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Our client company, John Smith Gas Company Limited, is looking for a competent person to fill the vacancy of a Human Resource partner. The following are the relevant details about the job. Any candidate who satisfies all the requirements may apply for the job. Our client is an employer who does not discriminate any gender, religion, race or creed. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Job description

Location: St. Petersburg,

City (EC4R)


?76000 - ?79000 per annum plus final salary pension, bonus, and other allowances.


John Smith Gas Company Limited

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Date posted:

09/11/2014 16:00 hrs

Our client is a globally competitive multinational company that deals with oil mining and refinery. It operates in Europe, Asia, America and some parts of Africa. It is well known in the oil mining and refinery business all over the world.

Currently, the company is going through a period of change in their organizational structure as advised by the business consultants. The business urgently requires a Human Resource partner, initially to be based in Qatar but ultimately relocating to one of the areas of operation, most likely in Russia. This job requires a person with brilliant ideas who is able to manage and advise the business effectively. The ideal candidate should be flexible, with a good command of spoken and written English, Russian, Arabic, and Polish. The person should also have a wealth of experience in managing an oil mining and refinery company.

Brief Organization Structure

The business is headed by the board of directors, which is the top-most decision-making organ. Below the board is the managing director, who carries out the day to day managing functions of the business. Below him are various departmental heads and the human resource director is one of them. The HR partner shall work under the human resource director.

HR Partner Key Responsibilities:

This job requires the person selected for the job to perform the following duties.

Create HR initiatives by analyzing the organizational trends and teamwork. For example, organizing a team bonding and building activity to enhance better working of the team. He/ she should make sure that the members of the team are well oriented in the team, and they are active players and not spectators. He/ she will make regular reports and present them to the Human Resource Director via email.

Provide experienced advice in order to support, influence and challenge the business in the implementation of HR policies and procedures to improve business performance

Support managers who might have HR issues. Help them to solve such issues according to HR policies and procedures, and employment legislation.

Advise the board on the terms and conditions of employment, for example, on promotions, employment, deployment, redundancies and bonuses.

Advise the managers on the management of the personnel on various employer- employee grievances.

Support and advise the board appropriately and liaise with various trade unions. He/ she will also receive correspondences to any concerned party regarding the personnel.

Provide crucial advice and solutions when handling complex employee disputes such as change in the departments, deployment, promotions or dismissal.

Formulate, analyze, interpret and use various HR measures of performance to improve business performance by providing guidance. For example score cards and appraisals.

Organize and take part in staff meetings and consultations regarding organizational change, e.g. TUPE transfers, restructuring, etc.

Be involved in the development of HR policies and procedures, such as attendance, telecommuting, and annual leave scheme.

Induct new staff members to the organization, come up with induction programs and provide a report on the assessment of the employee progress on the job.

Criteria for the Job

The main requirements of the HR Business partner are as follows:

1. Experience in previous HR profession is required. The candidate should possess a minimum experience of five years in a similar position, preferably in gas and oil company.

2. The candidate must have the first degree in HR. An additional second degree or any other relevant qualification is an advantage.

3. The candidate must possess both spoken and written language skills in English plus Russian, Polish or similar EE language

4. Ability to meet deadlines and put the right priorities at work as well as excellent client facing skills

5. Proficiency functioning in an international environment with a geographically distributed customer base

6. IT skills - ability to deal with design reports and inquiries on HR database, as well as advanced use of Excel and Word

7. Experience in talent management, and the ability to change management inside the firm

Measures to Assess the Criteria

Criterion 2:

High- shows an outstanding knowledge of HR, implementation of employment law and provides skilled information regarding the HR sphere.

Medium - fair understanding and usage of employment law along with significant knowledge of HR.

Low- some comprehension of employment law alongside with general knowledge of HR.

Criterion 3:

High fluency in English + Russian or similar Eastern European language (excellence in written as well as spoken aspect of the language).

Medium good writing and speaking skills in English in addition to some knowledge of Russian.

Low communication and writing skills in English and other non-Eastern European languages.

Criterion 4:

High Evidence of quick engagement with people and excellent client facing skills alongside with clear prioritization of work and deadlines

Medium shows interest in prioritizing work and deadlines as well as fairly good client facing skills

Low no sign of prioritization concerning the amount of work-load and poor client facing skills

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