Assertive behavior is a much-needed characteristic in many life instances. A person needs to be able to stand their ground and reach the goals set by plans and dreams.

A recent example when I was assertive was describing the notion that injustice to a single person in a specific, even if far off place, was an injustice to the whole nation and society. If a country has accepted individuals and they have citizenship in that country, the government should support and not alienate people and their rights. I somewhat disagree with some policies honest and true belief, in using an open and trusting terminology in the explanations of direct action. The strategy and behavior are based on the highest values and morals, but many people do not understand the highest morality. It is unfortunate, but I stated that authorities might not understand honesty and explanation of reality. In order to be heard, people must use the same understanding that people possess and only then these changes can be made. It is evident that assertiveness, honesty and direct approach are much needed and respected, but there is a possibility it might harm to the cause that is being fought for.

One instance when being assertive failed was when I wanted to make changes to the policies at work. I have carefully prepared and presented the outline for a new process, but the management was in a disagreement. The list of injustices was clear and addressed the problems in a very direct and specific manner. The criticism that was offered and specifics that were outlined have been explaining actions that were detrimental to people through actions of the management. At the same time, I failed to act assertively, but realized it. This led to frustration, so I thought that aggressive behavior would solve the problem. I began talking harshly to co-workers, identifying the problems with the managers, and it developed into an argument that was not really necessary. Eventually, I have realized that the problem cannot be solved in such a way, so proper patience and description of the issue was necessary to help everyone out.

Being assertive is a representation of the character, but aggression is a limitation of human understanding and morality. The negative effects of aggressive behavior deprive people of their rights. It is unacceptable that someone could have the power to take away the rights of another person. There is nothing that makes one individual higher than another, especially when it comes to arguments and decision-making, which are supposed to be impartial and supportive of others. Often, people struggle between what a person wants for themselves, in a selfish and careless way, in relation to the greater truth and help that can be devoted towards other people. Even though it is wrong for people to follow immoral laws, the definition of each particular individual might be different. It is essential to oppose unjust attitudes and behavior, but it must be confirmed by the majority that the laws are really unfair.

From the discussion of assertiveness and aggressiveness, I have learned that behavior is very important in how people recognize someone. The negativity shows that a person has no want or need to think about own character, and instead, thinks about other people and ways of finding wrongdoings in their behavior. Foolish and angry people, who are unable to improve themselves, often exhibit this sort of attitude, and thus, they try lowering others to make their own individuality seem higher. These qualities can be observed in all human nations, as the interconnection between individuals and societies is still based on greed, power, class, and insecurities. The society, being the centerpiece of a civilization, must have its own regulations and standards that create order and stability, governed by morals and obligations, so aggression in behavior and argumentation is unacceptable. Social morals are important aspect in the development of the society. A lot of factors depend on the individual and the care they put into their presentation. People are considered the frontline of progress, as they are the ones establishing relations and friendships. Individuals have to deal directly with people and families, so aggressiveness must not be a reason for conflict, since many others look for help and advice. Practicing self-control and techniques to calm down an elevated emotional response have proven to be useful in times of pressure and emotional instability.

It is said that one of the most important qualities is the ability to control own emotions and realize what is best for a person. People must be aware of their internal processes and be confident in who they are, which will prove resourceful at a time of need. Self-awareness is instrumental to the way a person behaves and thinks, and if they know what specific situations and stimuli to avoid, an individual will be able to control themselves and their environment. Being assertive at a time of need is another criterion that one must follow. Emotional and mental self defense and direct action must be used when dealing with a problem because being able to reach a resolution is definitive at a critical time. Another quality that a person must have is the understanding of others and the reasons for their behavior (Arcoff 11).

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Even though it is sometimes hard to comprehend why someone acted in a certain way, an individual must place themselves in the other persons conditions, and realize why someone acted the way they did. Everyone has a responsibility towards the society and has a duty of controlling own stress levels and the response that might be unwanted by others. Being able to adjust to the circumstances and conditions of the environment is a skill that is necessary and must be learned.

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