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Observation Exercise

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Observation Exercise

Jaguar Karaoke Setting

As a matter of fact, Jaguar Karaoke is a huge building located in the pleasant hill. It has bars and pool tables where several people meet to enjoy themselves and relax. In the bars and poll tables white Americans, Asians, African Americans, and International students gather there. The building has an ample parking park which has a huge capacity of several vehicles. Vehicles of all classes are parked some meters away from the main entrance of the bars and pool tables. As such, the vehicles comprise of the poor and the rich individuals. In addition, some of the vehicles belong to the staff employed by the government and various organisations. The entrance to Karaoke is well tarmac and the buildings are built in the modern designs making the area even more beautiful. In the bars, there are beautiful seats and chairs which are neatly arranged such that, there is enough space for both fat and slim individuals to pass one another.

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There are different types of lights in the building. In the pool tables area, pool tables are also so neatly arranged that there is enough space for the players. Additionally, spectators and waiting players can comfortably fit in the room. There is a big name of the building on top of the entrance to the pool tables which is accompanied by bright striking lights. Owing to the neat arrangement of both the pool tables area, all age groups can fit in it. On the other hand, as a result of tidy arrangement of the bars, all individuals who have attained the age of majority can also comfortably fit in them. I chose Jaguar Karaoke setting because it is comprised of different individuals age groups and ethnicities. Additionally, the setting comprise of both males and females having different views.

Analysis of Focus

As a matter of fact, entertainment in a serene environment after work is essential to all human beings. As the old adage goes that; all school without play makes Jack a dull boy, is no exception to the working adults. As such, it becomes imperative for all individuals irrespective of their age, sex or status to relax in a peaceful place doing something enjoyable after spending a lot of time doing something like, working or learning. Relaxation actually relieves the days fatigue making an individual to sleep comfortably and lengthen life. Additionally, relaxation helps an individual to wake up the following day feeling energetic and fresh. I decided to focus on the importance of engaging in after work entertainment scrutiny which is a recurring theme. In my focus, I discovered a number of things. First, I discovered that several individuals enjoy doing their personal entertaining things after some stressing work.

This was more apparent to the middle aged group of people. Second, I discovered that young students enjoy free time more than when they are under supervision. This can be attributed by the manner they could conduct themselves in the pool tables. For example, they could follow the required order when playing. No student could wait to be told it was his/her turn to play. Third, I discovered that albeit several people do not know the importance of entertainment after working, several of them regard entertainment with high esteem. This can be attributed by the fact that, all age groups were represented in Jaguar Karaoke. The other thing that I discovered was that most individuals in social public places treat others with some respect. This can be attributed by the fact that, in the clubs, young people could not fight old people even after taking their beer.

Similarly, in the pool tables, no young man could ridicule or insult an old person after defeating him/her the game. And again, old people could also not fight or insult the young individuals after defeating them in any game. All individuals treated each other as equal partners. The other thing that I discovered is that several people prefer something that would touch their minds after work. This can be attributed by the fact that, many people like drinking alcohol after work or class because the largest number of people was contained in the bars. Shockingly, the biggest percentage (99.5%) was drinking alcoholic drinks. Interestingly, the remaining 0.5% was comprised of individuals drinking non-alcoholic drinks. The other thing that I discovered on my focus is that individuals from all classes interact socially well in entertainment places.

This can be evidenced by the fact that, the rich and the poor could play games together as well as drink alcohol together. This means that entertainment places socially brings together people of different backgrounds. The other thing that I discovered from the setting is that when individuals gather together for a common purpose, they can achieve a desired goal. This can be portrayed by the truth that, when playing pool table games, spectators could cheer all players and advise them the best hole to direct the ball to. Similarly, both the winner and the loser could be equally cheered at the end of every game. Interestingly, the loser could be told the areas he/she missed to lose the game.

My Effects on the Setting and Effects of the Setting on Me

As an American doing the survey on entertainment, most of the people (90%) reacted with me well. In this case, the people were responding to my questions very well and in a friendly manner. On the other hand, it was only a 10% that did not react to me well. In this scenario, the respondents could not answer my questions appropriately. In this case, the first reason for not reacting well was that they were drunk and cared less with what I was doing. Second, poor reaction was as a result of my different skin colour to the interviewers. The third reason was obliviousness as some people did not understand what I was doing. Next, as an outsider the setting affected me in some ways. First, I feared talking to unknown people being an outsider, some of whom were drunk. That made me to stammer at times when I was asking those people questions.

Second, I felt a sense of not belonging to the setting as I was an outsider. In this case, I felt like I was a real stranger to them. However, at the end, I felt brave and confident as many people reacted to me appropriately. That made me to develop strong communication and social skills to people. On the other hand, the response people had toward me had an influence of strong conclusion that entertainment for sure is highly liked by all people. In addition, the feelings I had in the setting had an influence of making conclusion that whether an individual uses alcohol or not when entertaining him/herself, entertainment is an essential part and parcel of everybodys life.

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