Leadership Skills

My Story



I am Yuguo Wang, a Chinese national who views himself as a good leader based on my character and the way I carry out the duties and behave myself. My ideals and interests are more oriented to handling each situation differently than using generalization to find the best solution for any arising problem. Therefore, I regard myself as a situational leader.

How I Became Me

I owe my status to the kind of upbringing in terms of family values, personal ambitions, education that I have so far attained, and life experience. I have the pleasure to write this personal story to articulate my leadership skills and interests, which I believe have contributed to making me whom I am. The constant desire to improve my knowledge, interact with different people, acquire advanced administrative skills and practical working experience compound my ability and dedication to be a good and responsible leader. Moreover, these factors have made me someone who carries out all duties successfully within the scheduled timeframe because these are strong features of a leader (Kreitner, Angelo, & Nina, 2007). I am also aware of my capability of being a voracious and diligent leader, who not only takes his work seriously, but also acts in an ethical manner as required of an administrator. This has made me a liable leader and increased my analytical skills to handle arising situations differently according to the philosophy of the situational leadership. Miner (2005) noted that a situational leader does not require generalization when solving management problems.

Regarding my ambitions, I usually read several materials on strategic leadership and have relevant and current information about successful leaders around the world; this has greatly improved my knowledge about leadership. The enhanced knowledge and need to be a different and pragmatic leader put me on par with the leadership standards required in this competitive world. In addition, my industriousness and background in terms of family values have prepared me to be who I am today. Indeed, a combination of family values, academic knowledge and personal interests has increased my likelihood of performing well in future leadership encounters. It has also better equipped me to handle complex administrative issues and steer a company to greater heights of success (Kreitner, Angelo, & Nina, 2007). Therefore, I believe all these factors have contributed to making me who I am.

Life Experiences

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Several life experiences have shaped the person I am and the way I see and interact in the world around me. This is due to my ambitions, commitment and practical approach to the pursuit of success in leadership as a situational and strategic analyst. I believe that I have unquestionable leadership character due to, among other attributes, passion and family values. Through life experience, I have had a solid and impeccable leadership background beginning with the success that I achieved in high school and university undergraduate studies as games captain and students representative respectively. These positions have enabled me to interact with students who had different qualifications. I also pursued and succeeded as the chair of Student Welfare Association while still doing my undergraduate degree. This increased my leadership abilities and assisted me during initial employment. It also increased my qualitative and quantitative analytical skills when conducting all the assigned duties and my conceptual orientation to strategic and tactical planning of my work, which are true attributes of a situational and pragmatic leader (Miner, 2005).

During my early life stages, I grew up in a family where my father was a renowned leader serving as a section manager. The position exposed him to different forces in the work environment and improved his ability to make decisions. He actually imparted leadership values to the family and influenced my decision making process regardless of various forms of pressure. Indeed, his success in passing his knowledge of handling different situations to the entire family and me is an unforgettable experience that has shaped my personality. Through this life changing experience, I learned a lot regarding interpersonal skills, thereby changing my perceptions about how I interact with other people around me. This is when I developed my situational leadership skills because I learned that different circumstances require targeted approaches to finding a solution.

In every engagement that I participate in, the six pillars matrix becomes the guiding principles. In applying the family values and the pillars such as teamwork, analytical ability, ethical values, cultural diversity, and general management perspective, I have excelled in leadership positions where I serve. These principles have made me an outstanding personality, and I believe that they will guide me throughout my subsequent studies and during work. It is significant to note that incorporating the six pillars and family values in my studies and leadership practices will not only help me excel in the academic world, but also increase my reputation once I graduate from the institution (Boselie, 2010). I am also interested in pursuing an MBA degree in leadership and management because it will prepare me for the specific career tasks that would change my life and economic well-being.

Conclusion and Expectations

In summary, embracing family values, personal ambitions, life experiences and education that I have so far attained and the advancement I expect have all helped to shape my personality and leadership skills. In terms of expectations, I get a lot of encouragement to pursue higher education on leadership at MBA level because I know that the university has a team of dedicated professional lecturers who carry out their work according to the highest standards, thus producing some of the best graduates whose leadership styles stand out globally. This will increase my confidence in the university education as the only place where I will get the exceptional skills of an aspiring and ambitious leader. These expectations will also shape the person I am and the way I see and interact in the world around me.

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