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'A' Time: the Busy Manager's Action Plan for Effective Self-Management


James Noon is famous for his fundamental approach to the explanations of the time management techniques. One of the most important works was the 'A' Time: the Busy Manager's Action Plan for Effective Self-Management. This time management technique is explained from the heart of understanding the principles of time management (Noon, 1991, p. 154).

The purpose of the 'A' Time: the Busy Manager's Action Plan for Effective Self-Management is to address the importance of managing performance of people through the better organization of time. The perception of performance is vital in terms of the improvements on both the job and home. The idea of the technique is to improve the personal performance by at least 10% (Noon, 1991, p. 156).

In case of the calculations on time assessment, the amount of 10% of time can save much more than just amount of hours. The purpose is to help people manage their abilities, skills and qualifications through the proper organization of tasks, working processes, personal aspects of business and life (Noon, 1991, p. 157).

In other words, the 'A' Time: the Busy Manager's Action Plan for Effective Self-Management is designed to help people devote the maximum of their available time to the most important activities. Thus, the outcomes of such an organization of time have a huge positive impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the job. It will also result in the increased profit margins (Noon, 1991, p. 159).

The overall idea of time management is to address the most effective ways of performance improvements and this is what James Noon writes in his book. The purpose of such an approach is also to create the effective environment that would allow producing better results.

Every time management technique has a concept of improvement. The case of the 'A' Time is the Action Plan to address the Effective Self-Management in all the directions. In other words, the action plan can help people approach their time differently based on the overall organization of work (Noon, 1991, p. 161).

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A particular attention is paid to the time management of specific actions that are the most important in both business and life. In detail, the specification is hidden in the special approach to manage the tasks. The most important element by James Noon is to learn how to properly analyze the tasks and set the favorable priorities on their fulfillment.

At the same time, the idea is to plan the actions according to the succession of events that are inbuilt in the schedule. It is important to control the overall process of scheduling of the specific actions, monitoring them and evaluating the fulfillment process and consequent results. James Noon compares the action planning to the skills and knowledge of time management through the project planning (Noon, 1991, p. 163).

The purpose is to learn how to plan the time based on the deadlines. In particular, there is a need to master the art of to-do activities planning. The idea is to set the action and dedicate an appropriate time for it. Besides, it is important to plan the action steps on the road to the fulfillment of the working activities (Noon, 1991, p. 165).

For example, as a project manager, one needs to learn the heart of optimization techniques by means to manage the available resources properly. The overall process of the project planning helps optimize the activities due to the thorough action plan. It is also important to consolidate the steps based on the accountability, timeline and resources in order to meet the objectives and desired performance (Noon, 1991, p. 167).

James Noon focuses the attention on the one of the most important aspects of the 'A' Time: the Busy Manager's Action Plan for Effective Self-Management. In particular, a special attention is directed towards the perception of the personal time management. The idea is to help the manager become more experienced through the means of understanding about the improved perception of time organization (Noon, 1991, p. 169).

The purpose is to learn how to create a personalized time-management-action-plan that will include all the aspects of time management towards oneself. This is what James Noon calls the valuable concept of time management. In other words, the reason is that it helps people develop a personalized approach to measure the time as well as take control of the overall performance (Noon, 1991, p. 171).

Consequently, the perception of management can become possible only in case of work with the teams. Therefore, by means of learn how to work with the groups of people it is important to take advantage of the daily work activities through the set of planned actions. In parallel, it is important to improve the agreed schedule every week or so.

Thus, the time management approach of James Noon is positioned to help people by means of creating their personalized managers action plan. The idea is that in case a person can manage oneself, one will be able to manage others, including the time management for the work and overall project planning.

In case people learn how to manage their time with the help of the 'A' Time technique, they will be able to take advantage of every situation that is complex to tackle in regards of time. The idea is to make the action plan work towards the fulfillment of the activities that are time-sensitive. Consequently, the fact of using the 'A' Time method will help to determine the outcomes and guarantee the favorable results in perspective (Noon, 1991, p. 175).

In other words, the 'A' Time: the Busy Manager's Action Plan for Effective Self-Management includes the time management approach that James Noon addresses towards the concepts of mastering self-management through the fact of gaining new skills and experience. The idea is to identify the purpose and strive to achieve it through the 'A' Time concept.

In fact, the consequences of using the 'A' Time method will be the ability to think more critically, avoid procrastination, plan the actions with the orientation for goals, apply all the skills and talents and have a deep value of time. Thus, the means of self-management is to learn how to save the time while providing the best outcomes through the prism of self-confidence and discipline over ones business and life as a whole (Noon, 1991, p. 178).

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