Almond Milk

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Product: almond milk that is occasionally used as an alternative to dairy milk

What is the intended use of the product you want to purchase?

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This is the most significant question that needs to be answered before purchasing anything. What do I intend to use the product for?

Key Decision points for almond milk:

The use of the product: almond milk is often used for breakfast. I use it with my breakfast cereal. Sometimes I simply consume it as it is without mixing it with other products

Personal Usage: I use the Original Reduced sugar Almond Breeze products. I had liked them ever since I was a child

I prefer the refrigerated option

I prefer organic almond milk without carrageenan



INTENDED USE: Used with breakfast cereal in the morning or taken on its own


FORM: Refrigerated units normally under 40 degrees

EXPIRATION DATE: Refrigerated almond milk should be used within seven days after opening of the packet

FAT CONTENT: A cup of almond milk usually contains about 2.5 grams of fat. These fats are normally unsaturated making it the choice of milk for individuals suffering from heart ailments.

SUGAR LEVEL: Reduced Sugar

BRAND NAME: Almond Breeze is my preferred brand of almond milk. It has some options: chocolate, original, original unsweetened, and original reduced sugar.

BRAND I DO NOT LIKE: I do not like Silk Original Almond milk

PACKAGING SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED: The milk is sometimes packaged in plastic or glass bottles. However, the most common packaging material is the milk carton

Common Patterns of Use

Daily usage: I use almost 6 ounces of soy milk a day while my roommate Jones uses 5 ounces a day.

Our total daily usage: 6 ounces + 5 ounces = 11 ounces per day.

11 ounces * 7 days = 77 per week (this is assuming that I purchase the product once every seven days)

I always take extra 5 ounces in case we have visitors or friends and family visiting, which makes the total weekly number 82 ounces.

PAR = 2 Gallons

My Rationale for the PAR: 1.5 Gallons of almond milk contains approximately 64 ounces. From my common usage patterns, I need 77 + 5 = 82 ounces of the product per week. Therefore,

82/64 * 1.5 Gallons = 1.92 Gallons = 2 Gallons. This may seem a lot, but not for a house that has two occupants and occasional friends and family stopping by.

While conducting shopping for the almond milk, I buy it in half liter packages. This is to prolong their life before expiration, since the moment I open one container it has to be finished within the seven-day limit. I normally use one packet in 1-2 days unless I travel, which makes sense to have many small packages so as not to waste the rest of the milk in case no one is in the house.

VARIABLES: The following occurrences change the pattern of usage of the almond milk:

Whenever either I or my roommate travel out of town, the consumption reduces by about 40%

Over the weekends when not at work, the consumption goes up since we both drink more of the product

Whenever friends and family come visiting, the consumption rate goes up due to an increased number of people in the house.

Where do we Purchase the Product?

When conducting the weekly shopping, we prefer to do it in grocery stores around where we stay. However, during the bulk monthly shopping, we prefer shopping at Wal-Mart since they have more variety of other products as well.



Almond Breeze Sweetened ~ $ 1.99 for a 500ml packet

Non-Sweetened Almond Breeze ~ $ 2.05 for a 500 ml packet

Flanderss Grocery Store

Almond Breeze Sweetened ~ $ 1.90 for a 500ml packet

Non Sweetened Almond Breeze ~ $ 2.00 for a 500 ml packet

Bros Groceries

Almond Breeze Sweetened ~ $ 1.89 for a 500ml packet

Non-Sweetened Almond Breeze ~ $ 2.07 for a 500 ml packet


Almond Breeze Sweetened ~ $ 1.75 for a 500ml packet

Non-Sweetened Almond Breeze ~ $ 1.95 for a 500 ml packet

At Wal-Mart, they offer a further 3% discount if I provide my customer loyalty card while buying the goods. This place may be cheaper, but it takes more time to shop and eventually pay and locate one's vehicle. That is why I prefer the smaller grocery stores on the way to or from work, and use Wal-Mart for the monthly bulk shopping.


Rice Milk costs $ 2.10 per 500ml

Coconut Milk is a bit expensive at $ 2.50 per 500ml

The alternative products are more or less the same prices, but I do not like their taste since I have used Almond milk since I was a Child.


250ml packets are packaged in aseptic packs

The least amount being sold is the 105 ml that is in tetra packages

All of these come refrigerated


Original Reduced Sugar Almond Milk 1000 m/ 1 liter. Packets @ $ 3.99

Original Reduced Sugar Almond Milk - 500ml / half a liter packets @ $2.07

Original Reduced Sugar Almond Milk - 250ml/Quarter a Liter packet @ $ 1.20

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