Management Plan

Management Plan


Everyone knows how extremely difficult it is to create readiness for all sections of the company to undergo positive changes. All people have different aims, thoughts, and desires. This is why the challenge that is presented is the creation of systems and processes which allow all our staff to actively undergo the significant modifications they have identified. In fact, when trying to achieve changes in an organization, it is important to create a goal and begin to act immediately. We can start from small things that can be done easily and then make further steps to move forward.

Here at the ZXY corporation there is a need for change and after reviewing the present structure, I have developed a plan which will take us into the next 10-year period. There will be no management cliches or hollow words without actions. We will address several issues affecting our staff and clients. Without change, we will surely fail. However, any modification has to refer to key areas and it must be ingrained in our corporate culture if we are to succeed. Also, I believe it is necessary to outline the changes and undergo the processes which are required to implement them. In order to do it, I have developed a simple 5-point plan and it includes such points as focus, identification, action, reward, and repetition. If we accept it, we will give a corporate model that will be envy for all the others, and which I am certain, will be copied for coming years.

My aim is to lead, not to handle the processes. Unfortunately, I had become too engrossed in work, which was not my responsibility, and I was not providing a clear direction for others to follow. Furthermore, opportunities have not been identified and we are all responsible for it. Why? The reason is we have stopped listening to our staff. Our workers are the best, the brightest, yet we treat them like children. We need to use our staff to find opportunities and problems, so we can realise our full potential.

Once identified, we as leaders need to put the required changes into action so that we can have key advantage. If our staff find an opportunity or a problem and then we fail to introduce a modification, we have deceived them.

It should be mentioned that rewarding positive behavior is also fundamental to our success. I spoke with one of my designers last week and asked him what would make him happier. It revealed that he just wanted a more powerful computer to run a new program. Therefore, rewards do not have to be the holidays or plaques on the wall. We should give the workers what they want. Of course, then we need to repeat this entire process.

How am I going to be a part of this? I just will follow my own plan.

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1. To remain focused (I am going to set mini goals for myself that I can achieve and which my team can see).

2. To identify (I will engage my team individually and as a group in finding opportunities and problems that I will have to overcome on a more regular basis).

3. Action will require me to fight occasionally. Other departments will be involved and I need to gain their support. Also, we need to publish our action plan so that all involved will be able to see and set timelines. I think we need to expose ourselves to a very objective microscope.

4. For me, personally the reward will be a greater job satisfaction as well as the acknowledgement of my peers. I repeat one more time all I need to do is to focus on my plan.

All these things will create a more positive climate in our organization because when people work in a supportive environment, it makes them more confident and full of desire. In 2005, Galer, Vriesendorp, and Ellis noted, Work climate is the weather of the workplace. Just as weather conditions can affect your daily activities, work climate influences your behavior at work (p. 51). Thus, we need to provide a common goal for all our employees to work together. It can be a stated aim or something intangible, something, which they know, surrounds them but they cannot explain. However, at the same time, the clarity of mission statement should be obvious.

To my mind, the ZXY corporation must grow if we are to meet our goal of becoming a top 200 company within 20 years and in order to meet this objective we need to explore many abundant opportunities that are right in front of us. I see them as sustained growth provided by the abilities of our employees and as a market share with our customer base developing not only in the home market but abroad. To generate commitment to that vision among others, as leaders we should create energizing and communicating goals, which will inspire employees, make them feel a part of our great mission, and which will be important for their future. In addition to this, I will concentrate and guide all the creativity of my team towards long-term success. As in 2010 Perry concluded, Your board and staff must understand the values upon which your vision and mission statements are based (p. 31).

Doubtless, in order to be a good leader, I need to enhance my own credibility every day, start positive changes in myself and then adapt them in my organization. My opinion is not to wait but start acting right now without any procrastination or delay. The earlier leaders and teams will start implementing the changes into their lives, the earlier successful result will come. Being in the middle of it will help to develop such features as adaptability, ability to see opportunities that not anyone else can, keep up with pace, stress tolerance, and so on.

Most of all, supportive human relationships will evolve during collective activities, empowering, unifying, and strengthening the team. As their leader, I must set an example. I must enact these changes and ensure they are visible for my team.

All in all, it is my firm belief that the improvement and sustainability of the positive work climate, employees with clear tasks, high-level guidance, supportive motivation and spirit of competition are the key elements of success. In order to achieve it, I will create a common goal, consolidate all workers around it, and empower them to embrace and be a vital part of this fundamental change.

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