BA 647 Project Management



The study focuses on the risks connected to HR management, as well as on the providing positive customers feedback. The necessity of determining the stress risks as well as directing and motivation of the staff towards the productiveness and high performance are the key goals of PM.

Questionnaires and surveys are helpful tools in generalizing the thoughts of the staff alongside with the needs of a customer. The paper underlines the effectiveness of compromizing the customers and the staffs needs for the sake of powerful risk management.

Using paper documents and electronic software for data processing will help to quicken the procession procedures and generalize the data according to different indices. Technical analysis and defining the target use needs are the key sectors involved in the questionnaire.

Keywords: questionnaire, survey, HR management

BA 647 Project Management Integration Framework Week 6 Assignment


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The understanding of system cooperation in generalizing the results and further risk predictions is necessary for ensuring proper functioning and profitability of the company. Nevertheless, the concerning issue remains human resource (HR) management. While investigating the risk management peculiarities, Project Managers should enclose their work in all the frames and functions the company comprises. The prediction of future market tendencies, systematization of time frames and the choice of suitable replenishing materials to provide proper software productiveness and reliable data protection build up the extended list of the risk management department.

The cooperation with HR manager or department is necessary both to optimize workability and reduce stress obstacles in achieving high results. Many CEO neglect the importance of equal loading of human resources and proper distribution of functions according to the hierarchy of their power. Accurate HR strategies anticipate the work with documentation. When one of the team members is out, it is necessary to organize the replacement and pay attention to distinct calendar planning. The latter will allow meeting the deadlines well and reducing stresses. One of the sufficient strategies to manage work rightly is the introduction of questionnaires. This tool proves to be efficient and simple while no one has to think over the tendencies and ideas for the company but to provide immediate answers. One should choose one or several central issues, divide them into sections and provide multiple choices or some open answers. After data collection its processing follows. The diagrams will demonstrate the points and ranges, and it would be possible to predict certain risks and manage the work of the company properly. Addressing particular issues in questionnaires will help to adapt chief management ideas to the needs of the staff and the requirements of the customers, optimize the production process. This will also involve preventing possible risk situations.

The Importance of the Questionnaires

Many leading companies apply survey as a preferable statistics method to determine the exact tendencies and direct capable sides of the firm to satisfy the consumers interests. On the other hand, the efficiency and productiveness of the company depend on the scope of work done by the staff. Therefore, encouraging the companys workers to express their interests and needs alongside with those of the customers will address different interests and create powerful feedback in team cooperation.

The following example demonstrates the applicability of questionnaires to predict target user risks (Kendrick, 2009):

Section 1. Target User Risks

1-1. What is your opinion concerning the changes in the web-site product presentation?

? Change is unlikely ? Small change is ? Changes are likely or possible definition is incomplete.

1-2. Are the required finances will be a sufficient sum for meeting the required goals?

? Committed and defined ? Probably sufficient, ? Insufficient or unknown realistic with margin/reserve.

1-3. Is existing 3 months deadline suitable for performing database altering tasks?

? Realistic ? Possible ? Overly aggressive or reserve defined unrealistic

1-4. Can you choose suitable time frames of the project?

? Less than 3 months ? 312 months ? More than 12 months

1-5. What is total effort necessary for the project?

? Less than 30 ? 30150 ? More than 150

1-6. How many people are able to cope with the project task?

? 5 or fewer ? 612 ? More than 12

1-7. Project manager experience.

? Finished more than one comparable project successfully ? Finished a project about the same size ? None, or has done only smaller and shorter projects.

1-8. User support for the project objective (scope, schedule, and resources).

? Enthusiastic ? General agreement ? Small or unknown

1-9. Can you prioritize the scope, schedule and resources (constrained, optimized,


? Known and agreed ? Two parameters are ? No priorities set or all upon; only one constrained, but one is parameters are parameter constrained flexible constrained

1-10. Number the market segments ? 1 ? 2 ? 3 or more

The drawback of the questionnaire concerning target users is the application of closed-type tasks rather than using the mixed type. For instance, as a respondent, it could be possible to categorize the segment. It would look as follows: Define and categorize the market segment according to age\affordability\location\preferable type of property.

The experience of the Chinese and European companies marks the effectiveness of survey directed into the improvements in the sphere of logistics and electronics (Liu et al., 2012, Pinto, Nellis, 2011). Survey introduction serves for establishing fixed position of the firm and lead new strategies and shifts. Particularly, the Chinese mark that, regardless of the assessment differences, improvement of the competitiveness in the sphere of logistics was higher in the firms that concentrated on innovation tactics, organizational capability, flexibility, customer responsiveness, and technical level. The logistics companies have chosen the mentioned development trends due to the results of the surveys. Notably, different models have shown the market strategies as the key ones for pertaining constant development and competitiveness in the transport sphere of industry (Liu et al., 2012).

Unlike the Chinese, one of the ways of conducting the survey is electronic monitoring. Such a way of questionnaires proves to be more practical as compared to the printed questionnaires or surveys, as it allows quicker data processing. In this case, the responsibilities for providing the exact results concentrate either on IT subdivision or its cooperation with HR department. The involvement of electronic survey and establishing workable software allows building diagrams. This will help to deliver quick and exact results. Still, such technology concentrates more on the microenvironment of the particular firm, as it allows observing the ideas and attitudes of the personnel towards the projects and prior experience rather than clients.

Diagrams on the basis of conducted surveys help to define market segments and conduct qualitative analysis of the companys market status. The following diagram represents Briagroves basic market segments

Figure 1. The Demand Rates on the Types of Property

The electronic surveys and workability monitoring are efficient for EU as it allows tracing the management processes in many countries. Moreover, they provide the data of a single country, as well as all the union (Pinto & Nellis, 2011). Besides, such strategy uses pilot projects to experiment on the efficiency of the system. Many countries started its application in the 1990s, and developed countries, such as Germany or the Netherlands, have been using the monitoring system to control their industries and define the profitable production tendencies.

Briargrove HR Strategies in Managing Project Risks

Briargrove Investment, the proprietor of different types of residential estate worldwide, finds electronic monitoring alongside with customer directed surveys and questionnaires suitable for supporting the high market position. Nevertheless, the application of paper surveys and electronic appliances to achieve speed in both data processing and analyzing is the key task of the HR management department in cooperation with IT department.

From the prior experience, BI pays much attention to its informational security. The newest software arranges the safety of the databases due to their systematization according to hierarchy and functions divided between the management team. In addition to this, the management team has anticipated the risk situations connected to vacations or illnesses. Rightly organized work is simple to cooperate due to the calendar planning and extending the information all over the firm. The documentation segmentation according to the departments allows all the team members to access and operate the data quickly by way of editing or adding the information to the database. Due to such system, every company member can comprehend all the functions of the firm in general, alongside with their own ones. Therefore, such management permits the team to carry out their work without a help of Project Manager, cope with the tasks quickly, and meet the deadlines delivering qualitative work, pertaining the necessary indices.

The principal to pertain the workable process is organizing the survey. As a well-experienced owner of the residential properties, BI pays much attention to the Internet access of the data concerning different estate types to the customer. Thus, the company offers the survey directed to the improvements both in technical supply and the generation of the target users needs. For this purpose, the vital issue remains the risk management. Properly indicated risks yield the strategy of BI, help to direct their principal strategies into the latest market trends, and provide the extension of the purpose-oriented market.

When managing project risks, Kendrick (2009) underlines that the indication of risks proves to be effective in case of involvement of both questionnaires and surveys. The former ones are applicable for the personnel, whereas the latter ones are suitable for modeling further projects or altering the existing one in case of risk. Thus, the survey for BI will concern 3 sections with different types of risks involving multiple choice tests. The first section concerning the target user risks contains 17 questions, whereas the second includes subsections of hardware and software risks, 5 questions each, while the third one deals with structure risks (Kendrick, 2009).


HR management plays vital role in the development of every project. Questionnaires and surveys are helpful tools in depicting the general understanding of success from workers and clients perspective. Arranging the common interests and satisfaction of the needs and interests of both buyer and seller of the service will provide immediate feedback and promote high incomes for the firm. The hybrid application of computing techniques alongside with analytical models of assessment will help to achieve deeper understanding of risks.

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