Gay Marriage

Sociology: Gay Marriage



Gays are seen as immoral and dirty people by those who condemn same-sex marriage. However, the gays have brought their concern on the table; they want to be considered as a group among others in the society. Of late, the same-sex couples have gathered enough courage to fight for their own rights. These types of marriages have existed even before such groups emerged fighting for their rights. Same sex marriage has formed long term relationship since time immemorial, not only in Greek and Roman society, but in societies around the globe (Lahey & Alderson, 2009). Henceforth, gay marriage is a social problem among all tribes, races and even nations but it is not restricted to a certain group of people as people claim.

Sociology pertains to the explanation of the whole society origin, development, and structures of human societies and the behavior of individuals and also groups in the society. Sociological imagination refers to a word phrase that was commonly used by C. Wright Mills, a sociologist in 1959 to depict the type of imminent offered by the whole discipline of sociology (OConnell & Feliz, 2011). It is through the sociological imagination that people are able to understand the cultural background and norms. Social imaginations make it possible for the possessors to understand the entire historical setting with regards to meaning of internal life and external career. The sociological helps to know the relations between people in the society. As a result, such problems like homosexuality are influential in the society. In the social imagination, people consider the advancements and general development of men and women hence marriages can never be ignored as well. It is the smallest social group in community. The apprehension of the both aspects will help in covering the is of homosexuality. The question is if the practice of gay marriage should be made a legal thing or not. The current paper seeks to illustrate that it has been a contradicting issue to the society as those in the practice are trying to fight for their rights for gay marriages while on the other side the society needs to protect the morals of the society.

Literature Review

Considering the contradicting debate on legalization, effects, reasons and all aspects of gay marriage, the question comes out vividly clear if gay marriage should be globally legalized (Lau, 2012). The legalization of gay marriage has been a matter of discussion in many countries. In Canada, the judicial systems take the heterosexual marriage as social unit that is capable to procreate and raise children; hence should be considered a clear indication that the homosexual relations are not recognized in the society (Williams, Sawyer & Wahlstrom, 2012). Homosexuality is not a personal issue but a social issue since it involves two people who are part of the society. It is evident that some countries hardly fight the whole issue of same sex marriage.

However, it is a contradicting issue to many countries globally. Some of the main questions that arise include; is it okay to legalize the same sex marriage? Does legalization of homosexuality affect our morality? Should homosexuality be allowed for the sake of equality and fairness to those few who are in it? These and many other questions are ever dubitable in various societies (Lau, 2012). Some countries like the United States have legalized same sex marriages. As a result, many other countries have seen it as normal thing to do. Same sex couples started to demand for their rights as from late 1960s and persisted to early 1970s (Lahey & Alderson, 2009). Denmark started the discussion of opening the marriages for the same sex couples in 1968 (Lahey & Alderson, 2009). It marked the revolution and the development of the so believed filthy behavior.

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The constitution also plays a great role in the marriage laws. A recent article by Liptak (2015) based on Washington is a good scenario of how far the same-sex marriage has plunged into. The supreme court at that particular time opted to consider the same case with the same magnitude inconsiderable whether it was a same-sex or ordinary marriage (Lahey & Alderson, 2009). Many scholars and lawyers argue that they have been despised by representing those people in same-sex marriage in courts (Williams, Sawyer & Wahlstrom, 2012). Therefore, the aspects of mindset of the society that gay marriage is a vice in society still have deep roots. Despite the efforts being placed by some authorities to legalize gay marriage, the society still perceives the marriage as queer.

Data and Methods

The attitude towards gay marriage has been changing. A quantitative research done by Baunach, (2012) depicted that recently, year 2010, the support of same-sex has been broad-based as compared to 1988 where the same was only supported by a certain subgroup. It marks the cultural shift. Another quantitative research done by OConnell & Feliz (2011) showed a rising trend in the same sex marriage. The research was done randomly done on different households.

The table below represents the research:

Table 1: Trend in Gay Marriage

House hold Type

Year 2010

Year 2000

Percentage Change (2010-2000)

Percentage of All Households


Percentage of All Households


Total Households






Total same sex Households






Unmarried Partners












Percentage of Same-sex Households






The summary and conclusion is that there has been an increase in the number of the same sex homesteads. A bigger percentage rise can be depicted among those who are from the same sex but are unmarried (62 percent) than among same-sex marriage individuals (38 percent) since the year 2000. In fact, it is clear that the unmarried partner households rose by 211,606 as compared with a rise of 96,000 in already married households. Generally, it can be inferred that about four out of every ten gay households, both in 2000 and in 2010 were spousal homes (OConnell & Feliz, 2011).

Various researches done by different researchers have shown that people are drastically changing their attitude towards gay marriages. Different researches have claimed two third of democrats support gay marriage. There has been a shift from 50% to 60 % increase today (Brewer, 2014).


Gay marriage has not been perceived positively in many countries. It will be difficult to convince many people that marriage can also involve couples of the same sex. Whether it is legalized it will not be fully practical. Religions and cultures are in conflict with this queer marriage which is a big predicament to legalization of gay marriage (OConnell & Feliz, 2011). Same sex marriage has been a contentious topic to most religious sects. The religious group, headed by their clergies, has a great say in the society. Any little critic on the subject of same sex marriage swells to a big condemnation to the entire society (Lau, 2012). However, the constitution of United States has legalized the gay marriage which has resulted aggravated some social groups towards the same. Gay marriage is unbiblical and any society legalizing it is seen as immoral and filthy society (OConnell & Feliz, 2011). The gay couples should be protected by the constitution but still the same constitution has the moral obligation of keeping morality at best interest.


No doubt the complexity of homosexuality is a social problem. It has brought antagonism between various forms of groups, ranging from law, traditional and religion. Any person suspected to be a gay is hardly accepted in the society. Different constitutions have allowed the same-sex marriage while others are still in conflict with the social groups who affect the decision made by their lawmakers. As far as the interest of those people willing to involve in such un-cultural behavior is concerned, we also need to keep our society clean. Legalizing is not the solution nor a consideration to marriages disputes. Same sex marriages are not encouraged in many societies and are illegalized. Some people think that there ought to be no legalization of gay marriage in that they suggest decorum in the society. However, there is a need to consider arguments and interests of the two conflicting groups.

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