RTMM, Inc.


It is important to encourage potential candidates to accept the specific job proposals and address their specific needs, since they take into consideration not only the job conditions and the level of financial remuneration per se, but also the companys reputation and its market potential. Hence, new and unknown companies may face some difficulties. This paper examines the case study of RTMM, Inc., since if the target groups of potential candidates are correctly determined, the company may improve its market positions substantially even without additional investments.

It is necessary to identify those types of people that may satisfy all the companys criteria. The major professional ones include their high qualification, necessary job experience, as well as the abilities and desire to increase ones qualification constantly. It is reasonable to examine these criteria in more detail. The company cannot compromise on the quality of its services. Therefore, it needs only high-qualified personnel. All potential candidates should be aware of those software projects that are implemented in the company. They should be able to fulfill their functions effectively from the very beginning. Moreover, they should correspond to the requirements of the companys development and be able to fulfill those software functions that may be of a high demand in the near future.

Some job experience is also necessary as the company does not have much time to organize trainings for people with no relevant experience. However, those employees who possess the required experience and work in the company have a large variety of training opportunities. RTMM, Inc. (Phillips & Gully, 2012) is ready to invest in the development and professional progress of its employees. The company recognizes that it is beneficial to increase the qualification of its employees rather than search for new people regularly. However, the job experience per se is not the major criterion. The potential candidate should demonstrate his/her high qualification and devotion.

RTMM, Inc. searches for those candidates who demonstrate the abilities and desire to improve their productivity and qualification. The company recognizes that even the most productive and efficient employees should demonstrate the desire to achieve the highest possible progress. For this reason, the company appreciates ambitious individuals. However, these ambitions should be supported by their qualification and efforts (Lal & Kaur, 2012). Only in this way, they may contribute to employees professional development and strengthening the companys competitive positions.

RTMM, Inc. has also some requirements regarding employees personal qualities. First, they should share the corporate culture. Any contradictions are inacceptable as they may lead to conflicts and other serious problems in the long run. Second, all potential candidates should be able to work with other people and contribute to a teams development and progress. RTMM, Inc. values the coordination and effective interactions between employees. The company recognizes that the effective team work is necessary for maximizing its long-term competitive positions.

Third, all employees should be honest and sincere. They should not consciously misrepresent the real state of affairs and try to receive any unjustified advantages over their colleagues or other people. The company believes that the interests of all employees can be harmonized effectively. RTMM, Inc. does not require its employees to sacrifice their personal or professional goals for those of the company because all these objectives do not contradict one another. On the contrary, the company allows its workers to maximize their potential through the development and progress of the company. Thus, only those candidates who correspond to all above professional and personal criteria should be considered for the existing positions.

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It is necessary to present the following letter to the potential candidate Keisha Jackson in order to persuade her to accept the job offer.

Dear Keisha Jackson,

We would like to clarify our job proposal for you. We appreciate your professional qualification and job experience and have no doubts in your skills and knowledge. We are also aware of your strong personal qualities and desire to improve your performance constantly. We highly appreciate such an approach and share your professional and personal values. Although our company is comparatively new, it possesses a number of unique advantages in comparison with all other market participants.

First, we offer a very flexible system of bonuses. The average amount equals to $18,000 that substantially exceeds the average level in the industry. However, the most productive workers can receive up to $40,000 of bonuses. As your productivity is very high, you may even exceed this amount. Second, the company has introduced a large number of training programs. You are free to select the most appropriate combination that corresponds to your professional interests. The company invests at $3,000 per employee in training programs, and the most productive ones receive additional advantages. Third, you will obtain additional promotional opportunities. The statistics shows that the average promotion period is 3 years. However, the most effective employees may be promoted after 2 years of job experience.

Moreover, RTMM, Inc. has the unique corporate culture where all employees support each other and aim at maximizing their mutual efforts. The interests of employees and those of the company are balanced effectively. As a result, people enjoy the optimal environment for their development and progress. We hope you comprehend all potential advantages and unprecedented opportunities offered by our company. If you accept out job proposal, you will be able to experience all these advantages in the near future. We are highly interested in the cooperation with such employee as you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

RTMM, Inc.

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