Emotions And Jobs Attitude

Examining Emotions, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction


Approaches used by Trader Joes to Promote a Positive Work Environment for Its Employees

Trader Joes is a retail grocery company that has managed to sustain a competitive advantage by delivering exotic, cheap, and authentic goods. The company has managed to introduce a reputable image due to the establishment of highest quality food boutique with culinary specialties (Trader Joes Careers, 2014). The analysis of clients preferences and demand ranked the company as the most popular supermarket in the United States. The study also concludes that the chain is among the top stores in terms of fast checkouts, atmosphere, cleanliness, polite staff, accurate pricing strategy, and merchandize selection.

The original founder Coulombe states that Trader Joes is the place where clients enjoy shopping (Callahan, 2014). Hence, all clients visiting shops should feel happy as if they have come to a creative and cheerful oasis where employees are given funny titles and address each other as mates or captains. In this respect, the emotional stance plays an important role in managing employee relations.

Apart from this ideology, Trader Joes offers highly competitive wages and benefits package. Hence, the CEO believes that happy employees contribute to better mood of clients who will be willing to spend more time at the stores. In general, customers, quality, and happy employees are three major ways of promoting a positive environment and developing a rich organizational culture.

Determining the Manner in Which the Company Uses the Management Process (Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling) to Develop its Employees

Successful companies realize the way planning, leading, organizing, and controlling can contribute to organizational prosperity. In this context, Trader Joes invests in its employees by introducing effective management. Workers are hired with regard to their enthusiasm, energy, interest - the characteristics which are described and introduced in job announcement. In other words, Traders Joes recruits workers to find a match for their companys vision and mission. The selected employees should undergo training to master their skills in communication, product knowledge, leadership, and management. To develop their employees, the company has launched its own program Trade Joes Leadership Development Program that ensures growth and success of the team. The company assumes that the team should operate in a favorable working environment that encourages creativity and freedom of thoughts.

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Multi-functionality is one of the features of organizing work within all departments. The team is planned to rotate between customer interface, stocker, and cashier. The turnover rate for the full-time personnel is about 4%, which is low as compared to other traditional stores. Finally, the company controls all layers of stores management, in turn ensuring the revenue control. Trader Joes does not encourage transparent reporting to other stakeholders and, therefore, it does not provide interviews or open services (Lewis, 2005). All these processes and activities are essential to creating and developing successful business. The team is hired and planned to meet the needs of organizational hierarchy. Leaders are tailored to be the captains who control their crew and focus on the accuracy and order within the company.

Two Ways that Leaders Can Effectively Manage Relationships in General by Using the Four EI Competencies

There are many aspects and approaches that are employed by leaders to take greater control of their team. Specifically, Trader Joes believes that leadership should be premised on strong feelings, such as joy, happiness, and respect, which can guide employees to understand their responsibilities. It also contributes to their motivation. As it has been mentioned before, leaders are represented as captains who rule the ship and deliver orders to their crew. This manner of leading the team is unique as well and provides new experiences and motivation for the employees to play their roles.

The concept of emotional intelligence (EI) focuses on the provoking different feelings, such as fear, anger, joy, admiration, and happiness. In this way, it is also possible to understand that EI can be used for practicing the ability to conceive and understand new things, as well as adjust to challenging situations. According to Braskett, Rivers, and Salovey (2011), the ability to perceive and generate emotions is associated with the ability to understand emotional knowledge, as well as to take control of them so as to demonstrate intellectual growth. In this context, EI relies on four major elements of successful leadership, such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationships. All these stances define the extent to which individuals can perceive personal reactions and interact with social environment for the purpose of expanding knowledge of the surrounding world (Fernandez, 2007). Leaders, therefore, should pay attention to these competencies to establish trustful relationship with others, as well as to highlight the most threatening gaps in their personal traits that prevent them from establishing successful leadership approaches. Trader Joes is interested in encouraging the approaches by providing new possibilities and opportunities for self-development and self-understanding.

The ability to think over strategies before employing them is the key to successful leadership. Therefore, self-management plays an important role in controlling and establishing trustful relationships. When leaders analyze and process their ideas and thoughts while expressing them, the effectiveness of interaction could be increased. Finally, leader should understand their power to influence subordinates and create positive shifts in an organization. At this point, Joes encourages leaders and managers and allows them to accomplish their goals that are compatible with the organizations mission.

Three Leadership Practices that Trade Joes Could Implement to Increase the Competitive Edge of the Organization

There are three basic leadership practices that Trade Joes can introduce to advance their competitive edge. To begin with, Trader Joes can introduce new standards of excellence and quality. This is of particular concern to the stores located in different countries. There should be a separate department that would control the process and increase the transparency in terms of stores sanitation conditions and overall atmosphere. Second, the leadership could also be improved through achieving mutual respect. Hence, the company should ensure that workplace is a favorable environment in which trustful relationships could be established. Third, the company should encourage employees and leader to make contributions to the welfare of the company. Change management is also one of the conditions for enhancing a competitive edge of the organization. Finally, recognition and greater attention to employees needs is another important gap to be fulfilled within the organization (Schermerhorn, 2010). The analysis of the performance and jobs satisfaction could be achieved through interviews and surveys that can reveal perceptions of employees. Anyway, the adherence to international standards in terms of social and bonus schemes should be an obligatory condition because it creates new incentives for increased productivity and performance.

In general, Traders Joes is a successful company with a unique organizational culture that focuses on a new ideology in which EI competencies come to the forth. Specifically, the leaders of the organization title themselves as captains who give orders to the crew. In response, the full-time personnel are also hired in accordance to the established organizational vision. In this way, they treat clients in a similar manner, creating a genuine atmosphere. However, there are certain gaps in employee relationships which should be fulfilled. Specifically, there should be bonus schemes which could also contribute to the companys competitive edge.

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