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Dear Guidance Counselor,

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I think that the main reason of misunderstanding between people is a logical barrier. Everyone sees the world, situation and an issue that is being discussed from his or her point of view, which may not coincide with the partners opinion. In addition, the same word in a given situation can have a completely different meaning, which is always individual for any person: this meaning is born in the mind of someone who says it, but not necessarily obvious to anyone who listens to it. Moreover, the idea is generated by various human needs.

Difficulties arise due to inadequate understanding of the received information. The main reason that lies in the misunderstanding is connected with the peculiarities of the recipients way of thinking. A partner in a dialogue may understand everything in his/her own way, but may fail to understand the senders information. For example, for a child a good walk is a funny game with friends, machine, fence, bushes, shooting, loud screams, wallowing on the ground. Adults think that a good walk should not entail anxiety, broken knees, stained clothing and extra laundry. This is already a misunderstanding.

Often there is a logical barrier between partners with unequal views and ways of thinking. For example, one abstract - logical, and the other clearly - arranged. In such a conversation one person delves into a detailed analysis of the problem, and the other person, collecting surface information, already has a ready answer. Of course, the logical barrier may occur every time when the partners are different by features of mental activity and do not consider it necessary to take into account the specificity of each other.

Overcoming a logical barrier is only the first step "to go from a partner", that is to try to understand how the partner builds his conclusions. In the case of adequate logical peoples thinking, such a problem as a logical barrier will arise in a society every time, and only if people strive to understand their partners way of thinking they can decrease the level of misunderstanding.

Yours faithfully, Student.

Naming a New High School

Dear Superintendent,

I have a suggestion about the name of a new high school. I am sure that the chosen person should be directly relevant to education. Consequently, I believe that the school should be named in honor of the Minister of Education Arne Duncan. He is the ninth U.S. Minister of Education after Margaret Spellings. In our modern time Duncan is the first and the most important person in the field of education. Duncan engaged in the reforming of public schools, increasing the number of schools, allocating additional funds from the federal budget to education, changing the laws. He is known as a man who knows his duties and performs them flawlessly.

Since 2009, the situation regarding the quality of education, the number of schools in the country has improved. Of course, this is due to Arne Duncans political activities. He is also a responsible, educated, intelligent man. Almost everyone in the United States knows about him. The main purpose of Arne Duncan is as follows: no lagging child in the country. In addition, Duncan is a direct initiator of building a school in our district, and he has promoted the provision of additional funds from the federal budget for the construction of a new high school. In addition, Arne Duncan successfully graduated from Harvard University. Therefore, for future students of the school the name Arne Duncan will serve as an example which will lead them to a great incentive to study, successful graduation, university admission and self-development and self-improvement as individuals.

After all, it is very rare in our modern life when a person is a great leader and, at the same time, combines the best human qualities. Therefore, please note on the proposed candidacy. After all, this man really deserves this honor.

Yours faithfully, Student.

Library Mural

Dear Principal,

You know that now murals have become an indispensable part of the decor of modern interiors. Murals can provide not only unique interior decoration, but also a transformation of space. As a supplement, they can become as the final chord in the interior as well as its central element, riveting everyones attention. The themes of murals can be both decorative, ethnic, contemporary, as well as imitate themes from different eras, performed by classical models as painting or author painting. Every picture is unique.

A mural on the wall in the interior is able to decorate any room. However, for decorating the library the mural should depict more specific images. This image carries a fraction of reality. Thus, if to decorate the wall with the portrait of a writer, an outstanding politician or a king, the portrait will project its energy on the surrounding area and its inhabitants. For example, the image of Jack London is one of the most suitable options. The murals design could be the following: Jack London sitting at home near the open window in the spring with a pen in hand; lost in thoughts, he writes his next work.

I believe that my option is the best for decorating the library wall, because the energy of Jack London will positively influence students and will stimulate their creativity and excellent studing. This image will carry a great meaning. The reflection of the world of books carries no specifics. Therefore, when looking at his portrait, people will be able to wonder and imagine: what kind of story he is writing, what emotions fill him at this moment. Simply put, the conventional image of the writing art personality will develop students thinking and imagination. I am sure that this idea is one of the best for the library murals.

Yours faithfully, Student.

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