Child Safety Rules

Lock Down


In case of a possible collision with the offender and the subsequent attack, I, as the head of the institution, should have basic training, prevention and elimination skills of the consequences of any criminal act. I should also be aware that as a top person, I must discard any personal considerations and should act in the general interests of society or group that may be or is exposed to violence, relying on certain norms and rules of behavior and action.

In case I receive information, which confirms the nearest location of offender, recent reliable coordinates of the offender and the time passed information should be clarified. If data indicated that there is no criminal directly on school area, all the children, teaching and technical staff should be immediately sent home. In such a situation, a significant role is played by family security, so I should provide all the information consisting of certain set of actions about the family security. The way of providing information should take place with minimal time expenditure, i.e. by e-mail, fax, etc. The document contains the following information (American National Red Cross, 2002). The best way to educate children has always been a personal example. If you are paying attention to your own safety, then the child will repeat the same action. Before opening the door, you need to find out who is behind it, because the child will never fulfill this requirement. If you want to teach your child safety rules, first of all, do follow them. Safety rules in an apartment or in a house:

It is necessary to write in a prominent location number where child can reach you quickly, or urgent care services (your work, cell, police, ambulance, fire brigade, neighbors).

Remove any objects that child could get hurt of.

Do not leave medicines in prominent places.

Going out evenings, do not forget to turn on the light in the rooms since it will scare intruders, and your child will not be scared to be home alone.

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Better leave windows curtained if the apartment is on the first floor, and if someone knocks on the window, the child should loudly shout - "Daddy! Come here"

When you return home, warn the child on the phone or intercom.

Leaving the house, remove all the stabbing, sharp objects and matches. Store guns and ammunition out of reach of children, in a safe, code to which only adults should know.

Explain to the children that no one can ever come to the house on your behalf requesting shelter for the night, or give a thing or a bag.

If the information received confirms the presence of the offender in a school or on its territory, most important is to avoid panic emergence. Panic may interfere to prevent an attack or mitigate its consequences, thereby contribute to the offender (National School Safety and Security Services, n.d.). Panic causes simultaneous mass herd effect under the influence of fear or emotion, emotional appeal directly to a large number of people. I should calmly explain the situation, and bring them out of the danger point asking to do it with others. All experts agree that panic is the worst. It is necessary to explain that the fear of violence happens is not commensurate with the actual risk of being attacked. The result is a constant feeling of anxiety, which can develop at the appropriate point in horror, and it will manifest physical weakness, immobility or a stampede. This depression makes finding a way out of an emergency difficult, a feeling of hopelessness, leading to the abandonment of resistance, and even to fight for own lives. To act appropriately in an emergency, if possible, I will follow the following plan of action:

1. Before taking a decision, analyze the situation.

2. I will try, as far as possible, to assess the offender, drawing attention to his physical and mental data and possible features of behavior.

3. Bring myself to a state that will allow me to not only act, but also think.

4. Will define the tactics depending on the total information I received.

In the flurry of questions and complaints I should explain that many allow one of the two errors - overestimate their ability or underestimate their highly. It makes a person a potential victim. Consequently, one must be able to distinguish between real and imaginary dangers, right evaluate and monitor the people themselves. Finally, here is one sad advice. Psychologically, one has to be always ready for any violence, which in itself is an effective means of protection. The main rule - to understand the situation, in which a person has got, how real is the threat of physical violence, and whether it can be avoided. For example, a man should remember that the one who threatens is worse oriented in an environment that is familiar to him/her. On the street, the extreme situation can be perceived in different ways. In a direct attack one should take into account own physical capabilities. One should not try immediate respond to an attack by violent actions, especially if the criminal is armed. In such a case, it is better not to resist, even though it does not seem a worthy way out. Practice shows that attacked are more likely to survive if the offender admits his superiority. Before do anything, one should weigh real possibilities and the possible consequences. Information for residents or staff time stays the neighboring areas (Holloway, Bennett & Farrington, 2008):

Watch for suspicious persons, objects, on any suspicious stuff. Report all suspicious to police.

Never accept packages from strangers, do not leave your luggage unattended.

The family should have a plan of action in an emergency; all family members must have recorded telephone numbers, e-mail addresses.

You need to assign a place where you can meet with your family in an emergency.

Bring a set of essential items, and documents in the event of an evacuation.

Always ask where the back exits from the premises.

The house is necessary to strengthen and seal the entrances to the basements and attics, install an intercom system, free up the stairwells and corridors of cluttering items.

Organize a vigil occupants of your home, which will be regularly bypass the building, watching everything is in order, paying special attention to the appearance of strange faces and cars, unloading bags and boxes.

Try not to panic, no matter what happens, remember, that panic could trigger a terrorist attack and speed, as well as prevent the authorities to prevent crime or reduce its effects.

Attention should be paid to:

A suspicious person, sometimes deliberately inconspicuous, not evolved, but behaving strangely, fussy when looking at them.

A trade-ins, or filmed in the neighborhood apartments, basements, utility facilities, warehouses, around which there is a strange activity.

A suspicious phone calls of adjacent faces.

An important factor is the involvement of persons of the security services who possess sufficient professional knowledge and skills. It is appropriate to transfer their lists in advance (in the prescribed form) to the territorial bodies of internal affairs In the case of raising additional staff. In this case, it is advisable not to allow replacement of staff that is listed, especially on the day of a possible collision.

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