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Recruitment and Selection


Introduction and position

Currently, Amazon focuses on hiring a total of 7000 employees. There is a number of things that the organization needs to consider when deciding on the number of employees to hire. Above all, it needs to account for the departmental needs for such employees (New Zealand, 2010). Through effective recruitment, selection and staffing, the organization will be in a position to enhance the ability to serve its mandate in its distribution process. This case focuses on the distribution processes adopted by Amazon in its efforts to enhance service delivery. More so, this study focuses on the recruitment of customer service managers.

Amazon has extended its service delivery significantly to diverse markets. The organizations scope of operations has drastically increased. This facts indicates a need for the organization to increase the number of customer service managers. Their services will be employed for supervising the high number of employees that the organization will have employed in its customer service unit (Martineau, 2000)

Legal Considerations

There is a number of considerations that the company needs to address. There is a need for the organization to ensure that the hiring process does not contravene the equal employment provisions. These provisions indicate that employees should not be discriminated on the basis of color, race or faith. It also ensures that the basis of selection is the ability of employees to perform their professional duties. At the same time, employees are not to be discriminated on the basis of their disability. It is also important that the organization ensures that the selected managers have the work permit to work on the allocated areas. In many cases, foreigners are prevented from engaging in some forms of employment in the country (Rountree & Hay Group, 1988).

Recruiting Plan

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The importance of recruitment plan cannot be overrated. A recruitment plan ensures that the organization identifies its recruitment objectives. It also ensures that the tools necessary for recruitment are put in place. Therefore, the organization does not end up falling short of the recruitment resources during the process. It also plays an important role in identifying the most effective recruitment tools that the organization may use. As a result, only the most viable recruitment methods are employed in such processes.

Recruitment Tools

There are multiple tools that may be employed in the recruitment process. The organization will employ the use of college-based career day to recruit students graduating in masters program and management program. The organization together with other leading firms in the online industry will hold career seminars in diverse business schools in the United States of America. Students will be offered an opportunity to apply for positions of their choice online. The organization will also advertise the positions on its website and make potential applicants aware of such careers on TV. This approach will ensure that many people get information regarding the companys recruitment process (Larson, Lakin, Braddock, Bruininks & American Association on Mental Retardation, 1998).

Selection Plan for the Position

The selection plan will be based on IQ test as well as EQ test. Therefore, the individuals with high cognitive skills as well as interpersonal skills will be employed. Their ability to attain expected customer service targets will be high. The organization will more so put emphasis on interpersonal skills. Such skills are important in customer delivery. Personality models will also be employed in assessing the compatibility of potential employees with the customer service demands.

Staffing and Its Importance

There are multiple merits that the organization will derive from engaging in the staffing process. To start with, the organization will fill the positions that are vacant. It will achieve adequate workforce necessary for delivery of its services in the industry. At the same time, the staffing process will enhance the ability of the organization to acquire innovative employees. Thus, effective service delivery will be reached by the company (Caruth, Caruth & Pane, 2009).


The employees will be selected based on their experience, highest interpersonal skills, as well as IQ, and personality traits that are in accordance with customer service needs, including respect, caring and courtesy. Individuals will be interviewed by a panel of selected interviewers. The following are the proposed questions which the interviewees will be expected to respond to:

information about their academic qualifications,

information about the weakest interpersonal traits,

interpersonal strengths,

the description of their personality,

motivation for joining the team.

Such questions will form the basis of selecting individuals with superior and most favorable interpersonal skills for the company (Burkholder, Peterson & Sartain, 2003)


In conclusion, it is clear that recruitment and selection are important processes for an organization. These processes increase the ability of such organizations to identify staffing needs as well as employees with the ability to perform effectively. It also ensures that the organization engages in selective identification of candidates, identifies the needed tools of selection and eventually selects the most competent and innovative employees.

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