Keeping an Eye Out: Child Advocacy (Benchmark Assessment)

Child protection is a major part of todays puzzle of a healthy future generation. In contemporary times major focus has been shifted towards practices and policies put in place to protect the young generation and advocating for child welfare. The inadequacy to support families whose children have been victims of child abuse has brought child protection services under critism the efficiency of these structures and the need of an overhaul and complete transformation with the aim of saving the future generation. This can still be tackled in a holistic kind of approach in a way neglected and abused children have been treated.


However, the lack of support by government structures has raised questions on the commitment of the society towards child welfare. Lack of adequate funding from governments has crippled any desperate efforts to turn around this sad state of affairs. This then brings the need to focus on child protective services as an institution that needs major reforms. One of the ways of implementing structures that promote welfare of the child include sourcing of funding from the federal government and increasing this value to enable hiring of numerous social workers that are trained in empowering and protecting the welfare of children.

Child protection is a vast and complex field. However an understanding of the basic structure of these programs is essential in the campaign towards better life for children. Various governments have in place protective services for children that ensure treatment, investigative and protection services against abuse of children. In the United States such a body that promotes child welfare is labeled Child Protective Services (CPS). This is charged with the responsibility of looking into cases of child neglect and abuse. This body ensures setting up of structures to investigate cases of child abuse and launch legal action in such cases. It is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring treatment of abused children and dealing with situations of child neglect.

Human rights state that every child in the world has the right to be cared for, right to life and protection against abuse. This is enshrined in the bill of rights in the United Nations Human rights program. It is a requirement that every country adopts this body of regulations to ensure protection and empowerment of children. Failure to adhere to these laws that guide social protection of the child attract legal action and punishment. Child protection and child abuse have come under great focus in recent times due to the fact that it has become a major social problem.

Children need protection and love as an essential need for growth and development. This provides the platform for all the future relationships and psychological development of the child.

The family is essential in providing the opportunity to care and love for the child. Social security is essential to a child since it protects them from vulnerability of various forms of abuse in the society. This is supported by the simple fact that homeless and neglected children are the major victims of abuse. The family unit is important for a child for development of their personality and developing a strong sense of belonging. This as described by sociologists is important in the earlier stages of a child since it is critical in shaping both character and social interaction between the child and their environment.

It is however unfortunate that certain areas of the world such as Ireland have continued to report increasing cases of child abuse in recent times. This abuse and neglect is inflicted by parents. This is confusing since it is the parents that are supposed to provide the social support to their children and protect them from any kind of abuse. Caroline Kingston who works with the Irish Society of prevention of cruelty to Children reported that close to 20,000 children are referred to the child protection program every year. Ireland continues to see perhaps the worst cases of neglect and child abuse today and forms a reference with which the problem of child abuse should be tackled and treated as a matter of urgency and major importance.

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A variety of events and changes in the world continue to show the need to advance the care of children. The changes that occur with increase in population and migration to urban centers have prompted the various institutions of child protection to monitor the increasing cases of neglect and child abuse. There have been changes that come with urbanization and migration to metropolitan centers. This translates to the fact that a lot of women are recruited into the workforce. A good number of these are mothers. This then leaves the care of the child to other people who are not their primary parents. Leaving behind the children makes them vulnerable due to the environment they are exposed to.

Another effect of urbanization is that majority of working mothers continue to enroll their children to day care centers. There has been major debate whether these centers are healthy to a childs psychological development over time. This has been a question of sociologists and people advocating for quality child care.

Despite the varied opinion about quality child support, it is clear that basic child care should be given priority if there is need to safeguard the future generation. Many child support organization continue to emphasize the need for parents and the society in taking responsibility of protecting children against abuse.

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