Human resources guide the way an organization arranges and organizes its workforce in order to achieve its objectives. It is very crucial in the process of running any business, as it enables management to increase the productivity of the workforce. At the same time, any member of the workforce, who is knowledgeable in the area of HR, will be in a position to understand what is expected from him. Such approach is crucial for the overall success of the organization. In this paper, I will evaluate the importance of studying HR in the work setting. Additionally, I will discuss what I have learned in my HR module and the importance of every skill for solving personal problems. I will also discuss how I can utilize the knowledge I have earned in the module to overcome stage flight, stress and worry during a presentation. I will also talk about how to match my words with what is written on the slides in the presentation.

Learning about the theory of international business management is very crucial. It is expected that at some point a business will grow beyond the geographical borders of one country. Such expansion requires the management to respond appropriately for the business to continue surviving and growing. When the business is present in other countries, the management has to consider the issues of these foreign countries such as taxation, the extent of market liberalization, the level of technology, etc. (Worth, 2004). Additionally, the firm also needs to understand the forces of demand and supply in the foreign market as well as the purchasing power of the locals. Finally, the business has to consider critical issues in the foreign country such as the cost of labor, capital and tax regime. When the firms management is aware of this crucial information, the company is able to align its human resources strategy accordingly and decide how to serve the market in the best way. For instance, the firm is able to decide whether to begin production in the other countries or to export ready goods from other countries.

The HR module also improved my skills in the area of management. It taught me how to be professional. Highly refined skills are required for one to be a skillful manager and to act professionally. Such skills can be found in this module. Through this module, I learned how to formulate organizational goals and objectives, especially in the area of the optimization of the productivity of labor. I also learned how to inspire other workers so as they are able to attain the firms and their personal objectives. I also gained knowledge about how to develop the right skills and attitude that will enable workers and managers to work in teams that continuously inspire each other and attain personal and professional aims. This module also taught me how to reward the workforce so that each employee remains productive without any feelings of disappointment.

Additionally, the HR module taught me about being ethical in the work environment. I also discovered what ethics are. Through this part of the module, I learnt that ethics refers to an expected code of behavior depending on the standards. The standard for an HR manager is an expectation to exercise a highly refined behavior. For instance, every person has to dress in a decent manner. Additionally, one has to focus on their job description for the harmonious cooperation (Robbins & Coulter, 2005). Most importantly, a person has to talk politely at all times during work. Everyone is expected to maintain strictly professional relationships. This part will assist me to be more proactive at work by knowing the core of the business. Additionally, now that I know what is expected from me in the working environment, I will be in a better position to channel all my energy towards achieving the needed goals.

In other words, this area of the module has assisted me with forming an idea of a harmonious working environment, where each employee understands his roles and their effective application. Additionally, I have understood how to relate professionally with other employees. As ab HR manager, I will be able to communicate with other representatives of the department knowing clearly how to achieve the firms goals. Being aware of the task, behavior and the dress code, I will be in a better position to inspire as well as to teach others.

Another very aspect is that this module teaches people how to be employable. In particular, the module teaches one how to be productive in the work environment. An employable person is the one able to keep his job in the corporate world. However, this module does not only teach how to be able to retain employment, but also how to be presentable to the potential employers and competitive among the other job seekers.

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In such a way, professional look and behavior will make one very attractive for the employers. As a result, an employer will be interested in checking the skill set of the job seeker. Due to the in-depth knowledge gained from this module, I will be able to prove knowledgeable in the areas of HR, international business, professional communication, and ethics (Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2007). After the employer is satisfied with the offered skills, he will be interested in seeing how the employed person behaves in the working environment. He will try to discover whether an employee is able to apply his skills in the real business environment. The module has all the needed information that will not only make a person employable, but will also assist to retain the position.

What is more, armed with this knowledge, I will be able to conduct an effective presentation. I can utilize the knowledge offered in the module to solve my problem of stage fright. Other people have also noted that I appear stressed during my presentations. Additionally, I am sometimes unable to match my speech with what is written on the slides. Such failures greatly hamper the transferring of information to the audience. However, with the knowledge learned in the module, I will be in a position to overcome this fear. In most cases, stage fright is caused or aggravated by the fact that the speaker does not properly understand what he is talking about. The situation is even worse when he is not sure of himself. In most cases, the audience responds to this in a manner that scares the speaker, which worsens the situation. With the help of the knowledge that I have learned in this module, I will continue boosting my confidence as I am now well-informed about the subject.

Due to the communication and professional skills I have gained in the module, I have learned how to prepare and present information. This knowledge has helped to build up my confidence such that my presentations will no longer be stressful for me. Now that I know what to do and how to do it well, I will not appear stressed during my presentations. I had serious issues in the past, when the information on the slides did not match my spoken words. It happened when I had less knowledge about the topic and effective communication. With the extensive knowledge I have gained in the module, I now know how to communicate professionally. Preparation of the presentation requires me to outline my topics in points and then discuss these points.

Professional communication requires me to face the audience, be relaxed and make sure that I discuss my points well. In my subsequent presentations, I will ensure that I read my points on the slides and discuss them in my own words. I now understand that I do not have to write a lot on the slides, but I have to remember certain things. In such cases, the slides will only contain the headings and diagrammatic illustrations. My task will be limited to explaining, expounding and illustrating these headings and diagrams in my own worlds. Next, I will be moving on to the next slide, reading the sub heading and explaining accordingly.

In conclusion, the HR module was very informative. All the knowledge one needs to become proficient in HR is provided. This information will enable a person to become productive in the job environment. The offered skills will assist in solving real life problems in the area of modern HR. Additionally, they will help one to overcome personal challenges in executing his or her mandate in the area of HR (Bohlander, Snell & Sherman, 2001). It will also assist me in solving issues of stage fright as well as enable me to match my slides with my words. Since it will become easier for me to prepare my speech and slides, I will not appear stressed during my presentation. Thus, I will be able to pass information effectively and professionally.

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