Education Begins at birth

Education Begins at Birth


Edward Everett once said, Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army (qtd. in Lederer 3) and it is impossible to disagree with this statement. Many people in the modern world understand that only highly educated people may be free in this society. It is twice important that such truths are understood and accepted by our government. Bushs program No Child Left Behind is one of the main confirmations of it. The society understands that education should begin at birth, before a child starts attending school and even a kindergarten. Reading McGarveys article The Best Investment We Can Make devoted to the issues of education from the early childhood, I personally agree with many of her statements. Describing Scottys behavior McGarvey says about him as about a victim while many people consider him guilty in all the troubles he makes. Unsuccessful parents, dysfunctional families, and similar cases of parental indifference to a child lead to completely dissatisfactory behavior and low level of knowledge caused by weak attention, lack of the desire to study and absolute absence of control and attention are the main reasons of childrens failures in education, which may be assisted by means of governmental programs and teachers attention.

Scotty in the article is not a unique boy. There are a lot of similar situations when children are left for themselves due to many reasons. Scottys family situation is not unique as well. His mother has a low paid job and most of her time she spends searching for additional income. Free time she has is devoted to setting up her private life. Therefore, she has no time to spend with her child. It is impossible to accuse Scotty in his behavior as he does not know how he should behave. A child got used to do nothing; therefore, he behaves in the kindergarten the same way as he got used to do at home. One more very important factor in this situation is that Scotty does not know such notions as obligation and responsibility. His mother has not taught him that to become a deserving member of the society, he should study hard. Scotty is unaware of the simplest rules of behavior. It is a problem and Bushs program No Child Left Behind is aimed at assisting such cases and helping children like Scotty.

Speaking about the problem of child education, Bushs program No Child Left Behind cannot be omitted. This is a very important set of actions offered by the President administration; however, it still contains a number of shortcomings. McGarvey perfectly underlines this shortcoming. Paying much attention to language and literacy skills, this initiative ignored childrens emotional condition. I agree that emotional stability is a very important factor in children upbringing. Having unstable environment as Scotty has, a child cannot develop in a necessary way. Much research has been conducted in the sphere of environment, and it is proven that children in favorable environment better succeed at school than children with lack or attention and constant pressure in the family. Bushs program No Child Left Behind should also pay attention to emotional condition of children as having unstable environment at home a child is unable to be successful at school.

Observing different children and having read much information devoted to child development, I may say for sure that family is a very important factor in child development and school success. The example under consideration explains some particular facts from the family life. Scottys mother has low income. This factor is very important in child development as it negatively influences his school success. The family income is important for child school success as to success a child should have access to the elementary facilities. A child with limited income has a limited access to the information as much can be found online, for example. Children from low income families do not have computers and the internet. Furthermore, having low income, a family cannot afford themselves to spend money on additional facilities, expensive clothes, etc. Watching how classmates share their experience from visiting some places, looking at the fashionable clothes of others a child from the low income family experiences discomfort, therefore, his thoughts are not directed anymore to the educational issues.

Parents in low income families do not provide necessary minimum of skills and knowledge a child should have. I agree with McGarvey, who says that parents with low levels of education use fewer words in their daily interactions; consequently, infants and toddlers have a harder time mastering the early language skills that are crucial for later literacy (44). Using a limited number of words at home, a child who comes to school later simply cannot understand others. This is a very beginning of a chain of important events, which prevent a child from a low income family to success. Even social and government program aimed at helping children in education fail to succeed. Children need more attention that the government may predict. Trying to increase the level of knowledge of children the government forgets that before coming to school children already have some understanding of the world. Unfortunately, this understanding is too limited. The government should become preoccupied with childrens education from their birth. The programs should be implemented in the low income families from the day of childrens birth. It will help those to be more fit to the school life.

The main idea of the article under consideration is to show that education begins at birth. Having considered the example of Scotty, it is possible to predict that his success at school was too low. At the end of the article we read that Scotty dropped the school. Such action is predictable. A person who is not interested in studying at school is going to drop it without graduation as he/she does not see any advantages of education. The teachers do not bear any responsibility for this choice as when a person comes to school, he/she usually possesses some particular vision of the school, its process, etc. Children who do not have any particular considerations about the importance of the learning process, those who do not get necessary preschool education and whose family life is full of disadvantages and pain, are not going to be successful at school. School is not guilty is this case. It is the fault of parents to give their children the necessary minimum they are to have.

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Remembering my school and children there, and looking at that time from my present position, knowledge and experience, I should say that there also were children from low income families. However, some of them succeeded in education and others failed. I can say now that those who succeeded had good background. Their parents had low income, however, they were educated people and they could give their children that necessary minimum of knowledge they needed. The children from dysfunctional families were in less preferable position, as no one has ever told them that education may open them the way to a new life. Therefore, education should start from the very birth of a child and it is the responsibility of parents to impose this information in the childrens mind. In case children fail, government should assist. Otherwise, the number of such children as Scotty may increase that will lead to the failure of the whole country.

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