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People are complex social beings with a certain way of acting. We may not realize it, but everyday every single individual is exposed to different psychological issues and influences (Nevid, 2012). People, who are not aware of encountering psychology and psychological matters and have never been studying this discipline, use the terms personality, character, behavior, and many others in everyday conversations.

When a parent wonders why his child cannot sit still and keeps disrupting the class, when we consider someone to be a good or a bad friend or partner, when we think about the influences that other people have on us and our decisions, basically, we are, in fact, involving ourselves in general psychology.

Psychology is a field that is becoming more and more important in the life of people. The most acute problems of today that include environmental and ecological issues, poverty, economical crisis, and others issues are directly related to psychology.

Nowadays, everything that humans do has a certain connection to psychological matters. The influence of psychology as a science can be seen mostly in the health and medical area as being healthy involves not only physical, but also emotional and psychological well-being.

The word psychology came from the Greek words psyche, which means soul, and logos, which stands for learning and studying (Wu, 2009). Psychology is a discipline that involves studying the mind as well as its aspects: perception, emotion, cognition, and behavior (Nevid, 2012). It is possible to say that this field is quite young as its development began around the second part of 1800 with Wilhelm Wundt, William James, and Sigmund Freud. With the help of these bright and gifted historical figures, psychology arouse from other fields of study philosophy, biology, and medicine.

At the same time, it was mentioned before that people are facing psychological problems and topics in their everyday life, which means that from another point of view, psychology has been around since humans started discussing other humans. The ancient people probably have also been wondering how to raise their children right and what the dreams really mean (Boeree).

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General psychology is focused on the behavior and actions of people, their mental states, development of the mind, how individuals learn, and what motivation is. People who work as psychologists pay their attention to prevention of psychological problems in healthy individuals.

They carefully learn about environment people are exposed to and how they react to the influences from the outside world as well as ways the development of a personality occurs physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Psychology is a very complex discipline with a lot of aspects and details; that is why in order to study the nature of human beings in detail, there exist a lot of different specializations.

Psychology students learn about these complicated processes that occur in the minds of human beings and become actions. Besides being interesting and exciting, information and knowledge gathered while studying psychology can be applied in daily life and contribute to success in the future (Schreiner). Students are able to see that they can apply understanding of the peoples behavior into different daily situations.

Studying psychology leads to exploring the ways in which individuals communicate. That is why, people who are aware of the general psychology know how to effectively communicate with others, listen, and be heard in return. It makes life a lot easier as effective communication reduces the chance of misunderstandings and fights. Mastering the art of communication with others also leads to success in every area of life.

Talking to other people, studying their mind process and behavior leads to gathering of information about them. Analysis of this information, which psychology students learn to do, enables them to understand others better than people who have no knowledge of psychology.

While discovering other peoples behavior and mind process, a psychology student is also learning a lot about him or herself. This helps in dealing with a lot of problems that happen in everyones life as you can easily understand why you are having certain emotions, what was the reason for that, and how to deal with your feelings. Thus, undesirable emotional situations can be dealt with much easier, and a lot of issues could be avoided.

Combining the skills of communication, understanding others, and learning more about oneself results in the ability to deal with conflicts easier and faster. Knowing the reasons why certain people feel or act the way they do and realizing what could fix the situation become the key factors in conflict resolution.

All these factors together contribute to success in nearly any area of life. The things that students learn in psychology are essential in any work environment ;ad being aware of psychology means being professionally ready for different positions in different settings that makes the study of psychology a great asset and advantage.

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