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Reviewing Career information for Choice Hotels International and Britannia Hotels



The Internet has attracted many users across the world embracing the digitalization that comes along with advanced information systems. Equally, various employers have opted to engage the Internet not only to market their firms but also search and screen applicants in order to find quality employees. Recruiting through the Internet is swift, well-organized, and economical way to reach many job seekers and it is currently used by 82 to 90 percent by companies, (Boone & Kurtz, 2008). Human resource departments in companies use automated employee selection process that begins with identifying available vacancies and posting them on their career portal so as to call in applications. With continued advancement in internet and technologies, the innovations will with no doubt have large implications for automated employment and staffing (Reynolds & Weiner, 2009). Such highly ranked companies in the hospitality industry as Choice Hotels International and Britannia Hotels are among those organizations that successfully use the Internet for selecting and hiring quality workers. These companies provide a wide range of information on careers available on their websites.

Amount and Type of Information

Choice Hotels International

The Choice Hotels International is amongst the highly ranked hotels which is located in the United States of America. The companys website has a career tab on the main homepage that opens out in a new window, and a range of information is available to viewers of this page (Choice Hotels International, n.d.). First, potential applicants can filter and search for a particular job by entering in the title of a job, location and type and then press the GO button to search. Second, specific job titles listed in alphabetical order are given, but they are separated by place of work. The provided information enables applicants to select jobs within reachable regions. Thirdly, information regarding time these jobs were posted is indicated. This information is essential as it assists applicants to focus on latest jobs only and submit their applications before deadlines. Finally, interested viewers whose skills do not match those job openings can use the option recieving email vacancies updates by leaving their email address. In addition, once the job request has been submitted, candidate can view the progress of that request afterwards.

Britannia Hotels

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The Britannia Hotels which has hotels in major towns of the UK forms the next highly graded company in the hospitality industry. First, the viewers are offered to get acquainted with advantages of working in the company by looking through Why choose us? section. This piece of information is aimed at convincing them that the hotel is the best working environment. Then, this website gives applicants direction on how to apply for a job. By clicking How to apply tab, viewers get access to contact details through which they can send their CV. Applications are received through the personnel advisor Sarah Clarke. The street and building number, email address, telephone and fax addresses are given. Besides, applicants can download an application form here. The Latest jobs tab takes applicants directly to a list of job openings posted on this website. Available jobs are listed in alphabetical order according to their titles. Also, the number of vacancies for each job is indicated alongside the title. Lastly, there is a map to offer applicants a quick option of searching for jobs within cities of their choice.

Work Environment and Corporate Culture

Other than employment details, applicants can quickly learn that employees and management of these two companies interact and operate within a system of values and behaviors that is instigated from inside and impacts on the services offered to their esteemed clients.

Britannia Hotels

The company offers special discounted rates to its employees during weekend breaks. Additionally, employees benefit from rewarding stakeholder pension scheme, private healthcare for senior management and incentive bonus scheme that recognizes good customer service and achieving of section sales targets. Furthermore, workers are provided with free uniforms, free meals when on duty, annual holiday of four weeks, regular evaluations, among other benefits. Choice Hotel International

Similarly, the organization maintains a corporate culture that allows employees to enjoy a range of benefits, for instance, retirement savings and investment plan where individuals start making contributions after three months of employment. Besides, the company ensures good health and welfare for workers by providing health covers for medical and dental supervision. Employees also have the cover for life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, legal services plan, employee assistance program, among other benefits. Additionally, it offers employees paid leave during holidays, bereavement, vacation, personal and volunteer release leave, and allows workers to convert sick time to vacation time. These benefits collectively act like employment pull factors to potential applicants.

Attraction of Potential Applicants

A brief description of benefits package offered to employees on career websites of these two companies is the centre of attraction to potential applications. Applicants can get excited quickly just by viewing attractive and thrilling motion images of activities in these two companies. Since they practice equal opportunity employment activity, potential applicants get motivated to apply because no applications are undermined although the information on recruitment and selection process for hiring is not indicated on these websites.

Given a chance to be a manager, I would initiate an online chat support to help applicants solve any problems when applying for a job. In addition, I would introduce a job assessment template where candidates application can be examined online. These will facilitate a smooth recruitment and selection process.

Concierge/Porter Vacancy

Selecting the vacancy for a Concierge/Porter available in one of the Britannia Hotels, Britannia Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, three recruitment methods effective for obtaining an exceptionally skilled candidate to fill the position are: employee referral programs, online recruiting and college recruiting. Developing referral programs for new employees helps in hiring experienced workers from inside and outside the company whereas the online method offers a wider scope to the hiring process. Lastly, college recruiting assists in bringing in new and fresh talents essential in magnifying efforts of old employees.

Recruitment Methods and Selection Process

Employee selection is the most crucial and challenging part in hiring new workers. However, this process can be handled by use of four methods for both initial and final screening. First, application forms designed by the employer can be used in selecting potential workers. Applicants whose details provided in this form do not match the requirements for the vacancy are rejected. Secondly, online personality tests for applicants to rate their abilities are recommended. This is an automatic way of obtaining new quality talents. Thirdly, aptitude tests can be used to examine abilities of potential applicants. These timed tests are critical in screening for sharp-minded individuals. Fourthly, one-on-one interviews can be used to determine most suitable candidates. Interviewers have the chance to deeply examine successful candidates and choose the one that do extremely well.


Numerous technological advancements has led to the use of advanced systems for employers to screen potential applicants and quality workers. Human resource departments engage automated employee selection process to ensure efficient, quick and economical hiring process. The Internet has simplified the whole process since the hiring team posts online the information regarding the available vacancies. Similarly, potential applicants check on these websites for information on jobs for any recent job openings posted.

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