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People often misunderstand each others which results in conflict and loss of properties. In institutions and organizations where there are many people, there is a need of a good communication schedule that keeps everybody moving in one direction. Effective communication is the key to success in everything ranging from marriages, schools, organizations, and parastatals to the international affairs; thus good and effective communication is vital for a developmental progress. In our daily lives, as we interact with other people especially with our friends, we need to pay close attention to the communication elements and essentials. Knowing the timing and the relevant details of successful communication and the right respondents is crucial in effective communication. In this paper, we will analyze a video clip on the organizational communication by Matt Koschmann and relate its content to our daily lives.

In the video, Koschmann compares an organizational communication to water in a can. By this, he states that water will take the shape of the can in which it is put. Generally, the ways people live reflect their communication capabilities and their directions. Daily, people invent new methods of handling issues and communicating. The direction and the shape of communication determine the results. It is better to be aware of the kind of respondents of the information one is about to give in order to choose the approach and the form of communication to be used. This video relates to the daily lives of human beings in that sometimes we misunderstand the information given, just because the one who communicated it did not have a clear setting. The content of the recipients should be clearly set, and the sender of the information should know the context of the recipient well in order not to confuse him/her.

Koschmann describes how different people interpret the same message or the same kind of information. Clarity of information in the organization is a key element that cannot be ignored. However, the different characters and cognitive capabilities of the individuals in the organization need to be understood well before transmitting the information. The communicator must first present the information in such a manner that different people will not misinterpret it. In real life, people, especially the influential individuals in the society, should take into consideration the context of the whole community; while giving out reports and information, they should organize them in a way that everyone understands. The information should be constructive such that every respondent will be able to interpret it and get the right message. In cases of any misunderstanding, these people will be able to freely ask questions knowing what they need.

It is a well known fact that organizations are communicative. The reason behind this is the things and elements used to build up the organization. It is required to have a perfect communication in order to make these things work in the right manner and direction. Our real life is made up of different people; some are hard to understand while some are easy. In order to get in line and live happily without conflicts, there should be better communication protocols, and passage of information should be made clear and precise for all to understand and implement it. Effective communication is essential in everyday lives as it enables people to bond effectively. Just like the organizations, people need to make everything in their relations clear and understand each other well.

Good communication helps solve problems at home. Upon having good, clear, and precisely planned communication channels, there is no need for usage of masculinity and femininity in the organizations. People do not have to force things around them to happen in the organizations just because of their positions and the levels of hierarchy. People simply must have good communication channels that will allow solving all the problems at a glance. Considering our daily lives, especially in the institution of marriage, the couples living together do not have to fight each every day just to prove who is more powerful. Husbands do not have to argue with their wives every time in order to prove something. Women have the same capabilities as men; however, some are not masculine. Thinking capacity is the same in all human beings, and every opinion of any human individual should be count and taken seriously. Communication in marriages is very essential as it assists the spouses to plan their affairs and their future together with their children well.

In conclusion, from the most micro institution like courtship, marriage, businesses, sports, organizations, public arenas and others, communication is very essential and helps people go on well. Even the parts of the movables like the vehicles and motorbikes do communicate each of them knowing the right time when to do every thing. When one of the parts fails to perform its duties well, the vehicle breaks becoming unable to work. People should also learn to communicate everywhere and anything they undertake in order to make everything going in the right direction and follow the right track.

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