there must be some powerful people or business organization standing behind Dark net, which are capable to play a game of cat and mouse with the FBI (BBC News, 2013).

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4. Are there valid reasons for the Darknet to exist?

Because of the anonymity possibilities for users of dark net and its services, various activists in oppressive political regimes are able to communicate and coordinate their actions. In some countries, the government controls and restricts Internet communication, especially that concerns politics. That is why Dark net or equivalents are essential for those purposes. If there was no secure communication, there would be no revolution in Syria, says Dlshad Othman, a Syrian activist (as cited by Gordon, 2013).


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1. In general, which privacy policies do the applications have in common?

All three privacy policies explain what particular users data is collected and how it is used. It includes personal information, information the user decides to share, location, cookies. Privacy policies also provide information on how users may edit or delete his or her data. The policies focus on explaining the means by which the applications provide the highest privacy and security.

2. Which are different?

Since Facebook is a social network with the widest range of features, it has the most detailed privacy policy concerning privacy settings for the users. Google as being primarly the web engine focuses the most on collecting data on the users web searches and preferences such as buyer intentions. The Twitter privacy policy states that the services are not directed at children under 13 and that such accounts would be removed.

3. What do companies use this type of private information for?

Companies use this type of data to improve the usage of their services by users. Providing detailed personal information is not obligatory for many websites. Users should do it at ones own risk and only after reading privacy policy.

4. Should this be legal?

Privacy information collection should be legal. Otherwise the users cannot protect themselves against frauds or scam. However, user should read privacy policy attentively in order to be prepared for specific use of personal information by websites.

5. Do we as individuals need to worry about privacy and why?

Every person should concern oneself with privacy while using different services. Knowing in what way personal information is used is essential, as some companies may abuse the data for own purposes. According to Goldman (2002), only 3% of consumers read privacy policies carefully, and 64% only glanced at or never read privacy policies Since most of the users do not read privacy policies, some companies may benefit from it.


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Hidden Lynx

1.What is the Hidden Lynx group?

The Hidden Lynx group of expert hackers, pressumably from China. It consist of professionals who posses advanced capabilities for Internet attacks. They were responsible for the breach of security firm Bit9s code-signing certificate which they then used to sign a number of malware files. That incident was a part of the much bigger water hole attack campaign which was just one of numerous operations conducted by the group during its existence. In general, Hidden Lynx group offers hackers for hire operations and can perform tasks to collect and steal specific information from different business or government targets regardless of their information security level (Doherty et al., 2013).

2.What are they doing?

They are a highly proffesional team who can commence numerous campaigns simultaneously, by-pass some of the worlds most protected security systems and are able to change their strategy quickly to complete task and do not get caght. They are hired to retrieve very specific information and commonly specialize on corporate espionage, mostly in the financial services sector and attacks against governmental organisations, from local to national level. Many consider the group to be working for different nation states because of their focus on confidential governmental information in fields such as the defense industry (Warner, 2013).

3.What can be done about them?

Despite many efforts to track the group, Hidden Lynx managed not to expose itself for now. Murchu says, Eventual exposure is inevitable for any organization that remains in operation long enough (as cited by Jackson, 2013). Capturing Hidden Lynx is a challenging task so now its futere is uncertain. Despite the Hidden Lynx group exposure, Symantec states that they will continue their attacks. Symantec advises the use of the latest technologies and implemenatation of layered defenses to secure oneself against the activities of Hidden Lynx and other hackers organizations (Doherty et al., 2013).

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