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Starbucks Coffee is a prominent brand and retailer international company. The chief goal of Starbucks is to become the most prominent coffee trademark and retailer in its national and international aimed markets. Starbucks aims at achieving it through the sale of coffee and associated products that are of the best quality and through the provision of high-class services to the customers. Starbucks has resorted to using technology innovatively in order to attain its key aim of growing into a leading brand and retailer of coffee and other related products in the world.

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Starbucks uses social media to achieve its goal. In 2010, the Starbucks Company was rewarded by Famecount as the most renowned product in social media. The social media space occupied by Starbucks comprises of technology such as the Starbucks website and other social media platforms, such as Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. Starbucks uses its social media space to provide data about the company, its structure, its comprehensive choice of products and its business progress through such data as fiscal and annual reports. It provides information regarding new developments, makes promotional offers to its clientele and provides support to its customers. The Starbucks Company has been successful in its use of social technology to ensure that the customers return to its stores. Starbucks has achieved it by providing its customers with an online space to present ideas and offer feedback about the brand and the experience they had with the brand.

Starbucks has used the developments in the evolution of technology in enhancing their cash register computers and coffee making machines. It has helped Starbuckss staff perform their duties faster and more efficiently, while serving their customers quicker, resulting in the prospect of serving more consumers in a day. For instance, Starbuckss purchased the Clover which uses accurate technology with calculated algorithm so that to brew coffee within its ideal temperature (one degree by Fahrenheit) and make the ideal flavor. The Clover also regulates the flow of water brewing and how long the water and grounds interact. Its units are linked via Ethernet port to enable the Starbucks network to manage the diagnostics and particulars of every unit.

Starbucks launched a free national mobile payment application in 2011. The application is accessible through Blackberry, Android and iPhone operating systems. The free mobile application is used by the customer adding the number of his/her Starbucks card. One is then able to use the app to buy Starbucks products, track rewards and check balance.

Starbucks also offers free, unlimited Wi-Fi in its shops. It has also expanded its online presents to consumers through the Starbucks Digital Network. Such network is a partnering between Starbucks and Yahoo, delivering premium content from sites such as the ESPN and Wall Street Journal, while letting one to register with Foursquare and log into his/her Starbucks card.


McDonalds is among the worlds largest chain of restaurants that serve fast food, serving an estimated 46 million customers per day. The McDonalds Corporation has sought, over time, to continually employ technology and innovation in order to upgrade and transform itself into a more successful fast food restaurant chain.

Being an organization that bases its values and goals around the anticipation and response to the changing needs of its customers, employees and system, McDonalds has consistently sought to evolve in both technology and innovation. Some of the ways McDonalds has used technology includes the offering of free Wi-Fi network connections at all of McDonalds branches. It was a technological strategy employed by the organization to encourage customers to come to McDonalds for their meals. With free Wi-Fi customers can check their mail, do some of their jobs online and connect with their friends, while enjoying their McDonalds meals. McDonalds has also employed the Drive-Thru technology where consumers can order their meals while driving a car. It helps save time by enabling people to order and receive their meals without having to get out of their cars.

McDonalds uses the online/phone ordering and delivery 24/7 system. It makes it easy for McDonalds to receive orders from their customers at the customers personal convenience without their physical presence. It also provides a wider clientele for McDonalds, since deliveries tend to create an advertisement platform for businesses to friends and families of those who placed their orders and had them delivered.

McDonalds also uses the EZ-link payment system for payments made over the counter and the credit card system for payment for online and phone orders. It helps the company attain a wider platform of consumers, while providing services for the customers convenience. The company uses online networking such as Facebook to advertise its products and provide promotional offers.

Starbuckss Success in the Use of Technology over McDonalds Technology Use

Starbucks has excelled McDonalds at becoming the worlds leading brand and retailer through its successful and skillful use of technology. Despite both companies using technology such as free Wi-Fi to attract more customers, Starbucks has managed to use such technology further to provide additional service to its customers. They include the Starbucks Digital Network and the prepaid Starbucks cards. Such provisions additional services help boost traffic in its stores especially in new generation group.

The Starbucks Company has been successful in its use of social technology to its advantage to ensure that its customers return to the stores. Starbucks has more social media space as compared to McDonalds thereby it can reach many customers. Its provision of information such as financial and annual reports creates trust between the company and its customers.

Regarding technology development, Starbucks uses it widely from regulation of its stock levels to cash registers. Both companies have online/phone ordering and delivery services. However, Starbucks enables its customers to order their coffee over the phone or Internet and then pick it up from the store whenever they come there. Some Starbuck stores have computers so that consumers could access the Internet.

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