Running head: OBSERVATION 1




Students name:

Institutions name:

Date of observation: March 22, 2014

Time of the day: Morning and afternoon from 10:00-15:30

Number of boys: 3

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Number of girls: 2


James: 2 years 7 months

Chris: 3 years 1 month

John: 2 years


Grace: 2 years

Susan:2 years 5 months

A total of five children were observed who were from diverse backgrounds. There were three (3) whites, (1) one black and 1 (one) Asian. However, due to similarity in their environment, they tended to behave almost in a similar manner. The children were rehearsing a dramatic play under the guidance of their teacher. By watching and listening to the children rehearsing the play, the following observations were made per child:

John (Observed between 10:00-11:00)

At the beginning, John tended to focus more on his friends other than his teacher who was busy trying to attract his attention. The child jumped here and there seemingly unaware of what he was supposed to do. The teacher seemed to have a hard time trying to get the attention of all the five children who were focusing on other little things some walking here and there. John picked up a stick from the ground and tried to scribble something on his teachers hand who seemed not to bother about what he was doing. John seemed to be less focused on what the teacher was saying. At the beginning, he could not even repeat the words that the teacher wanted him to repeat. In addition, John could stand for moment and then sit. In short, he seemed restless and all he wanted is to play instead of learning the play.

Grace (Observed between 11:00-12:00)

Grace was deaf hence required specialized attention from the teacher. Although she was seated among other children when I observed them in the morning, the teacher organized for her a specialised lesson between 11:00-12:00.The teacher had to use sign language which he was well conversant with. Being only 2 years old, Grace seemed not to understand most of things that the teacher was trying to show her and urge her to repeat. I saw her yawn about five times, something that has possibly shown reduced attention or fatigue. The teacher sat closely with the child almost holding her arms and showing her how to imitate his actions. At times, she started looking around perhaps trying to locate her friends from the other end. Sometimes, she could imitate the teacher even without the need to be held.

Chris (Observed between 12:00-13:00)

For one hour, I watched Chris who seemingly seemed to be the most provocative child among the five both to the teacher and to other children. He pinched Grace who started to cry. When the teacher intervened, Chris himself started crying. He kept leaning on John whom they sat closely with and was always saying something to him. He could look keenly to the other children as they repeated what the teacher was saying while staying mute. At one point, he was the loudest while at other times, he kept quiet. This seemed to affect other children who also kept on looking in his direction as opposed to that of the teacher.

James (Observed between 13:00-14:00)

James seemed to be interested and keener in learning what the teacher was teaching. He could loudly repeat what the teacher requested from the children. He was less bothered by what other children were doing and focused on the teacher. I observed him holding his hands akimbo and looking at the teacher straight in the eye. He seemed to be asking him a question but the teacher seemed like he was insisting on something. He held to the teachers chair unlike other students who stayed down. He was standing keenly looking at a book that the teacher held .I saw him yawn about three times for the one hour that I observed him. He kept pointing his finger to something on the book that the teacher held. When the teacher ignored him, he could jump holding tightly to the teacher until the teacher paid to him some attention. At one instance, I saw him start to cry when the teacher pushed him and unfortunately fell down. He held his hands onto his eyes while yelling loudly. However, this was just for a short time because the teacher lifted him up and the cry stopped immediately and he returned to his usual position looking at the book.

Susan (Observed between 14:30-13:30)

Susan seemed to be more interested in other things other than what the teacher was trying to say. She held to herself a doll that she kept cuddling oblivious of everyone present. The teacher tried to force her to listen and repeat after him but that was short-lived. She could pick some dust from the ground and pour it on the doll and smile while looking at everyone. She could hold the doll up and down trying to see whether anyone would notice her. At one point, a fellow child snatched the doll from her resulting into a loud cry that necessitated the teachers intervention. Susan could also draw something on the ground using the doll ignoring the teacher who could get angry at some point and force her to look up. Most of the times she was looking and talking to the doll, which to the teacher amounted to noise and interruption. She at a point rose up and sat separately from where other children were seated and seemed to be enjoying her doll.

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