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The times of my study at Miami Dade College (MDC) date back to 2010 when I came from Cuba to attend one of the most respectable colleges in USA in order to ensure my further professional success. It is success that became the key-point in my decision to become a student of the Miami Dade College. Time flies and today I am proud to say that I have almost completed my course ready to apply the obtained knowledge, skills and experiences in building my career path. The following discussion reflects the main achievements, which I obtained in the course of well-conducted learning process at Miami Dade College.

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First, the learning process was a complicated challenge full of unexpected and unpredictable situations. However, a team of professors helped to make the learning process a journey bringing pleasure and arising interest for further extension of the received knowledge. In fact, knowledge became the core of the study, which helped to obtain an in-depth understanding of Arts. The results of the study speak for themself. Graduation in an Associate in Art with 68 credits and a GPA of 3.62 are the best proof of obtaining an appropriate level of education. It is a fact that MDC opens the world of opportunities giving its students all necessary sources for further integration into business world.

Miami Dade College is an optimal place appropriate for the establishing the learning process with all necessary options. College holds the diversity of programs, from which a student can choose. It means that there is no limit in selection of an appropriate path in education, which will help to achieve success. Even this step taught me to take decisions wisely and in accordance to my aspirations. This became a fundament in development of my skills and knowledge in business. Despite the fact that I will graduate as an Associate in Art, I obtained enough experience, which prepared me for difficulties of the surrounding world. Now it is possible to understand the basic steps of business and apply appropriate efforts with the help of time management techniques, which can help to make all plans come true. These are one of the main keys to success, which MDC gave to every student. In addition, it took care of providing me with a comprehensive process of education, which included different elements aimed to make me a person ready for the challenges in the surrounding world.

The college is a place full of opportunities. There is no doubt that I will continue receiving support from college upon graduation. In addition, MDC provided me along with other students with a chance to attend one of the most respectable universities including Stanford, Yale, Cornell, Williams College, etc. It means that MDC ensured me in achieving success thanks to appropriate level of education of the learning institution. In addition, it is possible to apply the whole set of knowledge further in life. It is impossible to deny the fact that MDC managed to open the world of opportunities both in Arts and Business segments at the same time. It means that the college provided me with all keys to successful implementation of plans. I am thankful for obtaining a comprehensive system of knowledge and skills, which will help me in fighting with routine problems on the way to success.

Further, MDC provided me with confidence by ensuring me in receiving an appropriate job in the future. The college has a special option, which helps to find jobs and internships. In addition, it is possible to apply for job within MDC. The college always welcomes new colleagues and helps them achieve higher success in the sphere of education. A graduate has all chances of becoming both a professor and a manager with outstanding skills. No matter what a student chooses, MDC will encourage his development and further integration into MDC team.

In general, it is possible to express gratefulness to the whole team of professionals working at MDC. There is no doubt that thanks to them I will be able to obtain success in any sphere I choose. It means that in virtue of well-established educational process with the diversity of challenges, it becomes possible to apply skills and knowledge to any sphere of life. MDC makes it possible to make dreams come true. Confidence along with invaluable experience obtained in MDC will become my guides to success and career building. There is no doubt that MDC opened the world of opportunities with the diversity of its segments. In fact, it is possible to state that education received encouraged to have no fear of future problems and challenges. The college taught not to pass problems, but solve them and turn into experience, which cannot be obtained in class. Finally, I feel much gratitude for providing me with an opportunity to choose whether to enroll into another course at one of the most respectable universities, or start working on my career. In addition, there is much gratitude for the offer including jobs and internships, which can become excellent starting points in success achievement. In fact, MDC also provided me with relations, which may have a significant effect on further development of sustainability and welfare. It is not a secret that students of MDC belong to a single community, which is ready provide help to its members at any time. In other words, the students of MDC constitute a family, which will always be there to help and support.

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