Commit Suicide

The first key theory of suicide is the egoistic suicide theory. Read more >>

Making Choices

What is choice overload? Why does this occur and what are consequences of choice overload?. Read more >>


In their article, Ramachandran and Hubbard (2003) describe their study of people with synesthesia, a condition that accounts for cross activation of sensory functions. Authors define synesthesia as a condition in which normal people experience the blending of two or more senses (Ramachandran & Hubbard, 2003, p Read more >>

Multicultural Awareness

A counselors work is very involving because people from diverse settings and backgrounds expect a counselor to conceptualize their problems and offer a solution. Read more >>

Self-Attribution and Cognitive Dissonance

The theory of self-attribution claims that people form the judgments about their attitudes, preferences and personal qualities. Read more >>


The problem of the creativity, the need of control and self-esteem has become paramount today. Read more >>