Prominent Leader

Prominent Leader


The leader I admire is Bill Gates. He is a great leader who changed the world of computers and technology. In addition, he is a famous philanthropist and a servant leader. He is a good example for many people.

The leadership style of Bill Gates is transformational. He motivates his employees well and shows a good example of personality traits. Bill Gates is an expert in his sphere. He has a profound knowledge in the computer industry. Therefore, it is a good example and motivation for his followers. Bill Gates parents influenced his life the most. It helped him to use his personality features to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Bill Gates is charismatic. It can be seen in his desire to help poor countries and its citizens. This can serve as a good example for his followers too. One more feature of this leader that encourages people to follow him is his credibility and a unique rich experience. Bill Gates has profound knowledge in management (Santos, 2011).

Bill Gates demonstrates different leadership characteristics that can be studied and followed. He focused on vision and was dissatisfied with the present state of things. It helped him to develop future goals and consequently reach them. Before 1970s, software was not a business. Not many people used it. In addition, Bill Gates believed that a new software would change the world.

A computer in every home and on every desk running Microsoft software. He saw the potential of PCs and importantly, the potential of software as a business, and didnt hesitate to take the first steps of building software for the hobby computer market of the day. He expanded and seized opportunities as the industry grew (Warren, 2012).

Bill Gates saw the minuses of current situation and focused its business and efforts to change it and to succeed. He studied opportunities and used them to develop his business and lead in the industry. According to Bill Gates, he always wanted to create more than a single product. Developing a full product line was his goal. Bill has a talent to find good potential for growth and opportunities. His ability to set goals and strategies is positive to follow (Center for Work Life, 2014).

Bill Gates has such leadership qualities as a desire to learn and grow permanently. It is a very good and useful characteristic and everybody who wants to become a good leader should use it. Bill Gates is a billionaire. It would be easy for him to be proud of himself and think he knows all. However, Bill Gates constantly studies to improve his communication and public speaking skills. Bill Gates tries to seek council from others. For example, he learned much from Warren Buffett (Center for Work Life, 2014).

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One more leadership quality of Bill Gates is that he always carries about others. It is important to focus on philanthropy and humanitarianism of this leader. Bill and Melinda Gates together with Warren Buffett are focused on philanthropy and charity. Bill Gates knows about inequality in the world, especially in poor countries, and tries to help them. He is a person who does not work only for personal goals. Bill Gates is working to help others to develop and grow (Center for Work Life, 2014). This feature is a positive one to be followed by others. A good leader should care about others. If a leader carries only about himself/herself, people are not likely to trust such a leader and be his/her followers.

One more important leadership feature of Bill Gates is following his passion. Earning much due to programming was not the priority of Bill Gates. He always tries to follow his heart and his goals. Of course, money is earned through the work. However, Gates states that making money should not be an initial aim. A leader should have a specific passion and follow it. As a result, a leader will receive profits (Arora, n.d.). It would be a good advice for many leaders. In our days, many of them focus only on profits. However, profits do not come by themselves. In order to earn much, a leader should create something innovative that is a real passion to follow.

Bill Gates is a hardworking man. He spent much time in order to study programming and develop a new software that helped him to succeed. In fact, he does not believe in the overnight success concept. Bill Gates states that success cannot come easily. A person should work hard to become a good leader and succeed (Arora, n.d.). This feature of Bill Gates is good to follow. Unfortunately, many people believe that they can succeed without efforts. They should understand that only hard work brings large benefits.

Finally, an important leadership feature of Bill Gates is understanding of his own failures and trying to correct them. As Windows was becoming more and more popular, its users were reporting problems every day. Bill Gates software was criticized. However, he was not upset. He tried to correct mistakes and improve the software. Bill Gates said that unhappy customers were the greatest source of learning (Arora, n.d.). To my opinion, other people who want to be good leaders should follow this feature. Unfortunately, many people believe that they can be leaders and do not have any problems and failures. Unfortunately, such situations are very rare in the real life. Therefore, leaders should follow Bill Gates attitude towards mistakes and their role in improving the results of work.

Bill Gates is also a good example of a servant leader. Servant leadership means the willingness to help others without a payment for that, and to become a good example to be followed by others (Keller, 2007). The largest financial example of servant leadership is being led by Bill and Melinda Gates. They created Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They decided to invest $35 billion to cope with different global issues: from improving education in the US to developing new vaccines against AIDS and other diseases. Bill Gates has often believed that it is important to focus on the inequality in the world. He states that there are many problems in the world, for example, dying children. The problems exist because governments do not subsidize saving childrens lives, and businesses are not interested in helping them because they are not rewarded. Market is powerful, and parents of those children do not have enough power in the market and voice in the system. Bill Gates believes that he and his foundation can help people who cannot cope with their problems because governments and businesses do not help them (Monahan, 2013).

In conclusion, Bill Gates is a famous and successful leader that may be followed by many people. He is a transformational leader and a good example for his followers. Bill Gates has many leadership features to follow. He is focused on his goals and passion and considers them more important than just business revenues. Bill Gates works hard and does not believe in the overnight success concept. He understands his failures and does his best to improve his work. Bill Gates focuses on helping other people. He is a famous servant leader and a philanthropist who donates billions to help those in need.

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