Technology and Social Change

Technology is the application of advanced information in the design and manufacturing of goods and services. The incorporation of this knowledge improves the lives of people. On the other hand, social change is the gradual adjustment of societal norms... Read more >>

The Use of Technology to Enhance Business Managers’ Training Programs

The paper discusses the potential ways of A.I. usage and risks following it. It touches the problems of weaponization, possible ways of monitoring and control over the A.I. and ways of protecting the humanity in case of uncontrolled A.I. activity. Read more >>

Hidden Lynx

Dark net (also known as the deep web) is a network of websites that can be accessed only through the anonymizing software. Tor is most commonly used software to browse the Dark net. In Dark net, the information is encrypted and retracts through different servers around the globe Read more >>

Information Management and the Digital Firm

Running head: INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND THE DIGITAL FIRM 1. Information management is the assembly and control of data from one or more foundations and transfer of data to one or more viewers. Information management involves management of planning, evaluating, reporting and passing information in order to handle and implement objectives of an organization via information delivery Read more >>

Security Metrics And Reporting

Security Metric can be explained by the following definition Metrics is a reference based measure that involves two points minimum that are the measure and the reference. Security generally means the protection and prevention of danger. As a result, security metrics denotes a state or level of safety in relation to a reference point and states the steps to be taken in order to avoid danger Read more >>

Journal 1

The intelligence community has a different reaction on the leaks caused by Edward Snowden. Some people consider him to be a hero who managed to reveal the data of NSA on the US surveillance on the phone and internet communication. Others believe that he is a criminal Read more >>