The research paper consists of two main sections. The first one describes the different types of synesthesia, and the second investigates the problems of misunderstanding of synesthetes' experiences. The purpose is to highlight the main reasons of lack of agreement between different synesthetes and the denial of their experience by other people Read more >>

Group Members

I would like to start from expressing my gratitude to organizers of this course since it has been rather informative, exiting, and definitely unforgettable. During all this time, many topics were introduced to me. I regard the idea and goals of group therapy as well as its advantages from another perspective Read more >>


1. Every Monday our youngest sons have catechism class. 2 Read more >>

Albert Bandura?s Personality Theory

Running head: ALBERT BANDURAS PERSONALITY THEORY 1. Albert Bandura is considered one of the leading American psychologists of the 20th century. His election as the American Psychological Association President (Frager & Fadiman, 2012) demonstrates that his academic and practical contributions were highly valued by his colleagues as well as in political circles Read more >>

Reaserch Analysis

The article under analysis is Attentional mechanisms in learned predictiveness. This is a research that was carried out in order to determine that the learned predictiveness effect is a product of attentional processes, and whether these processes are voluntarily controlled or automatic in nature. The study involved two different experiments, each conducted in two phases Read more >>

Group Design Part 3

2. Do you understand what therapy is? If so, please, state. 4 Read more >>