Evolution of a Group

Groups in Action Workbook - Evolution of a Group


Sometimes, an individual when he/she cannot solve the problem, resorts to the group support. During a session Groups in Action: Evolution and Challenges by Gerald Corey (Corey, 2006), a group of people shared their experience. In this paper, we provide a set of answers regarding the role of a leader along this research.

One of the members, SusAnne, tells that she is eager to work, yet she keeps herself very vague and global. In my point of view, she should be more active and prudent. The woman says that she wants to work and at the same time, she says that she is willing to help James with his work that makes clear that he is not really and enough interested and self-motivated. Moreover, they both need to understand the need of self-development (Corey, Walters, 2006).

If a group of people keeps silence, after an announced question Who wants to work? it does not always mean that anyone wants to be employed. Collective thinking and forms of behavior dictate the rules inside the group of people. If seven people out of ten will tell that they do not want to work, the rest three individuals are likely to tell the same, even if they do not think so. When such a situation takes place, the leader of a group needs to convince the group in their need of a job for self-realization.

The second problem appears, when Casey discloses the fact that she is gay. Being open to others is the first way to berry yourself as you are. Nevertheless, if the problem occurs and someone is not ready to hear another point of view, the leader of a group has to help everyone to understand an importance of such a revelation. No one must be blamed in this occasion. Moreover, Casey used the native language of their family in order not to tell everyone that she told her mother. The subject and the main points could be the same, but this behavior tells us about an importance of the intimacy of such a moment.

If Casey indicated her intention to tell her mother about her sexual orientation, she should have no concerns while preparing to do this. If the person needs to tell his/her relatives about this fact, it must be done without any regrets. Even is the mother will not be pleased with the fact, Casey will be glad enough with the thing that she has overcome herself. If somebody from the group pressures Casey in making her choice, the leader of the group should suppress this behavior. Casey needs to decide herself if she needs to do this. In the other way, the result can lead to other problems in her life. Moreover, if she makes a decision by herself, she will not blame anyone that something gone wrong. That is why, leader needs to help everyone to understand the importance of the individual choice.

The next person is disappointed with the fact that her father did not support in the decision of becoming a pianist. On this occasion, Jyn needs to focus on the development of her talent and not giving as much importance as she does on her fathers words that she has no talent. The main point is to reduce her stress and disappointment of not having become a pianist. She needs to understand that she can develop her musical skills whenever she wants. Moreover, this is the way to be connected with people and to become core positive-thinking and open to others.

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Jackie has a problem of self-confidence. She always tries to be as good as she can. First, Jackie needs to understand that she cannot be everything and everyone for everybody. There is no her fault in her mothers` leaving. The leader of a group should give homework for Jackie to devote one day for herself and for anyone else. She should learn how to be natural without trying to act on public.

The second speaker, Jacqueline, in order to get her mothers approval, needs to talk to her in person. Probably, their communication problems act as barriers on the way for the approval receive. In order to facilitate her work, she needs to consider those points, which can help in their communication. They could be the following: solving their problems in the teenage years, detailed description of her problem and an offer to help the mother in any possible way.

Speaking about the leader of the group, we can say that this is the seeing eye of the team. He/she helps the group to find their inner problems and to interact in order to solve them (Glass, 2010). The one negative side of the leaders interaction that another group members can ask about his or her personal problems that is unacceptable during the seminar.

For example, when Darren deepens in his childhood memories too much, the leader should understand an importance of this training and release of emotions. The work with Daren should be based on his memories. Nevertheless, he needs to understand that he is not a child anymore and his memories are just pieces from his past. The leader needs to tell him that no one can help him if he will not understand that it is up to him. Darren should understand that people are trying to help him, but no one can make a decision and resolve an issue except him.

In another example, we see that James feels sorry about his behavior. That is why, no one should blame him in his deeds. There is a need to say him that he must rethink the model of communication with women and his reactions. The anger of others is understandable, but the leader should not express any negative emotions towards James. James, being in inconvenient for him position as SusAnne boyfriend, understands her feelings. This therapeutic session gave them an opportunity to have a sense of relief. James has hugged SusAnne at the end of a session, as they both have expressed their inner feelings to each other. James needs support from others and he should get it to gain emotional strength and to overcome his internal freights and negative points.

Dealing with people after the divorce, as in Andrew`s case, The tutor needs to give the person ability to tell as much as he need, but to be attentive, in order not to insist on his recalling of the bad moments from the past. During a session, Andrew needs to tell the audience about his experience. However, he stays cognitive and isolated to others. It affects his life outdoors too. The leader must express his understanding and support. He must to persuade Andrew to talk more, because the class if eager to solve the problem with himself.

In order to help the group in better understanding of a problem, a leader may use journal writing. This practice gives a person a possibility to organize and to differentiate some events from the past. Looking at the written problem it is easier to see possible ways to solve it.

Talking about myself, I can say that not depending on the problem in my personal life I try to rethink it to understand what I should do to fix it. If it is the ending of the relationship, I try to devote my time and thoughts to something else, in order not to fell in depression. Working with a group, I would try to give it my experience and my techniques through theoretical and practical trainings. Being honest, you always should remember that an individual shares his/her personal feelings and events from the life. Most of those things are never told others outside the group. The leader is responsible for the possible negative answers form others and should be prepared to fix them out. If a member says that he was extremely disappointed with the results of group training, a leader must tell to this person that if an experience is gained, he/she did not spared time in vain. A little thing can change everything. If a person did not succeed in the group, the tutor must inspire and encourage a person for further fight with problems and self-growth.

Acting as leader in the conflict situation, you need to understand that you are the only person who can deal with it. None wants to be responsible for the emerged problem. The leader must to define an issue that has created a misunderstanding and to give everyone to express his or her point of view (Rogalin, 2007). Objectively thinking, the tutor needs to provide the group possible ways to resolve an issue. Moreover, the leader should not provoke any additional misunderstanding during this stage.

In a situation, when a member says, I dont want this group to end. Id like to see us continue meeting as a group. I would say that I am pleased that the group appreciated the course. I would recommend them to make a break to inclement gained from the class experience in the real life. They need to understand that they have to deal with problems themselves. For example, Jyl is interested in the course prolongation, because she does not see any visional results. In this case, a leader should say that she must not be sorry of what has happened. Jyl can always find support from friends and there are many people to meet. She must understand that if something is wrong in the life, it could be changed.

To sum up, we can say that group training is efficient only if a leader can help and lead each individual inside the group. The good tutor is the one who knows how to deal with any discrepancies avoiding appearance of other problems inside the group.

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