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The increase of the workers and overall company effectiveness is the goal of any executive or a business owner. Therefore, the positive results for the company are highly dependent not only on the economic conditions, but also on the leaders decisions, skills and knowledge of the workers, and overall cooperation in a team. Hence, a well-planned developmental program for the organization should consider the weakest sides of the team and be aimed to improve them. This paper will show that the efficiency of work in the organizations can be raised by means of systematic staff training practices and improvements in the structure of the company that would let one exploit the maximum of opportunities provided by the existing market.

Training is an important contribution to the raise of the effectiveness of the workers performance. The overall success of the team is based on the proper functioning of each of its members. In such a way, individual training is aimed to provide every worker with the necessary knowledge about the company, work, policies and values. Teaching specialists to follow demands of the company is an important contribution that would save much time as each of new workers would not have to ask the same question separately. In addition, the theoretical and practical knowledge in any sphere is important. Each organization has some peculiarities in conflicts resolving, orders making or other situations. Hence, training the necessary actions, explaining situations, providing examples and contributing to automatic behavior in various situations is the best way to save time and accelerate the working process. Training, education and development are the functions prescribed to human resource managers. Each of the stages has its own peculiar benefit for the participants and employers. Firstly, it is important for both sides to understand the peculiarities of the behavior of the executive and employees. Therefore, understanding the role and position at work is the first demand to a good worker. Secondly, getting the necessary professional skills and understanding the obligations properly are the important characteristics for a professional of any position. Finally, development of the new characteristics that would be useful in the future or presently to understand the inner structure of the organization is necessary. Hence, the training in the company should develop the proper skills among workers not for the short-term period, but with the perspective of peoples promotion and further work for a company.

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The main feature for all the employee development programs is that they should be beneficial not only for the company, but also for each worker. The main reason is that being properly trained and understanding the personal and company goals make the employee do the work more easily, effectively and become the desirable workforce on the labor-market. In order to make the developmental plan or the company more beneficial one, it is necessary to construct it properly and focus on the most important aspects of work. The proper sequence is one of the essential features of organization development and staff training. For instance, fundamental training can provide knowledge about the duties, basics, company expectations and goals. It is obvious that the fundamental training is the primary one for any new worker. It provides the basic ideas and understanding that cannot be given in the end of the studies. Another development plan is the personal employees development. The professional development is primarily based on the proper goals of the employee. Therefore, teaching to put such professional goals or the proper self-motivation of the workers is a crucial task. An example of the training method is also the leadership training. It implies training the talented workers, who already are well-aware of the whole company structure and have primary skills to make the company work effectively. The benefits of such work with employees can be observed in the future. The already existing basic knowledge about the company and its rules is the main benefit of training leaders instead of those for whom the peculiarities of the organization are strange and unknown. One more method is the mentor development program. The main benefit of the training is the individual approach that provides an employer with the ability to ask an experienced person any of the questions related to work. It diminishes worry and search for the one who can help. The presence of the mentor lets any worker get the necessary answers, feel more confident and valued in the company.

In order to gain the growth any organization needs to pay particular attention to the development and training of the workforce. The employee and organizational development are both important for the success of the organization; they do not imply the same things. The employee development is associated with the staff training. The courses and programs that provide the workers with skills, accreditations, new ides etc. are the means to develop the workers. At the same time, the organizational development implies the management organization, application of theoretical knowledge on the profitability raising or behavioral rules, the structure and direction of the company modeling with regard to the existing economic situation and other outer influences. Though there are the differences, the main common feature of the two above mentioned developments comprise education, share the same risks to lose time, money and workers. At the same time, the main differences are that employee development provides more freedom, and is focused on the employees specifically in contrast to the limited organizational one that is primarily aimed to improve the business in general.

Career development is an essential process that implies numerous definite steps of the poorly skilled employee towards becoming a great professional with a higher position and more responsibilities. Each of the stages the proceeds the further promotion predetermines the definite number of skills, tasks or activities that can provide evidences of the employees readiness for the next stage. The main task of the human resource management is not only to see the development of the worker and the necessary skills that would become appropriate for some definite position, but also provide the possibility to develop the necessary skills by means of various trainings. It is obvious that career development is essential for a good worker for the raise of profit and authority. At the same time, for the organization, choosing the most productive workers and supporting the same friendly tea is also efficient to save time and make the organization team be unified and friendly. Career resource management provides the company with the future human resource needs and the worker with the possibility to get the good career path within the company. Therefore, its main objective can be defined as giving the possibility to the workers to manifest the skills and qualities the most effectively for the efficient work of the whole company.

Being an assistant manager at the pizza restaurant now, I can see that organizational and developmental training is highly important for any company. As I would like to become the general manager later and put my efforts to let the existing single restaurants develop into a real network. It is obvious that in order to support the existing policies and contribute to the future success, it is important to train the professionals on all levels and let the workers put their skills and best efforts to gradually develop the career in this sphere. To my mind, teambuilding, fundamental development and professional development are the essential programs that provide success to each individual and the company in general.

To sum it up, the discussion gives numerous evidences that employee and organizational trainings contribute to success of the company and its members. For my future career development, implications of the theoretical knowledge and paying attention to the one that I have already got at work are inseparable components.

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