Human Resource Management Report



Professional summary:

Career-minded Sales Manager focused on building a career in the fashion industry. Obtains an optimal level of performance in the competitive fashion market areas. Forms strong relationship with the clients.


A La Mode - London, UK

Sep 2013- May 2014

The Assistant Sales Manager in the lingerie sector with the responsibility of meeting the VIP-clients and providing the luxury service for them. Understanding the individual characteristics of each customer's request and demonstrating the ability to choose lingerie model in order to meet customers needs.

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- Demonstrates an ability to build relationship with the client and expand the customer base

- Demonstrates an ability to solve client issues in the absence of the manager

- Demonstrates an ability to resolve the conflicts

- Demonstrates the ability to determine possible customers request and meet it.


Bachelor of Science: Business of Management, 2014

University of West London St. Marys Road Ealing, W5 5RF

Coursework includes: Business Development, Operations Management, and Sales Development

Personal interests:

An active member of several community organizations. Participating in sports. Having deep interest in a fashion industry. Enjoy shopping and collecting shoes.

4. Assessment criteria for the job:

Demonstrates ability to identify fashion trends, and to use them on practice in order to provide an appearance, which supports brand image of the company

Demonstrates ability to handle multiple tasks and meet tight deadlines

Demonstrates ability to understand all policies, procedures and processes, and make decisions according to them

Demonstrates excellent communication, verbal and written skills

Demonstrates ability to provide a customer-focused service

Demonstrates ability to work in team carrying out managers orders, and individually managing the store in case of the absence of the manager

Demonstrates ability to solve the issues

5. Criteria Measures


High (2 Points)

Medium (1 Point)

Low (0 Points)

A (Appropriate Appearance)

Provides deep knowledge in current fashion trends and uses them in own approach for dressing. Has a well-groomed look, tidy hear, nails, and skin.

Has attractive external data, dresses neat, but does not demonstrate an appropriate style for the company.

Uses incongruous articles of clothing in the look,

does not follow fashion trends.

C (Decision Making)

Candidate is able to make confident and correct decision according to the companys philosophy. The ability is proven by the previous achievements.

Provides the ability to make decision individually, however, needs managers support.

Always needs outside help for making a decision.

D (Communication)

Demonstrates confidence and charisma during the interview, makes a good impression on the interlocutor. Can speak the second language fluently

Shows ability to hold a conversation in a respectful and pleasant manner. Second language skills can be improved

During the interview behaves tensely and looks withdrawn, does not speak second language

E (Customer Focus)

Puts customer first, ensures the excellent service provided

Puts customer first, but has a number of requirements s/he does not consider necessary to carry out

Does not put customers needs first

F (Teamwork)

Shows ability to unconditionally carry out managers orders, and if necessary, take personal responsibility for the working process.

The candidate is able to work individually to a certain extent; ability to carry on the managers orders should be improved.

Candidate is not responsible in teamwork, and is not able to provide individual managing the working process.

G (Creative Problem Solving)

Shows ability to innovative thinking and action.

Can provide creative solutions, but is not able to do so with the complicated issues.

Shows no ability to think innovatively, often needs managers help.

6. Possible Criteria Questions to assess Candidate during Interview


1.Are you a good decision-maker?

2.Do you always take the process on your own? On what occasions do you recognize you need other's help?


1. Are you a communicative person?

2. What can you do to attract a person, who does not like you?

Customer Focus

1. What is your approach to work with the customers?

2. Are there customers requirements you do not consider necessary to carry out?


1. Have you done any teamwork in the past? Did you encounter any issues? How did you deal with them?

2. What would you say are the characteristics of a successful team?


1. Are you a creative person?

2. In new tasks, do you like having instructions to go by or do you prefer a more individual approach?

Interpersonal Skills:

1.What personal characteristics would you say are necessary for success in the fashion industry?

2.If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

7. Critical Assessment of Candidate

During the interview, the candidate has demonstrated the qualities which are necessary to take up a position. The candidates appearance appropriates for Chanel Assistant Sales Manager job. The communication skills are excellent, the candidate made a good impression and was able to run the interview in fluent French. She had an experience of providing similar services at the previous place of employment. The candidates ability to work in a team was proven. Summarizing all the abilities the candidate demonstrated during the interview, she can be considered as potential Chanel Assistant Manager.

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