customers expectation and perception level towards service quality of the bank

Components of the Proposal of ENBD Bank



Customers expectations of the quality of the bank services are referred to as Customer Satisfaction.

The Problem

This study will use such important dimensions as empathy, reliability, assurance, tangibles, and responsiveness to determine the impact of these criteria of service quality on bank customer satisfaction. The problem statement is: The study will identify the customer service quality of ENBD Bank considering key dimensions such as reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles.

Justification of the Problem

In the current competitive environment of the 21st century, firms and companies rival on a broad platform especially in the banking sector where service quality becomes an important key for survival and success. Rendering high quality service helps meeting such requirements as customer satisfaction as well as market share, loyalty, improved productivity, soliciting new customers, improved financial performance and profitability.

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Research Question (Hypothesis):

The research questions are:

1. Is there a gap (if yes, then what) between customers expectations and perception of the banks service quality?

2. To what degree is the customer satisfied with ENBDs service quality?

Research Methodology


The study was carried out with an objective to understand the gap of the service offered by the ENBD bank. Data collection was done through survey method. A sample size of 100 respondents who were the customers of the bank was selected randomly in the Cooperation Council (GCC) region. A structured questionnaire with both open-ended and close-ended questions was used as a data collection tool. This was done through the following programs:

Emirates NBD Customer Day Program

The questions of the study are related to ENBD bank customers experience on a particular service encounter. The bank has therefore ensured to design an ongoing program in order to enhance the level of customer satisfaction by raising the interaction between customers and bank employee, as well as communicating with Emirates NBD management. Also, the clients have been given the opportunity to voice their opinions and feedback about the banks services and products. In addition, the customers are encouraged to visit the branch and fill the customer feedback form and place it in the suggestions boxes which are available in the braches.

Group Service Quality at ENBD

The objective of this site was to add contents on a regular basis that will update the staff and inform them about important things on the Service Quality front and what banks clients are saying about service levels. Also, the site will share the best practice tips to enhance Customer Service levels. ("About emirates nbd" 2012)

The survey was conducted throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The sampling technique to be used is convenience sampling to make the process faster and easier. In this research, the customers of 4 branches of ENBD in Dubai were surveyed.

Data Description

Type of Data

This research used a quantitative data, and this follows a quantitative method. Testing the relationship of some variables in and existing hypothesis that makes use of numerical data which is one of the characteristics of a quantitative method.

The variables of the research which are targeted to be measured are illustrated. The four variables in this study are as the following:

1. Customer Expectation

2. Customer Satisfaction

3. Service Quality

4. Customer satisfaction

Data Collection

The survey method, also known as the questionnaire method, was used in gathering the data. The purpose is to count the frequency of customers in the bank and assess the distribution of some variables such as proportion of the population of different age groups, sex, attitude, and adoption of practices about particular services as well as other information of similar nature about the customers

The questionnaire consists of 3 parts. The first part contains general background of the customer which includes gender and age.

According to Parasuraman et al. (1988), both the second and third parts consist of 5 service quality criteria of the SERVQUAL instrument: reliability, tangibility, responsiveness, empathy, and assurance. The research explores the customers expectation and perception of ENBDs service quality.

Data for this research were gathered using a questionnaire that was given to 100 clients of ENBD. The total number of responses was 56 which were useable questionnaires. The data were gathered from the cliets during 23rd - 27th December 2012.

Data Analysis

The total number and percentages were calculated and analyzed as compared to the personal data in the first part.

The second and third parts results were obtained from the website and analyzed using the gap analysis. The customer satisfaction was measured by comparing the rate of customer expectation and perception.

SERVQUAL is a widely used instrument in measuring service quality for various service providers including banks, the model suggests that Quality evaluations are not made solely on the outcome of a service; they also involve evaluations of the process of service delivery. In the SERVQUAL model, the difference between customer opinions on what occurred during the service transaction and thoughts of how it should be performed is called service quality.

SERVQUAL refers to five dimensions of quality:

Reliability (achieving the promised results).

Responsiveness (providing fast service and support to customers; the speed of reaction is very important here).

Assurance (encouraging confidence and trust in the firm through politeness, knowledge, and trustworthiness of the employees).

Empathy (willingness to provide personalized attention to every client).

Tangibles (appearance of a companys employees, facilities, equipment, as well as communication materials). (Ananth, Ramesh &Prabaharan 2011)


In order to examine the relationship between the service quality and customer satisfaction, the following level of ranking will be used along with the table 1. below as criteria:

The score from 1.00 to1.80 means lowest satisfaction

The score from 1.81 to 2.61 means low satisfaction

The score from 2.62 to 3.41 means average satisfaction

The score from 3.42 to 4.21 means good satisfaction

The score from 4.22 to 5.00 means very good satisfaction (SRIYAM, 2010)

Table 1. Average Level of expectation and perception toward Service Quality.


Average Level of Expectation

Average Level of Perception
















Overall mean score




Finally, this research reviews the service quality and its impact on customer satisfaction with respect to the banking industry (ENBD). SERVQUAL questionnaire was used to evaluate the customers expectation as well as perception.

Understanding customers perception and expectation regarding service quality and the ability to measure service quality may be beneficial for the bank, because the assessment of service quality provides important data that can be further used hence enabling the organization to enhance and improve the quality.

The identification of strengths and weaknesses related to the aspects of service quality encourage the bank to improve the allocation of its resources in order to provide better service and thus achieve customer satisfaction.


The bank should pay attention increasing trust between the bank and its customers through:

1. Listening to customers, receiving their complaints and suggestions, and promptly resolving them

2. Providing information on the services offered by the bank and training the customers on how to use them.

In order to achieve total customer satisfaction, the bank should focus on quality of banking service and how to meet or exceed customers expectations.

The bank needs to focus on training the staffs that directly communicate with customers to ensure that they pay attention to aspects of service performance during the interaction between the banking service provider and the clients. There is a need to focus on the speed and accuracy of services provided as well as commitment to what is promised to customer in addition to ensuring the records relating to customers are free of errors.

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