Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking Paper

Running head: CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND PEACEMAKING 1. Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking. Water Conflict in Africa Read more >>

Group Influence Assignment

From the very first days of life the individual interacts with various groups. The person not only feels the group influence but gets the information about the outside world through this influence. With the growing complexity of the world and society, a group effect on the individual is increasing steadily Read more >>


A large number of higher learning institutions in the U.S. have a foreign-language requirement. In cases of post-secondary, institutions all over the globe always require foreign-language courses Read more >>

Psychological Testing Limitations of Norms Paper

The main purpose of the paper is to study and analyze the psychological limitations of norms. Within the contemporary society, we can monitor a wide range of different norms that are considered to be the standards chosen by the members of the society. These standards have to be indicators of what is acceptable and what is not when talking about how to live a life Read more >>

Analyzing The Prince and Magician

The story of The Prince and the Magician clearly shows what an important role superstition plays in manipulating people. The prince remains in a dilemma over whether to believe his father who was the king in their area. As a son, he remained under his fathers authority and had to share his beliefs that there were no real islands, presence of real princesses, and there was no existence of God Read more >>

Business Career Center

A corporation is a separate legal entity, which can own a property, do business, and open a bank account. It is managed by a board of directors, who make business decisions and oversee the general affairs of the corporation. The shareholders elect the directors who appoint the other officers to carry out day-to-day business operations of the corporation Read more >>