Do you know what the problem is you are trying to solve?

Need to properly train 7 teachers and 180 students how to properly and effectively use the Renaissance Student Responders

Who is the target audience?

There are 7 teachers and 180 students (Kindergarten thru 8th grade)

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What does success look like?

If all the teachers and students were able to use the responders, there would be more technology use in the classroom. There would also be more student engagement, which in turn leads to higher student achievement.

Success would be the teachers and the students being able to use the responders in the classroom

Where is the gap in performance?

Of the 9 teachers on staff, there are 7 teachers who have not been trained on the proper use of the student responders. Out of 180 students, there are 34 who can use the responders proficiently. The rest are novice, first-time users. ****See bottom of page

Can training solve the problem?

Yes, on web-based tutorial would allow the teachers to be trained, then they will be able to use the tutorial in the classroom to train their students.

Can the problem be addressed by providing training online?

Yes, same as above

Is a Web-based tutorial the best solution or are there alternative solutions?

Web-based is best and most cost effective method

1. The in-service from the responder company cost too much. The school is a small catholic school with limited resources and funds

2. The web-based tutorial would allow teachers to be trained one or two days after school

3. Teachers will then be able to use the tutorial on the classroom to train their students

4. The tutorial will be readily available for reference and questions

What constraints exist for the project or training delivery?

No constraints as the web-based tutorial will allow flexibility in scheduling so that the teachers can arrange for training in one or two afternoons after school. Then use it in the classroom as they wish to train students.

School Information

Mary Immaculate Queen Catholic School

*Serves grades Kindergarten thru 8th grade

*Depends on tuition to fund the school

*Limited resources, very, very tight budget

*Staff is already spread thin, teachers do a lot of things on their own time and are not paid stipends for in-services training

****MUST CREATE A Quantified support for need presented in visual format, a graph or chart of some sort, for the performance gap

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