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During my free time, I always go through the readings of the week before discussing them with the teacher or the reading response group. It is an issue that helps me to understand the class readings better since I always have a chance to think about it and interpret the ideas using my brain. The paper will discuss my opinions about the readings of this week before I meet with my reading response group. It will further reflect on the extent to which my discussion with the reading response group enhanced, changed, expanded, clarified or confirmed my opinion of the ideas of the reading.

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Before meeting the reading response group, I got some time to go through the Bomer et al., piece of writing with the title Miseducating Teachers about the Poor and learned numerous new issues that I had never thought of before. In addition, I developed an opinion that it was the responsibility of the teachers to find out detailed information about their students. My view was based on the answer that a teacher should not be taught how to handle the students affected by poverty. Instead, he or she should be adaptive and equipped with the skills offered by the teachers college, hence be able to treat all students without biases. Poverty is an issue that affects different communities and the economic status of an individual can change towards poverty. It is a problem that made me develop an opinion that a teacher should have the capability to adhere to professionalism and understand the challenges that his or her students are facing.

I also got a chance to go through the 1972 Labovs article titled Academic Ignorance & Black Intelligence. It served as an eye-opener and made me realize that most of the blacks lack a good opportunity to exercise their brain abilities. My opinion was that, if given equal opportunities with other students in the world, the blacks are a source of new discoveries and a better future for the world. It was reading that most of the black people do not concentrate with academics despite being intelligent.

A chance to go through the 1982s Rodriguezs article named Excerpt from Hunger of Memory also gave me some unique opinions before meeting my reading response group. It is an article that opened up my mind to how different individuals struggle to acquire quality education. A number of challenges prevent them from reaching their destination through bringing bad memories and lacking the crucial resources for education. The piece of writing made me develop an opinion that if all students, especially from the poor family, are provided with the same learning environment and resources, the world would be more developed. That is in terms of economy and technology. The opinion was influenced by the fact that poor living conditions bring about lack of resources and poor memory is a factor that leads to poor education.

After going through the readings alone, I also discussed the readings with my response group. The discussion was good and educative, since it helped me realize the readings in a better way. For instance, it expanded my understandings of the Bomers writings of 2008. The discussion made me understand that the challenges that poor students undergo on the hands of teachers occurs due to the fact that the teachers are miseducated and this makes them fail to understand the best way of handling students affected by poverty. The discussion enhanced my understanding through enlightening that there are teachers who have not been victims of poverty and they fully rely on education to make decisions when dealing with poor students.

The discussion clarified and confirmed my opinion regarding the article Academic Ignorance and Black Intelligence. Throughout it, the group acknowledged that the black people are victims of racism and discrimination. In addition, they are associated with poverty and the blue collar jobs. Similar to my opinion, these aspects makes the blacks ignorant in academics factors that make them fail in exams even when they are intelligent. A discussion with the reading response group changed my opinion regarding the 1982 Rodriguezs piece of writing. Initially, I thought that offering the same learning environment and learning resources would make the world a better place. Nevertheless, the discussion made me realize that challenges can be an important asset towards shaping the lives of individuals. Many people work hard, especially in education, as a way of ensuring that education will change their financial status or rescue them from poverty. In addition, many life lessons are learned from the challenges that individuals encounter due to poverty. The discussion made me develop a new opinion, since it made me understand that lack of some facilities enables a person to learn the hard way and can improvise all available resources to perfect what he or she has.

In conclusion, reading a piece of writing makes a person develop an opinion depending on his or her knowledge and the related issues that he or she has encountered in life. Participating in a group discussion gives an individual a chance to confirm or change the opinion depending on the ideologies that one acquires from the rest of the group and to come up with the most convenient idea. Thus, such discussion creates a better understanding of the issues that arise during the process of reading and encourage its participant to express opinion.

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