Lifespan Development Theories


This paper intends to capture the most important aspect of a research paper targeting on the lifespan development theory. Among the important concepts to be covered in the paper include the assessment of the credibility of the intended research. The credibility of the research dwells on the theoretical approaches to lifespan development. Additionally, the paper intends to apply relevant criteria in the assessment process and justify the credibility of the assertions provided. Another important aspect of this paper is that it intends to compare various approaches to main development issues in respect to lifespan development. In this case, it checks whether the issues addressed in the research meet the requirements of a theoretical framework. Detailed comparison showing the difference between relevant and extraneous aspects would equally feature strongly in this assessment. Additionally, the paper intends to evaluate the efficacy of contrasting theoretical approaches towards understanding lifespan development. The unstated values and assumptions would equally be looked at to help in further evaluation of the research. Another important aspect of evaluation would be to check if the research paper provides adequate conclusion based on sound evidence. The paper equally provides assessment based on the content of seminal theories addressing specific development al concerns. Explicit connections between the theory and practices would be equally looked at following logical analysis and interpretation of literature. Further evaluation would be conducted to check on the contribution of the theory to lifespan developments. Communication language of the research would also form the basis of assessment to ascertain that the research is in the right track. Finally, grammatical concepts and the general flow of the research will crown the entire assessment procedure.  

  • Question one: Provide credibility assessment of research intended to explore theoretical approaches to lifespan development.

Research on the theoretical approaches to lifespan development qualifies to be credible if it has a comprehensive cover on the topic. In this case, the research should clearly capture on the theoretical approaches in question. The paper should focus on ontogenesis or the individual development taking into account the period from birth to when a person dies. The main assumption that this theory presents is the fact that development is a continuous process that does not end when a person becomes an adult. 

The research should capture on the theorists that came up with the theories and the assumptions they made in coming up with the theories.  Additionally, the research should be developed to address the aim of lifespan development theory in finding the similarity and difference in development of particular individuals. This concept would help compare the people taking into consideration their status at different points. On the other hand, the research should focus on the theories taking into consideration the issues that are related to family since it focuses on life from birth to death. This concept would facilitate the research to look deeper into sub-disciplines of human and family development sciences. Theoretical approach links other theories with different methods across an individual’s lifespan while looking at substantive issues which can be ontogenetically studied. 

  • Question two: what is the comparison between different approaches to lifespan development with respect to how major developmental issues are addressed within a particular theoretical framework?

The research should provide a detailed comparison between different approaches to lifespan development with respect to how major developmental issues are addressed within a particular theoretical framework. The differences provided in this case would help the reader in understanding the relationship that exists between the various approaches captured in the paper. Furthermore, the research has to be quite detailed to explain the concepts covered under each approach. Each approach should be comprehensively analyzed to and outlined citing specific elements that are shared. In this case, the research should particularly identify concepts that are similar and those that differ between the approaches cited. Upon such a comprehensive analysis, the research paper shall be considered professionally relevant.   Lifespan development approach is considered as individual study because it focuses on cognitive abilities and personality development. This is the reason the research has to address normative development change which involves cognitive capabilities and personality development.  This analogy shall equally appear in drawing the comparison to other approaches. The detailed comparison has to be looked at and properly cited on the basis of relevant academic sources.

  • Question three: Does the research meet the efficacy of contrasting theoretical approaches in understanding lifespan development?

The research has to meet the required efficacy threshold of contrasting the theoretical approaches under study. In this case, lifespan development should be clearly understood from the research. Lifespan development addresses inter-individual differences involved in development change. For instance, it looks at the differences among people based on time and age and the methods that are used to produce the differences among them. Another important aspect that lifespan development focuses is intra-individual change and the consistency involved in development. For example, it may address the ways in which self-esteem is developed or the personal risks tendency. It addresses the consistency in individuals or the ontogeny study involving change or malleability of it. It also tends to discuss the methods that are used to produce change or consistency in life. Any assumptions made while carrying out the research should equally take shape in the explanations stated in the research paper. More particularly, the paper should address both the stated and unstated facts that are marked as the assumptions. The approaches mainly emphasizes on individual application of life during the lifespan period starting from infancy, adolescence, adulthood and old age. When you take into consideration the normative development, you find that personality development affects the way in which people behave. Individuals with high cognitive capabilities regardless of their age have the potential to achieve much in life and develop to a greater level. Additionally, every piece of information contained in the research document should be supported by sound evidence and conclusions drawn to crown it all. 

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  • Question four: Does the research assess the applicability of seminal theories to specific developmental concerns?

The research should provide assessment of synthesized details about seminal theories and their applicability.  These details should be quite specific and addressing developmental concerns. Explicit connections between the theoretical approach and its applications should be feature in the research material. Finally, all the interpretations should be logical and drawn on relevant literature.

  • Question five: Does the theory contribute to the lifespan development within a given area of professional interest. 

The theory captured must have a contribution aspect to the theory of lifespan development based on a particular professional interest. This will help provide an articulate reasoning to address the arguments according to the literature. 

  • Question six: Is the research framed on scholarly manner to support the assertions stated?

The research material to be used in this paper should be well organized and focused based on supported scholarly documents.  


The research on this topic is very essential and should be done professionally using trusted sources. The ways in which people interact with others also influence the human development. Among the factors include genetic which explains the way in which an individual behaves and the possible impacts that it may have on their lifespan. A research done based on the concepts above will prove to be very proficient.

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