Psychology Questions and Answers

Question 1

The authors main point of discussion is how different factors are affecting the performance of students. The author believes that the right kind of motivation will help a student while the type of motivation is not important to a student; therefore, this has affected the present young generation. The author is describing his own opinion, because he said that the current generation is the type of people who believe that they cannot work without being given an award; they do not believe in working hard in order to be successful in the world.


Question 2

The strongest feature of the author's arguments is his comparison of the students with the different mindset performance. It is true that the students who are willing to correct their mistakes (growth mindset) are likely to perform better than the ones who do not want to learn new things or even correct their mistakes (fixed mindset). Education is all about learning new things, and those students who are willing to learn new things are likely to perform better. The author analyzed solid research data to make this conclusion. This is evident through different researches done on students with different kinds of mindset. The researches were also conducted by experts. Therefore, the author did not use only his own opinion to make the inference. The results that the author got were used to make the final conclusion that a certain type of mindset is better than the other. He believes that the fixed mindset is the worse type of mindset that students can have; this is true because if a student fears to work hard, the chances of success are minimal. However, those students who have the growth mindset are the best performing in class. The author believes that this type of mindset cares about learning; hence, when they make mistakes, they are interested in correcting them. They are determined to learn new things and therefore they will be keen in class whenever a teacher teaches. They do everything to ensure that they have understood what is new to them. Hence, according to the author, when we have these two types of mindsets in a class, those students who have growth mindset outperform the ones with the fixed mindset. The weak features of the authors arguments are that he concluded that students who have fixed mindsets do not admit their mistakes. There is no enough research to prove that this type of students does not accept their faults. A good experiment as per rule uses control groups in order to make a comparison, and if there is no control group, a researcher cannot draw conclusions.

Question 3

What I have learned in the course supports the arguments made by the author, for example, to make a conclusion about an opinion, a solid prove is required. The author of the article said that those students who have fixed mindsets do not perform better than the ones who have growth mindsets. The author has come up with different studies that he has done in order to have solid evidence supporting his argument. We also learnt in class that a good scientific research must communicate the result. Comparing to what the author of the article has done, he has explained what he got after his research. Another important point that we learnt about a good scientific research is that it is required to perform experiments. This is similar to what the author has done; he conducted his research in order to draw the conclusion based on his opinions. From what we learnt, a good research must also be done in an organized way; for example, if it is about learning the effect of alcohol on the performance of the students, the data should be collected from students of different grades. Comparing to what the author did, he conducted an experiment in an organized way on a group of students before finding out students who were congratulated due to their efforts to work harder than the ones who are praised for their intelligence. What I have learned in the course that goes against the author of this article is that when conducting an experiment, he should have done it randomly not in a single class; for example, the author of the article makes his conclusion after doing his research on the students from grade 7. He should have done his research by selecting participants randomly from different grades.

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Question 4

From the article, I have learned about the importance of the effect of praise on the performance of the students. In the event like Olympics, participants should be motivated to work hard in order to win medals. If athletes are encouraged to work hard, they can perform better instead of being praised due to their talent since this may encourage them to dope using certain drugs that are prohibited in sports in order to boost their performance. Therefore, if I were a coach, I would encourage my team to work harder and reward the ones who have done the recommendable job. Another global event is mathematics and science competition in the world. Developed countries already know that the best ways to praise students is through their handwork. Therefore, they end up producing the best results in the world compared to developing countries who praise intelligent the most. My opinion about the performance of the students is that it depends on many variables such as traditions, wealth, class, schools, teachers, and geographical area just to mention a few. Some traditions especially in developing world discourage education. Therefore, most students who come from these cultures do not perform well in their examinations. Therefore, I think that the performance of the students depends on all factors; thus, they should be considered in order to have a solid argument. Another thing that I can address is the issue of praise and how it affects the performance of the students. Here, I can suggest that teachers should focus on encouraging their students to work hard. By doing this, the world would have the best people who believe in handwork and not handouts.

Question 5

When writing this paper, I understood that there are some questions that required extensive research and reasoning before answering them. However, it was a nice paper since I enjoy writing and coping with challenges. All questions were fair, and I did not come across a question that was difficult to handle, because from my extensive research and available class notes, it was easy to get answers to these questions. In addition, I had sufficient preparation before I started working on the paper. This is evident by completing the assignment on time and producing a quality paper. From my last research paper, there were several issues that were addressed and needed my close attention such diving the paper into paragraphs. Therefore, I do not want to repeat the same mistake; that is why my paper is well-organized

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