Part-Time Workers

Employment System Deterioration


The one third of the people all over the world would choose to continue working even despite the fact that they had enough resources to support themselves until the rest of the lives. This means that work is seen as not only a source of revenue, but also a way that individuals use to grow morally and professionally within the society. Thus, working conditions is very important factor and this can become a further motivational issue for any employee, but the current situation does not seem to resemble the bright future. Thereafter, the objective of the following paper is to discuss the negative trend related to the job offers deterioration because of employment systems polarization.

Despite the constant growth of economy and development in the USA, the labor market is getting less attractive, as it started demanding high-skilled workers and offering less opportunities and benefits. Nevertheless, historically the situation has significantly changed. In 1900s it would be hard to imagine that modern working place would look like now, where people would travel for miles in order to reach the job and mix there in a pool of different genders, races and diverse payment. The jobs have steadily moved from factory-type to office premises, while cultural and social differences have not been fully eliminated (Fischer & Hout, 2005). The tendency that led to shift of the job opportunities and benefits has created a serious issue that is related to the rise of precautious and polarized employment systems. The postwar era has fueled not only the increase of the gap between rich and poor, but also the further creation of the good and bad jobs, while the polarization is getting higher as ever year after year. Precautious employment has rooted deeply in a ground as the number of working unions has decreased and many of the jobs are constantly being moved to offshore sites (Kallenberg, 2012).

Thus, the following paper shall look into a case, where job satisfaction is playing a key role. The Fresh & Easy grocery has been famous for selling the customers the food without trans fats and artificial colors, while the majority of crop has been grown with the help of solar systems. Nevertheless, the working conditions seem to be the same as all over the other companies in USA, as employer is offering part-time positions with flexible schedules week after week. People there have been working for many years as part-time employees, except for top management positions (Greenhouse, 2012).

The increase of polarization forces people to take any kind of job, even though they might be unhappy with it. Moreover, the job start to control the life of a person, as the individual need to adjust his schedule for the part-time working hours offered by the employer, while the adjustments are to help planning where to work additional hours so they would not coincide. Scheduling is a powerful instrument that helps many corporations to manage workforce expenses more precisely and decrease costs, while it turns out to be nothing but disadvantageous practice for workers, who eventually find themselves in the situation where they have not money to live for (Kantor, Hodson, 2014).

Unfortunately, the trend according to which many retailing sector employers tend to use part-time employment practices in increasing, and the proof to that is the official date from the Bureau of labor Statistics that has reported around 500,000 part-time jobs increase as of 2012. The cut of payroll costs is enforced with the help of informational technologies, which track the busiest hours, while this given an opportunity to the management of the retail companies to all the employees to work upon demand, which might be for two hours instead of eight. Moreover, such urgency prevents the workers from planning other types of jobs, while unavailability negatively impacts their employment. The situation is even worth, as instead of adding hours to part-time workers, retailer tend to hire additional staff, as this is more cost-effective practice for them (Greenhouse, 2012). The government cannot treat such issue as major problem, as the profit that comes to treasury is seen over a bigger scale in the economy. The corporations are treated as a real persons, who function within a society and in order to survive among their competitive need to manage their cost smartly (The Corporation, 2003).

In conclusion, this is important to mention that dilemma that the society is facing today is hard to be solved, as the development if the technological software has helped organizations to save money and deprived low-skilled workers of additional hours. Nevertheless, the managerial positions require more time spent at work and the gap between the good and bad jobs is reaching one of the highest points. The issue surrounding the decreasing amount of labor unions is allowing the retail-company owners to take the advantage of the workers and hire them only for 15 hours a week. Moreover, the spokespeople of the retail industry name other advantageous that are related to high productivity due to time limitations and competiveness, as everyone wants to impress the employer so to get more hours. The polarization of the labor system has caused many people barely make ends meet, while those individuals with higher education and better skills tend to complain on the lack of private time. Such phenomenon is what USA labor market is facing today.

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