Let's Plan a Lesson! Planning for the Early Childhood Experience

Lesson Plan Analysis


Third grade class consists of children who can have a lack of discipline to learn the given material. It is essential to build up a lesson, which can be both interesting and informative for all students in the class. Moreover, a lesson plan should take into consideration criteria meeting the problem of disobedient children. It is important to grip attention of all children and involve them into the process of learning. Interactive learning makes all children take part in the lesson and listen attentively. The lesson plan should include activities, which allow students to work individually and in a team. Students regularly engage in learning process in a team, which can develop communicative skills faster and learn how to work with others. The lesson plan of teaching children how to build a sentence includes various exercises. However, the lesson plan has its own advantages and disadvantages. After the lesson, it is possible to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the lesson plan.

The lesson should be diluted with a creative approach. Third grade students were involved into the learning process in the form of the game. The general theory was given in a spontaneous way. Simple explanations of subject and predicate helped the teacher to convey the main concepts of sentence elements. Moreover, children learned how to find subject and predicate in a sentence by asking a question. From the beginning of the lesson, children were involved into the game teaching to find main elements of the sentence. If the answer was correct, the teacher took a piece of paper and attached it to the top of the tree trunk. This simple exercise evoked excitement among children to think hard in order to give correct answers. It meant that children became interested in understanding the way a sentence was built in order to complete the tree. In addition, children were allowed to make sentences, read them aloud and attach new leaves to the tree by themselves. Students also had a chance to work individually and construct their own autumn tree by connecting subjects and predicates to form a sentence. In general, children showed an interest in learning new material. According to Heick (2012), Students will remember little of what you taught them, but will never forget the way you make them feel. That is why a variety of exercises plays an important role in making a lesson.

Regardless of the lessons successes, there were some weaknesses, which aroused only after the lesson. A tree was an appropriate non-standard way to grip attention of the children. However, children got bored fast as they needed to jump from one activity to another in a rapid way. Otherwise, children were tired and bored to do the same exercise throughout the whole lesson. It is necessary to split the lesson into many different activities, which will keep the children involved. Besides, making corrections and including more activities keeps children focused. For example, it would be more necessary to start a lesson from reading aloud some abstracts from fairy tales and finding subjects and predicates in sentences. After the children have understood how to find the main elements in the sentence, it is time to come up to the exercise with a tree. The exercise with a tree is appropriate and does not need to be modernized.

After children have completed making their own trees, a teacher should ask them to stand in a circle and get ready for another exercise. A teacher takes a ball and throws to one of the students asking to make up a simple sentence and name subject and predicate. In a fast way, children should throw the ball to each other and make as many sentences as possible. To make children think hard about a sentence, the teacher should make a ten seconds limit for building up a sentence. Those who are not in time making sentences quit the game. The winner gets the highest mark. After the game is over, children should be asked to make a small test consisting of five examples of sentences. These sentences should have blank spaces. Children should write a lacking subject or predicate in order to complete the sentence. Test will be a point of the lesson, which will fix the learned material.

Creating lessons for third grades is not an easy task. It is a valuable experience, which leads to the improvement of teaching skills. According to Kirk, Teachers can add new material to an interactive learning environment when each student is ready for it.

Children are unpredictable and are in a phase of forming their characters. They still do not know how to behave in a proper way. The teacher should be ready to face some problems with those children who tend to misbehave. Moreover, it is necessary to build up a lesson including various activities. Children who are involved into many interactive games are interested in learning more. It is important to show children that learning can be fun and not boring while doing uninteresting exercises.

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The lesson has showed that children are eager to learn more. However, it is obvious that they need to be motivated and interested in taking part in the lesson. It is the duty of the teacher to build up a lesson, which will evoke excitement in childrens hearts. Moreover, children should get used to jumpimg from one activity to another. In this way, students keep involved into lesson waiting for another game or creative task. In addition, the lesson showed that interactions are important in the general process of teaching. Interactions between children and a teacher give children the confidence to express their opinion. A friendly environment helps students express their opinions, gain confidence and learn new material at the same time. The lesson is a good experience for a teacher who is starting his career from making lessons for third grades. According to Cox (n.d.), This allows the aspiring teachers to learn how to prepare lesson plans, manage a classroom and get an overall general experience on how it is to teach in a classroom. Working with small children is hard but prepares a teacher for possible complications and unpredictable situations during lessons. In general, experience from making a plan for third grades is positive. It helps to pick up the necessary elements and to get ready for the changeable behavior of children. Making a lesson plan helps to understand the nature of students and make an appropriate lesson.

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