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The concept of rationalization was explored by Max Weber. Rationalization is the process by which change has occurred as a result of scientific analysis and technological advancement in the modern era. Societies in different generations experience change due to rationalization. It impacts all the spheres of the society such as the politics, economics, culture, social relations and scientific knowledge. In reference to Max Webers concept of rationalization, evolution in the Western Culture was as a result of rationalization. In the traditional society, actions were carried out in reference to the values and norms that constituted the culture. In the modern society, individuals make decisions that are goal oriented based on their knowledge or conscious. Advancement in technology has enhanced the movement of information from one culture to another. Cultural values are no longer constrained by boundaries or a specific community. Individuals, especially the youth, are influenced by media and peers rather than socialization from their parents and guardians. In the college institutions, rationalization has been greatly implemented. In accordance to traditional norms gender roles have clearly been defined. However, gender roles have been revised. For example, girls accessibility to educational courses that were previously defined as masculine courses. Colleges and universities have broken the traditional rules and encourage girls to take up these courses. For example, engineering, medicine, scientists, astronauts and lecturers, just to name a few. Education sector has greatly been impacted by rationalization. This is not only witnessed in the Western nations, but all over the world.

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Gender inequality is an issue that has been in discussion for several years. Movements and association have been formed to highlight the plight of women and girls. Gender inequality is the discrimination of women based merely on their sex. In the traditional setup, women and girl have been subjected to stereotypic gender roles that have been defined by the society. Cultural roles have viewed the girls as the weaker gender. This has led to hierarchical division of labor based on the sex of an individual. However, the notion has not stood the test of time. With scientific study and observation, it has been concluded there is no difference in peoples behavior based on their genetics. In this context, rationalization has had an impact on the feminism of the society. Feminism analyses the gender insensitivity that has been bestowed on women. They are viewed as victims of the patriarchal society. The colleges have explored the option of investing in women. This has been in effort to reduce poverty levels and inequality in the society. By encouraging women to earn less, increases their dependency on men. With a high dependency ratio, it subsequently means that most of the income is utilized in consumption of goods and services. By reducing the dependency ratio, more income could be pumped into investments. Encouraging the women to focus on high income professions, there is more income in the economy. An increase in the income, affects the Gross Domestic Product of a country and a positive step towards poverty eradication.

Rationalization is greatly impacted by postmodernism and symbolic interactionism. Symbolic interactionism in the society has chosen to view women and girls at the micro level setting. Feminism seeks to project women as a homogeneous group. However, this has been contested where women are now considered as an individual member of the society with equal rights, responsibilities, opportunities and potential as her male counterpart. Postmodernism, is the prevalent theory in this context. It maintains that knowledge acquisition is by observation and use of scientific analysis. Therefore, it offers the element of questioning realities that have been set in the society. It is through postmodernism, erosion of oppressing cultural roles have been implemented. Globalization has aided gender equality in a major magnitude. For example, it is a concept that emerged in the Western world. However, it spread through the world by means of technology and migration. The concept of gender equality has been as a response to the modern evolving society.

Postmodernism is practically about order; which is effected by rationalization. By thinking rationally at the macro society level, increases the productivity of the members. Modernitys aim is to increase productivity and efficiency, with little if any relevance to culture. The end result defines the process. For example, in some cultures where women are regarded as the weaker sex are likely to experience shortage in human resource. In a rational society, investment in women is a solution to the shortage of labor supply.

According to Auguste Comte, one of the evolution stages of society include positive. Positive is the stage in which people no longer depend on abstract details, but bases their decision through observation and analyze it through scientific method (Comte 1988). It is through research that the education institutions have concluded that sex has no impact on the knowledge capabilities of an individual. Conclusively, investment in both sexes is fundamental increasing productivity of the society.

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