Tanglewood Case

Tanglewood Case



Tanglewood is working to improve the quality of their selection systems. The most significant problem is that persons who move within the organization to the department manager level are typically viewed by other employees as very qualified and integrated into the corporate culture. Persons who are hired from outside the organization for the position of department managers, on the other hand, often have a very difficult transition in the organization and make decisions that are in conflict with the corporate culture. They are seen as outsiders who do not really get what it means to be part of Tanglewood family (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012).

One of the main problems in the process of selection of external candidates to the heads of departments is the lack of structure in the selection process. Mostly, managers ask applicants to fill out a brief summary and a history of experiences. It is considered as a difficult process because many candidates simply do not have the necessary skills to work. Other managers are only interviewing people who have a certain number of years experience, practice in specific areas or specific educational qualification, but there is no general consensus as to which method is better (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012).

A Selection Plan

Tanglewood would like to formulate the most effective strategies of screening. This is important because of the great number of new potential predictors. They would like to develop a sequence that moves each candidate from the stage of the applicant receiver.

By analyzing the KSAO, I would like to measure in the selection plan the following necessary points.

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Skills Description Necessity

1. Ability to organize people in an appropriate way, has direction skills Y

2. Ability to perform difficult arithmetic operations Y

3. Mental and behavioral stability Y

4. Oral and typing communication skills Y

5. Decision-making ability and priority setting Y

6. Knowledge of the companys database, software, and policies N

7. Knowledge of using advanced computer machines Y

8. Flexibility in dealing with changing job demands Y

9. Ability to direct people in the right way Y

10. Skills of interpersonal communication Y

11. Skills of written communication N

12. Skills: Using reasoning in order to justify the decision-making process and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions Y

The most obvious problematic points of development manager selection are a lack of cultural knowledge and transition to another companys decision-making priorities. Another great problem is time-management. Usually, managers take long time to fill out resumes, history of applicant, and interviewing. Some of the managers can interview only those individuals who have certain basic skills and experiences in specific fields since most of the managers simply do not have interviewing skills and it takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, this method cannot be considered as the best one since it cannot guarantee any accuracy (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012).

In fact, there are some solutions of this problem. The Marshfield Applicant Exam and Marshfield Customer Service Biodata Questionnaire are those copyrighted instruments that take price about $10 per applicant. There are also alternative computerized versions of these tools and they do not carry a per applicant cost and are free for Tanhlewood.

A Structured Interview

There are situational and behavioral interviews available to assess an applicants skills. These can blend into work samples or problem solving tasks related to the job. An applicant can be asked about the way of cooperation with a group of individuals to solve a difficult problem.

1. What if the things in the company become worse, would you get out of the company sooner?

2. If you were engaged in the company that produces some demanding product, what would you do to promote it?

3. What are the risks and advantages of the work you are applying to?

4. Would you ask for your bosses advice before taking brand new project or you would hang it by yourself?

5. What would you do if you missed the defined deadline?

Behavioral interviews are considered to be interview questions that ask a person to explain their previous experiences and skills. The key function of such interviews is to obtain a more detailed summary of a candidates experiences and determine how well they can relate their experiences to the position at hand (Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012).

1. Tell me about the time when you had to fire the employee. Was it a hard thing?

2. Tell me about the experience in the times of difficult political situations. How did it affect you?

3. What would you do if you make a mistake that costs money for your company?

4. How fast can you make an important decision?

5. Would you work for a company without getting promoted?

Scoring Key

1 point. Answers did not mention the critical concepts, in particular, did not mention accurate position to the problem. Actions did not result in the agent having authority to act on appropriate way.

2 point. Answers were sufficient to determine the most common terms, but there was no use of technical terminology. Additionally, it includes impossibility to determine the terms and the answers were too vague in correlation to the functions.

3 point. Answers were sufficient to determine the terms and definitions of all technical terms. However, they have had a complex sentence structure and it would make it difficult for a person without any higher education to understand.

4 point. Answers were able to determine the main paragraph statements. They fulfilled all the requirements of number three in a very simple way and language.

The individual who passed this interview and led this item have felt that the scoring key made a sufficient number of working definitions of the terms simple language. However, 4 points were not enough to evaluate the full image of the applicants abilities and experiences. In response, four points can be removed by 6 points. Additionally, the interviewer told that there was actual specific language and terms involved in the company. Thus, there are some problems in determining the difficult language.

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