Creativity, The Need of Control, Self-esteem

The problem of the creativity, the need of control and self-esteem has become paramount today. It influences many fields of life, for instance, college, university, job and a private life. One will take into consideration impacts of these elements. This paper will clarify some facts with the help of examples.

The following issues will be raised in the paper:

  1. Why this topic is important?
  2. The role of creativity in the everyday life.
  3. The role of the need of control.
  4. The role of the self-esteem.
  5. How one can use it in the future?


This topic was chosen because of its relevance and practical implication in everyday life. No matter what the person does, he or she wants to succeed. One cannot imagine success without creativity, control and self-esteem. These features are considered to characterize a persons positive side. These qualities will go along with a person during his entire life. Since the childhood people have been taught to act according to the pattern. Students are given assignments with clearly defined instructions. If someone does not follow the instruction, it will be considered a mistake. One may suggest the idea that it is fundamentally wrong. Thus, all actions try to suppress the inner world of the person. As a result, people become unsatisfied with their work. All of those may lead to different psychological problems, for instance, stress.

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The creativity begins from curiosity. It is important to develop talent since childhood. Curious people are more likely to create something new. They look for the brand new things. They cannot rest on their laurels. By the way, according to the researches low curiosity increases the level of high anxiety. In other words, it means that such people are likely to receive stress. It may lead to the psychological dysfunctions.

In the process of learning creativity plays one of major roles. It helps to solve problems easier. One does not have to study during the whole night anymore. All it takes is just a clear imagination and good ideas. Creativity is characterized by the possibility to generate ideas. This process, in its turn, helps to communicate with the rest. Developing communication skills improves the psychological condition of a person. One has to realize several major components of creativity. These components include knowledge, imagination and synthesis of the information. The role of each component is well-known. Imagination helps to memorize the learning material much better. One can put some new facts and things together. Synthesis of the information helps to define the most important things. People memorize only 10% of the new material. Therefore, this ability can facilitate studying significantly. Besides, creativity means increasing the level of motivation. Curiosity is something that makes things interesting. Without interest it is impossible to have good results in the learning process.

The same thing goes to the need of control and to the self-esteem. A spoiled child has troubles with focusing on important things. It leads to the bad synthesis of information. Without control one starts to pay less attention to the work or educational institution. In this case, the problem occurs on the subconscious. Someone should understand oneself that he or she needs to have control. Once person realizes it, he becomes more motivated. As a result, a person will be thirsty for knowledge, as he or she likes doing it.

The role of the self-esteem is also essential. In this case, the issue of the self-criticism occurs. If a person is self-critical, he will always go ahead. He will consider that he does not do his best. It helps to develop physical and spiritual qualities.

It is possible to receive a clear picture of the problem on the following example. A friend studies at college. He communicates with his mates well. Later, he starts avoiding his contacts and becmes shy. His health deteriorates. One of the things that has changed with him is his attitude to the college. He spends more time studying. One should define the fact that he does not like the learning discipline. He is given a piece of advice to visit a doctor. After he visited a doctor, he has been sent to the psychologist. A psychologist said that all he has to do is do what he likes. He starts to write poems. One cannot believe it, but a brand new person stand before eyes later. He becomes cheerful again and his college results improved, specially, in the field of Philology.

It is of a great importance to know the impact of the creativity, the need of control and self-esteem. This knowledge may help in the future. Thus, one should find out that every work is done well only if a person is high motivated. Therefore, one ought to pay attention to search of the work. One needs to find a favorite job. Thus, he or she will be likely to achieve success. A self-esteem helps to go ahead. It is a factor that stimulates the process of work. Person should be self-critical because the employer values this quality.

In conclusion, it is possible to say that creativity unites all the components of the recipe of a successful person. Control and self-esteem are features that show one`s discipline and preparation to do important things.

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