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Personal Development Plan

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Personal Development Plan

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My name is Alexia and I am 27 years of age. I currently reside and study in Boston. I am the last born in our family of five. My parents and siblings live in California, where I was residing for twenty years before joining college. I went to River Forest elementary institute at the age of three. In the elementary school I met Richard Rich, who is the wealthiest entrepreneur in Chicago. The incredible person and outstanding professional inspired me and other students by narrating about his dreams and ambitions as a young boy. While listening to his testimonies, I realized that he will be my role model. From that point onwards, all I wanted was to join high school, study and prepare myself for the world of business once I finished my education.

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Personal Development

I put immense efforts in all my academic functions; as an outcome of hard work, I was performing well in high school. I had the second highest aggregate grade point average in school. I excelled with honors for all the four years I was in high school. Moreover, I won the national physics competition awards that were participated by high school learners from my state. With my good grades and willingness to work even harder, I applied for John Pipers scholarship so that I could join college campus and pursue a business degree. I won the scholarship after a short interview and later joined Massachusetts University in Boston. In the first year of education I chose to specialize in accounting because of my love of numbers.

Success in college during my first year was easy, as most of the courses were introductory and opened a new world of business to me. With average efforts and learning enthusiasm, high performance in accounting was easy to claim. However, I learned in school various strategies of learning new materials and retaining much content in my memory through a holistic approach to learning. My parents actively participated in monitoring my academic performance. They were remarkably disciplined at observing my progress in school and at home and motivating me to excel. Therefore, I learned to respect my fathers authority and his wisdom, and performed my best to evade punishments.

Personal Goal

When I set my goal to be a business woman, I did not deviate from it. I shared my dream with my mother, who believed I could achieve anything if I set my mind to it. She searched for the journals, magazines and business articles to read for me on a weekly basis. She ignited my passion in achieving high grades so as to become a wise business person in the future. I learned how to save some of my scholarship money so as to buy the monthly business magazines I wanted. Over the holidays, I volunteered to help a neighbor in her retail shop and learned how to make simple accounting transactions. It helped me learn how to communicate with clients, cultivate integrity and be consistent with the hard work.

As of today, I am a third year student and my ambition is to pursue an MBA in corporate finance. An MBA will provide the breakthrough that I need to build a career in the corporate world and deepen my knowledge. It will offer me an opportunity to join other hundreds of students as part of a cohort system that builds on communication and interpersonal skills in business. I hope to take the business forums on campus and register for business-related online classes. I aspire to join Boston University for the MBA program, as it is located in my hometown of Boston, and provides a world-class business curriculum.

Boston University MBA programs provide a flexible way of studying that enables students to work as they continue to learn. Therefore, I can learn and partake in various personal business ventures that I would desire during my part-time hours. I plan to enroll for the evening classes as they provide the opportunity I need to interact with both the full-time and part-time business students. I will invest time and effort to complete my degree program in the next one year with the first class honors.

The campus has opened a life of unparalleled experience in acquiring skill in public relations for me. I am actively involved in public speaking projects and making project presentations in college. The skills are critical in developing confidence for any business-oriented occupation. I take part in basketball competitions where I have learned the strength of unity in working as a team to win tournaments and trophies. I have participated twice in national championships and won a trophy during one of the event.

In academics, it is harder to succeed without the help of other students. The professors award assignments, which at times can only be tackled in a group format. Therefore, we have formed a team of students who have the same goal congruency. The team helps us to focus on tough assignments and bring synergy in solving complicated issues. We also pursue the same interests and take accounting as a course. Moreover, we have started a business club together. In the club, we save up to three hundred dollars a week for various entrepreneur projects we undertake during the free time.

Self-Evaluation Report


My Contribution


Managements Response

Campus Business Club

Acting as the organizing secretary

Finding the most suitable and cost-effective business projects

Given a token of appreciation for launching a business project that earns the club at least 60% return on the capital employed


Lesson(s) Learned


Performance Improvements

Group Class Assignments

Team building and conflict resolution

Work as a team despite our different views and intellectual capacity

Able to coordinate a group of students to achieve a given goal.


I was awarded the team leader of the year in a business class project. We were challenged to find solutions for an SME and help the identified business to apply the proposed solutions to grow the market share. The project added my skill set and exposure to various issues affecting SMAs both in the internal and external environment.

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